Get Neutral – 10 Common Practitioner Blocks

Neutrality and The Alternative, Wellness or Energy Work Practitioner

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Are you a successful wellness or energy work practitioner?

Some practitioners – after taking training in a certain modality  (alternative, integrative, complimentary and energy work) – have concerns about using their techniques on others outside the comfort of the training class.

Even some experienced practitioners struggle with inconsistent results in certain situations or with certain people.

So, when practitioners are stuck, and don’t achieve the results they desire, what are the real reason(s)?

What REALLY bothers practitioners
about inconsistent results
is never what is presented.

By checking the energy in the situation, and not making any assumptions or guesses, we can determine the real issue(s) that (energetically) block  consistent results.   From my experience, the most common practitioner complaint areas are the following:

  1. Fear of harming someone (make it worse)
  2. Inconsistent results
  3. Not enough clients
  4. Can’t work with my family/friends
  5. Clients complain about rates
  6. Worry – can’t make enough money
  7. I question/don’t trust my answers
  8. Not Worthy, Question Worth of (my) Offering
  9. (new!) Perfectionists.  (practitioner) All-or-Nothing energy
  10. (new!) Can’t work on myself

Every individual has their own story.   But, taken as a group of practitioners that we’re referring to, we can energetically check, aggregate and profile what is going on from a neutrality and energy standpoint.

When we’re only looking at the energy of the situation –  only things that weaken our energy field (i.e. energetic weaknesses) – affect us – and indicate the answer(s).

If what we say/think is the issue doesn’t weaken our energy, we ignore/skip it and move on – it’s not the answer.

Let’s examine each complaint

1.  Fear of harming someone

Let’s check the energy of the situation.

The Surprise:   In many cases, the practitioner energy is neutral to the client getting worse after a session.   (Neutral just means – energetically – it’s not the issue or weakness, not that the practitioner doesn’t care or they are OK with a bad outcome).

For the benefit of the client, it’s important the practitioner is (energetically) neutral to the worse scenario.

(in this case, the practitioner IS ALREADY NEUTRAL – to the “(could get) worse”  scenario …).
So what’s the problem/neutrality issue?

The Real Bother:   The opposite.    The energetic weakness is;
the practitioner isn’t NEUTRAL (i.e. has no energetic support) – for the “client gets better every time” scenario(s).
… Of being extremely good at what they do – or that  – everyone they work with gets benefit.   Being good triggers experiences where this meant being famous – and energetically there is resistance because they had negative experiences of losing their privacy.

So, we need to strengthen to neutral for being the best at what you do, so it’s even – energetically – with the worst scenario.

The practitioner is already neutral to what they judge the “worst” scenario (i.e. their stated complaint – “Fear of harming someone”).

The energetic weakness / block is not being neutral to the best scenario; of being wildly good or successful – and that weakness affects the outcome with their clients.

Get neutral to:   Wildly competent & successful – affecting your privacy

2.  Inconsistent results

This is another way of saying clients don’t get beneficial results every time.     Inconsistency is what the practitioners say bothers them, but what does their energy say?

The Surprise:  Practitioners are often already energetically neutral with getting no results or up and down results.
The Real Bother:   Consistent anything weakens their energy.   The practitioner complaint is about inconsistency, but their energetic weakness is consistency.

The practitioner has experiences in the past when things were consistent, they didn’t remain consistent, so it led to crippling disappointment and/or discouragement.   So, to avoid (eventual) disappointment, rather than have consistency, the practitioner  unconsciously chooses inconsistency and projects  inconsistent” energy into the situation, so their clients don’t manifest/keep/maintain the results.

The weakness can cause the practitioner to resonate with – and therefore attract – certain clients with the same weakness (consistency) as a reminder that consistency needs to be resolved.

We need to strengthen to neutral the practitioner’s energetic weakness for consistency and remove any anticipation (positive or negative) energy about outcomes or disappointment.

Get neutral to:   Consistency  

3.  Not enough clients

Everyone wants to be successful with getting clients, right?     Well, in this case, that’s not what the practitioner’s energy is telling us.

The Surprise:    The practitioner is already neutral (or strong energetically) to having very few or no clients at all.
The Real Bother(s):  The practitioner’s energetic weakness is to having too many clients and secondly the unevenness of the client/practitioner they project out.

