Sessions: Follow .. the Metaphor?

Follow .. The Metaphor?

In YUEN Method®, we often uncover surprising truths about the root causes of a complaint.

It sounds almost too simplistic, but the metaphors we use  – or that unconsciously “pop out” in our speech patterns – often reveal unexpected, surprising and sometimes humorous truths – and can lead to significant energy shifts.

Truthchanges the situation  – on the spot.   

Many metaphors create an energetic weakness (placeholder) for what YUEN Method® calls “cumulative effect” in a physical space or area of the body.   Metaphors also attract energies from others through resonance – the collective – (i.e. collective influence) giving us a double-whammy effect –  amplifying our symptom state.

Metaphorically Speaking, You’re the Pain in My Butt

In our “advanced” western societies –  as so-called educated people – we are culturally conditioned to look for – and accept or acknowledge – the complicated or serious answer(s) as “truth” (or closest to truth).    We often accept what we read from “experts” or “majority” beliefs without question.  e.g “back pain comes from my back”

As we enter adulthood, we turn to our logic – and lose our intuitive insight and sense of wonder/surprise, and often discount, ignore or reject – before even considering – a simple/easy/common or even juvenile answer – that may contain our truth – and resolve our problem…

And, herein lies the origin of a favorite Dr. Yuen quote “It’s so simple, you missed it.

Back to kindergarten basics

To get real insights & results, we need to use our intuition – not logic – and shift into a more neutral – and frankly – kindergarten mentality – to get answers.

This is a Yuen-ism that has truth to it.

That Crazy Practitioner!
The more successful YUEN Method® (or any modality) practitioners have a healthy (or warped) sense of humor, and are as playful as a 4-year old child, not self-conscious or afraid to be wrong/embarrassed by an answer they gain from intuition & insight.   Openness and neutrality in our intuition are key ingredients that draw answers towards us; and there should be no struggle or resistance in receiving these answers.    See The Answers in Our Energy

Demand Immediate Results
When we have no results – when nothing has changed – it’s important we acknowledge this – and prepare to move on from our “story” – immediately.   Our old story has no answers or resolution for us.

Being stubborn with our <beliefs, assumptions or expectations> (or those of other “experts”) – we perhaps believe if we simply wait loooooooong enough, eventually these assumptions will become truth, and we (or our “expert”) will be proven right.

Good luck with that.

The widely-held unconscious beliefs
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait” or
“Healing Takes Time”
blocks our openness to experience “Immediate Results”

Internalizing the above quotes “Good Things… “, etc.  programs a kind of stubbornness in us – to any change or improvement.   Improvement requires change from our current state, yes?   “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”… mentality just energizes our stuck state.

Being defiant – and stubbornly holding on to the wrong answers (no results) – and waiting – isn’t some kind of virtue;  this behavior just energizes and attracts other stubborn things in our lives – that don’t move – and don’t go away – like symptoms…   Get neutral with stubborn.  (i.e. be open to change )

Seriously … wrong
It bears repeating;  there simply is too much seriousness in our dialog about health.

We don’t have health issues, we have life issues we need to resolve … causing our symptoms.
— LeRoy Malouf

Health is just one of 6 – major and equal – elements of our lives (and we should not make health #1 !! ):
The common YUEN Method® “life” elements list are:  <FitnessRelationshipsMoney/FinanceCareer/PurposeTime/Less AgingHealth>

Also, anytime we have too much seriousness, we lose our openness, neutrality, we make assumptions – so struggle and failure are not far behind.

Conventional methods and we (and often our clients) – through repetition of thinking/talking/worrying about the situation – have already strengthened all the serious assumptions and stories, and still have no answers, no change, NO RESULTS.

The Session

Let’s look at a simple example from a session:

  • back-breaking / pain in the butt


Client:   “Have this pain & soreness in my back for a very long time.”
Practitioner:   “Let’s see where that’s coming from (intuit) …

When I check your energy  there … well, there’s no weakness in energy there – so, it’s not coming from your back

Let’s pause for a moment.
For those new to YUEN Method® and this type of intuitive answer,

this “shifting out of the story” is the major insight we offer to clients
in one second.
Get out of your story

Let’s see – (intuit) – ah … how do I phrase this?  Do you like watching lazy people?   Or, if you worked with or saw someone that was really lazy, would that bother you?

Client:  That’s my pet peeve, if I watch someone idle or being lazy, it drives me nuts.  I like to stay busy.
Practitioner:   So, it bothers you – and you have that experience, yes?  I just want to establish a baseline.
Client:  Yes.

Practitioner:  So, if you could, I would say (intuit) …  you’d put them to work at some difficult job as punishment – like a coal mine or something.    Punishment for idleness, yes?

I’m kidding with you here a little to make a point, but you get the idea, yes?

Client:  Ha, Yes… I probably would …
Practitioner:   Hmmm, (intuit) – for many people, they don’t connect with a direct experience like that, but you do…
So, these people you want to punish for idleness – in general – are strangers, let’s say, not your ancestors, etc.

OK, let’s make that adjustment – what are you noticing,  now?

Client:  It’s about the same.
Practitioner:   There has been a change, I can sense a difference in your energy from before.

