The “Healer” Belief

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The Weakening Effect of  “Healer/Healing” Beliefs

What do the “H” words above mean to you?    Most people would associate the words with positive, hopeful or empowering energy.

Unfortunately, from an energetic standpoint, “H” words or beliefs can have a tremendous polarizing and weakening energy for many – whether used in conventional or integrative/alternative methods.

The “H” words – for most – projects out – and resonates with collective slowness and suffering energy – “this is gonna take awhile” (“healing takes time”, “(we have to) suffer before we get better”,  i.e. things are 100x slower).

Rather than empowering a client as a practitioner might expect, the uneven h(ealer) energy takes away their “power” (actually the power of their neutrality).

When we also consciously or subconsciously associate healing with miracles, there is a compound weakening effect – of both slowness and rarity.    

Unfortunately, this uneven “h(ealing)” energy is more likely to continue to support/attract rare or hard-to-resolve experiences and situations – perpetuating the problem.

Words can weaken

the (energetic) weakening effects of the heal(er) belief
blocking improvement(s)

can come from the client, practitioner
or collective influences

The energetic weight of the “H” words, beliefs, descriptions, etc and humanity’s collective experiences and thought energy – is like an anchor.

When we – as facilitators –  harbor those beliefs (consciously or not), and are not neutral with them – we (inadvertently) attach a client to that anchor as their starting point.    That anchor makes it more difficult – if not impossible – to experience “in-the-moment” change;  if anything, it’s a near guarantee we (or our client) will struggle even more.

Unfortunately, the weakening energy has a two-way effect – creating a limitation for the practitioner as well.

The Solution – Un-Resonate / Get Neutral

Realistically, we can’t avoid words that are used so commonly, but we can and should be neutral with the meanings and not resonate with the hierarchy those words imply (vs evenness).

So, as a start, let’s just [DELETE] all the cumulative effects, mental struggle, memories, anticipation (positive or negative) and expectations of  the “H” words  – and what they mean – back through human history – on the spot.

Let’s also remove the humanity collective influence effects of

  • “need” to be healed  = > “help must come only from outside us”  (false, there’s no need for a guru, guides, special knowledge)
  • healing takes time => not true  (the right answers (truth) takes no time – and shifts us immediately)
  • “need” to suffer => before we get better  (don’t resonate with this statement – immediate results should be the norm)

No one needs “H(ealing)” or “H(ealers)”;  we just need to identify and direct others to their (the) truth – the answers enfolded in our own energy (and the energy of our clients) – to change  –  and shift out of our predicament.

None of the answers come from the practitioner 
 or from a “higher source”
unless “higher source” means the person’s own energy

We need to accept, acknowledge and recognize – the answers are enfolded in the client’s energy, not in our knowledge or training.

And, if we (or a client) is neutral for one second– and accepts THEIR truth (if the insight is correct), they shift.

Guidance, not healing

Our guidance is not a grandiose thing – some guru skill – that we should feel “bigger” than the other soul we’re assisting.   What we do – is a simple,  everyday, common gesture, like handing someone a napkin that needs one.

At our best, we do the least.

If clients choose to ask us for assistance, we would do well to leave any lingering energetic “uneven” “H” beliefs (if we harbor them) at the door and get neutral.

Then, we can intuitively – and quickly – by feeling for strong/weak – uncover and present – the truth – and manifest a different outcome in the next moment.

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