This is somewhat related to (1).    Here’s what comes up:

a)  The practitioner is “bothered” energetically and has an energetic weakness for people taking up his/her time (i.e. too many clients).   The practitioner projects out that energy “don’t take up my time“, and others sense this energy – so these practitioners get few or no clients.

b)  The need for evenness (no hierarchy) between practitioner and client.   Conventional healthcare & most alternative energetic modalities have some notion of hierarchical structure … and, if we internalize this idea that we’re unique, special, different or better than someone or we know something our clients don’t, we’re – unconsciously or consciously – harboring a false belief or “need to” have hierarchy.

After all,
every answer comes from the client’s energy,
not the practitioner.

Beneficial results are more likely when practitioner and client are even energetically – both approaching the situation from a state of neutrality, (innocent) discovery – of emptiness and knowing nothing – as a starting point.

Also, we have to strengthen to neutral the idea of being so successful, having so many clients that you have to turn hundreds away and move away to a secret location because they’re showing up at your door day and night.   Silly, right?    Get neutral to being EXTREMELY successful.

Get neutral to:   Too many (clients) – i.e. Success

4.    Can’t work with my family/friends

Some new practitioners (and even some experienced ones) claim they can’t work with their own family.   Either they don’t get results, or they’re uncomfortable or both.

The Surprise:    Often, the practitioner’s own uneven energy toward their family is what manifests and maintains this situation, not the family members.
The Real Bother(s):   Internalized “can’t” energy from all the families you’ve experienced.

First, we protect children with “can’t” and “don’t” a lot.  This is a limitation “imprint” that comes mostly from ancestors, cultures, etc.

Secondly, our family is familiar and special to us compared with others.    This special treatment or distinction between a family member versus other(s) – clients or just humanity in general  – creates an unevenness in your neutrality in the energy projected out,  and, that energy affects results.

For the most accurate insights, our mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, cousin or friend should be even – “energetically” – like a stranger to us.

For some, there are cultural, religious, karmic or other influences that are secondary.      We deal with these other influences when they surface as  primary energy blocks to change.

Get neutral to:   Evenness 


5.  Clients complain about rates

Some practitioners say they have clients that either complain about rates or don’t want to pay them for their time.

Let’s use our insight – and simply look at the energy of the situation.

The Surprise:   The practitioner can project out this energy – attracting this behavior.
The Real Bother(s):   The practitioners aren’t neutral to the bothers listed below:  (none of these would be considered simply using logic).

NOTE: Since this was a sample, other group energy would reflect a different list or the list would be in a different order.

Here are the top 6 “abundance” blocks – to get neutral to:

a) earning –  the concept of “earning” weakens our energy.    And not respect or trust (as one might conventionally expect), but other earning in general – not just by money.    (like the energy/concept of “earning your keep” where maybe your labor was exchanged for room-and-board, like an indentured servant experience) 

b) begging – simply putting out our hand (to get paid) triggers begging experiences that have not been resolved.   Your own begging experiences but more when someone begged you for something, you declined.    This is a powerful energetic block to getting paid and must be deleted.

c) criticism – in a way, our own previous judgment & criticism can attract this.  Since there is also a (combined) weakness with getting paid, we can attract people that specifically  – criticize (our techniques, hours of operation, decor) – to force renegotiation on price to hit both (criticize & price) combined weaknesses.

d) paying full price – if the practitioner has a bother/energetic block about 100% in general, then “paying 100%  becomes an issue (bargain hunter), and the energy can project out –  resonate with and attract people with similar energy/beliefs/behavior.

We want our energy to support 100% (the concept too, not just pay) and beyond 100%.

So, be/get neutral to the concept of 100% or greater;   i.e. you can pay 100% or more and be neutral with it; get (you or your clients) more than 100% “better”, etc.

e) medicine man (or woman)/shaman experience – we may unconsciously harbor a belief and connect with experiences of being altruistic (noble) or having a skill  (like a medicine man with an associated/accepted vow of poverty) – where assisting others is more important than being paid.

f) Cheapskateskinflint, tightwad (being “cheap”) experiences in your own energy.
In this day and age, it would be the “GroupOn” or “Amazon” “cheapest” / “get something for nothing/less” expectation/experience.
(your energy or ancestors energy makes it more likely to attract people with the same energy/weakness)

6.   Worry “can’t make enough money”

Some mention financial fears as the reason they hold back from learning a modality or becoming a successful practitioner.