So, when you say “it’s the same”… let’s say  … you’re a little stubborn about things staying the same.   I’m getting that from your energy…

So, your perception is off – not complete, so you struggling with perceiving the shift…

Let’s look at – and clear – the most significant elements of your perception that block you, so you’ll notice.   (intuit)…

Let’s say “time” comes up #1 – it’s like (intuit) … 6 months to notice a change … “healing takes time” .. etc. .. that’s where the energy “goes weak” for you…
… and then, #2 is like (intuit) … judgment …   other’s judging you ;  your energy says you don’t like it when other people notice you’ve changed.   And that energetic block  –  actually you’re blocking yourself – keeps you from noticing changes.

pain in the butt

Let’s remove both of those perception blocks.    It’s kind of a defiant type of – “pain in the butt” experience .. in your direct experiences/spirit.     Have you ever had that experience – that you were a “pain in the butt” … about something trivial?

Client:  HA HA!     Yes, I can related to that.. I can sometimes be anal, a pain…

Practitioner:    And you seem to like it… being a “bump on the ass of progress” (– LeRoy Malouf)
Client:  That’s a funny expression.

Practitioner:  Well, “if the shoe fits…” only kidding…    Anyway, now, bend back and forth – how does your back seem now?

Client:  Wow, that’s interesting – I feel a difference.

Practitioner:   I haven’t given you all the key details ahead of time, because many times skeptical people say “I heard something you (practitioner) said and the “wishful thinking” is what made it better

But, here, I’m telling you now – what I found – AFTER you noticed improvement.

OK, basically, you had a lot of karmic experiences of breaking someone else’s back(s).. so-to-speak – working someone else hard – “causing pain to others”.    (intuit) I get this energy is from the now, and some other lifetimes – and those karmic “tethers” – from those victims – held very strong onto your back area to remind you.

We clear the energy of the karmic experiences by connecting with the victims and their energy and clearing them – to you… resolving the karma in one second…

And, as we always say,  “we don’t know if it’s true or not, but we sense it in your energy, and the proof of truth – is the results”

Either you felt a difference or you didn’t.

Revisiting “Lazy”
Practitioner: OK, now, let’s go back, and imagine you see someone lazy or idle, do you feel the same or different as before?
Client:  It seems blank now, I don’t care.

Practitioner:    You’re more ok and neutral with it now, right?    It’s much less significant an issue for you… and that’s what we want.   We want fewer things that bother us, create these blocks that give us symptoms.

Not that you’re more neutral, we can say that part of your personality of needing to be busy, not liking lazy people – a lot of it wasn’t coming directly from you, though you thought it was part of your personality…. Your whole life just changed in a moment, now you’re a different person.

Client:  That’s pretty crazy that something from the past could affect us so directly – yet invisibly – making us behave – or believe – a specific way.
Practitioner:   This happens all the time when we clear root causes…  It’s a huge shift for you..

You can goof off all you want now, right?  (laughs)…   You don’t have to be a serious busy-body anymore…  You can stop being hard on yourself when you’re not keeping busy all the time.. now that you’re more neutral with it.

Client:    Yes, I guess so, I never thought of that.   Boy, neutrality feels weird…

Practitioner:    OK, (intuit) I’ve got one more that comes up …  if someone lies to you, would that bother you?
Client:   Yes, it would – that bothers me a lot.

Practitioner:    Well, a lie is similar to a “wrong answer”, yes?
Like … when someone tells you your back pain comes from the back.

Let’s delete that – and the cumulative effect of:

  1. all the wrong answers you’ve experienced – back through time.   Now, you have a “clean slate” so-to-speak.
  2. and resonating with others who got wrong answers (collective influence from outside)

Wrong answers – from others and your beliefs – leaves you waiting in a “stuck” (no change) state over and over…   Now, change can be quicker and more natural for you …

… and one wrong answer … can’t trigger all those others – because we’ve deleted them.

Let’s also get you neutral to wrong answers too – for the future too – so nothing blocks you for discerning what is true or not true.

<right / not right, wrong / not wrong – neutral>

Also, the “from others” – outside you – collective influences resonance  – was like (intuit) 4x more than your own beliefs/influences… so that’s a good clearing for you…

Ok, how’s that seem?

Client:  Wow, that was a huge weight, I just took at deep breath.


Being bothered by something isn’t productive – and can give us symptoms.

Some people use bothers to SUPPLY the energy to DO something… and mis-label it motivation energy.    It’s better to be neutral and have no bothers.   Then, if we choose to do something, it’s from a neutral place of infinite, equal choices – with no “energetic” charge .. or bother energy.

Bothers can cause us to:

  • resonate with a common metaphor – and draw huge negative energy from the “collective human” experiences, or karmic experiences – toward us
  • project out / inherit energy (ancestors, physical area) to energize and manifest specific repeated experiences to remind us

Symptoms are our early-warning system;  by using Yuen Method’s “follow the weakness” – we are directed to the answer.     Just don’t fall into the trap of only looking for the “serious” path to the answer.

Follow the metaphors too; be open, childlike and neutral – and look – where it makes no logical sense…
… for the answers you seek.

The Romper Room awaits.

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