The Surprise:   There is zero financial fear weakness related to learning or being a practitioner.
The Real Bother(s):  The answer of #2.   Consistency (more broadly based experiences) is the real bother.

The person has experiences or thoughts about miracles (once in a while, rare experiences) triggered by this consistency weakness.   In their energy, the thought of consistency just brings up all their times when things weren’t consistent (miracles certainly aren’t consistent)

Get neutral to:   Consistency

7.   I question/don’t trust my answers

Practitioners can block answers by “the need to question” or the academic mindset.    Sometimes, the core issues are many and layered.

Here are the top blocks:

  • discernment (comparing) – the person actually gets answers, but doesn’t accept the answers.  So they claim ‘I question the answers
    …  but the weakness could be     < comparing / accepting / rejecting > – i.e. the discernment triad.
    From “Clearing Perception Blocks – Discernment

    If rejecting or accepting bothers us, we will be blocked at comparing – a basic element required to find a weakness.   Comparing precedes the accepting (of the answer => weakness) and rejecting (of anything not the answer = anything that “tests” strong).   

  • “need to become proficient” first, then (I) will trust my answers.   This is the conventional mindset tied to the conventional learning experience – “The Learning Anchor” – that learning something new takes time, struggle to master.     Likely, there’s no weakness to proficiency.   In some cases, it’s a “(need) confirmation” (or consensus) weakness or “others trusting us weakness – that blocks/keeps us from trusting our own answers.
  • “Do” (or do not) weakness.   The “Yoda” weakness.  Our collective experience is to try (fail) many times before success (try/fail, try/fail, try/fail, then do).  We can resonate with collective energy (of others) mental blocks of “success is never on first try .. which is a ridiculous energetic block that needs to be deleted.We want “do” strong and neutral (especially on 1st try), so there is no blocking effect of “do”.
  • (new!) Trusting myself  (“me trusting me” / my answers – a common story – is not weak, but it TRIGGERs when others trust ME
    … and that story goes weak (opposite).
    When we look at this blocking trigger, we can “go neutral” to the 2 extremes of “others‘ trusting me”:  
    (a) Others (everyone) completely trusting ME
    (b) Others (everyone) completely DIS-trusting me alwaysGuess which one is the neutrality weakness?  (a) or (b)?  Yep, it’s “(a)”  for many (just the opposite of what we may believe).If everyone, everywhere TRUSTED you COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY, PERFECTLY, ALWAYS… there’s no “neutral” / strong energetic support for this… in your energy … and that weakness – blocks … YOU trusting YOURSELF…So, where’s that weakness coming from?(1) Descendants, (2) Spirit Attachments, (3) Collective (humanity, family, cultural)
    Clear / get neutral to that weak side of others’ trusting us completely, so that our answers come – to us – effortlessly – with no issues of trust.

Get neutral to:    Discernment, (need for) Consensus,   Do (try).  Others completely trusting me.

8.    Not Worthy.   Negative Self-Talk on skillset, etc

“Whatever you think it is, or say it is, is NOT what it is”.Dr. Kam Yuen, D.C.

A practitioner may say to us: “I don’t feel worthy” or  “well, I’m confident and successful in career XYZ 10 years ago, but not not today as a practitioner”.

We can check the energy of those statements in 1 second + use the Energetic Testing tool #2rolling back the clock to intuit the energy years ago – and re-write a persons own thinking about why/how their energy is affecting them today – and which energetic shifts will get them out of their funk relating to offering services.

  • worthiness, not worth it, etc.

Well, “not worthy” ;  that’s a good story, an interesting story, a common story – that many listeners may want to “lean in to”.   And, if you want a pity party, or to demonstrate some kind of false humility, that’s fine too.    But, by using our insight – and checking the energy – we often get over 90% that claim/tell that story … there’s no energetic weakness to “not worthy”.   Some parts of “The Session:  Money/Abundance” apply here

The Surprise:   Worthiness?  Nope, no weakness (no surprise either)
The Real Bother(s):   Acceptance  (compensation, money) is the main weakness. (and not self-acceptance).  

Some other common weaknesses related to accepting

  • Charging a fee, triggers negotiation – unresolved dishonest, uneven accepting experiences  during negotiations
    i.e. karmic experiences of “forced others to accept” (terms, conditions, contracts, compensation, “bill of goods” – “buy Manhattan for bag of beads experience”)
  • Unresolved misrepresentation experiences triggered (yours, but many times ancestors need to be cleared)
  • Accepting triggering unresolved theft, stealing (karmic) experiences.  Taints any “(accept) compensation” experience
    Karmic victims energy can be palpable (hands get cold, etc)
  • Accepting experiences in your energy – triggering the opposite – unresolved “rejecting OTHERS” experiences.
    Palpable karmic energy directed at you/ancestors, etc. from victims of rejection – makes accepting more difficult

Get neutral to:    Accepting
(clear any energy that “taints” accepting causing us to recoil or avoid it.   Clients & others feel that energy you project out, and either don’t call, don’t call back, or feel odd during the payment transaction – the client feeling they’re literally giving you something you don’t want).

9.  Perfectionists.  (practitioner)  All-or-Nothing energy projected into the situation

We, as practitioners have to be neutral / satisfied with incremental improvement.   When we “follow the weakness”, we are  strengthening – incrementally – everything we find along the way.   Those expecting the “one big button” weakness (one issue/100%) – will achieve spotty results – because everyone – and every issue – is different.

The word choices and weight of the (our) complaints – are hints – to what the practitioner needs to get neutral to.

1 or 0 speech patterns/terminology – perfectionist => exposed!!
is working” or “I tried everything” or “I’m getting 100% but (they) perceive nothing

Perfections often have what I call “Beavis and Butthead” (0 or 1 – “it sucks/it rocks”) mentality..
Perfectionists who won’t accept anything but 100% … or “I quit” – project that energy into their clients..
So, the client is blocked – and perceives NOTHING.

Rewind … and check.. Is the problem:

  1. me? (YouTube video: “Oh, Sh$!, it’s me“)
  2. the clients’ energy
  3. somewhere else – other than (1) and (2)?

…and, use The Power of – Numerical Profiling – i.e.  how much?

Don’t blame the client until you know!

The Surprise:   Practitioner often thinks it’s the clients’ problem (it can’t be ME!)
The Real bother:  
Mediocrity (“the middle”) – bothers the practitioner (“if I can’t have “all“, I’d rather have nothing“)

Get neutral to:  All points in the “squishy middle” – which in our YUEN Method world means
“incremental improvement” is OK.1% is OK, so is 5%, 10%, 20% – not just 0 or 100% i.e. the extremes )

10.    Can’t work on myself

Myself is kind of a catchall for “my issues”.   But are “my issues” – just mine? .. or from other sources too?

The Surprise:  As an “issue”, “myself ” – no weakness.. But as a TRIGGER, it “goes weak”
The Life Problems Triad is:    <Issues – Triggers – Choices>
We can assert every life problem we look at is an “issue”; but, issue is (just) one of the 3.
The Real Bother:  “Myself ” can be:

  • a trigger (weakness)  
    • Triggers Opposite – opposite of “myself” is – “everyone else” i.e. “collective”
      Block is; the collective energy of;  “(can’t rule/condition) I need – someone else’s – help (to improve/change)”.  
    • Triggers Alone  experiences.  Clear any weaknesses to “self” / “alone” / “others”.
    • Triggers Helpless experiences (child).  Delete back through time, collective, ancestors, etc..
  • a choice
    • Martyr belief – “others have to improve first” (let me be last). Problem is: there 7.2B others..
  • energy from outside us (mostly) – ancestors, etc. other areas “outside us”

Get Neutral to:   All the elements of myself mentioned.  Once other elements are cleared, “myself” will no longer be a trigger or block to perceiving changes or getting results.

Final Thoughts

Any complementary or wellness practitioner can improve outcomes when they are neutral.     When both the practitioner and the client are in an even and  neutral state, then the energy supports new possibilities and outcomes instead of maintaining or reinforcing the state of “no change”.

So, before switching modality or learning a new technique, consider using energetic testing to discover what’s really going on – and get to neutral first.

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