The Power of Numerical Profiling

numeric-profilingBeginnings – Numeric Profiling Using Energetic Testing

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Yuen Method® uses feeling / intuition – and the comparison of strong or weak energy – to get answers.

We call this technique of checking energy “energetic testing”.   Our truth – our real and correct – answers are identified precisely – and immediate results occur – when we shift the energy by finding primary energetic weaknesses (i.e. where our energy “goes weak”).      Only energetic weaknesses (things that weaken our energy field) affect us.

Checking energy using energetic testing is really the Swiss Army knife for using a persons or groups energetic information in the most useful way.

This new way of checking the energy of a situation identifies real answers 1000x faster and more accurately than other methods including using our unreliable or conditioned thinking.

Numerical profiling is really just a game of numbers
… and it’s not about being perfect
so relax

The Power of Numerical Profiling – (for checking energy)

The comparison of strong/weak feeling is the most basic way to profile and can be used universally for checking the energy of any situation – to find/follow the weakness.   An area of Yuen Method® – not discussed in depth – are the different ways to profile – and “find/follow the weakness”.

Numerical profiling is another complementary and powerful way to gauge and lasso what affects us, and delete it.    Finding an energetic weakness using energetic testing is the basic measuring tool, but numerical profiling extends this to get even more precise answers.

This article covers real-world examples and the most common – and not so common – ways profiling can assist us in Yuen Method® or any energy work.

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Beginnings – Start with Neutrality first

Some may have energetic blocks to profiling.   What could energetically weaken our ability to accurately profile?    Energetic weaknesses to:

  1. judgmentcomparison, criticism, choosing, or specific numbers (3,5, 100).
  2. the <words, descriptions or experiences> related to (1)
  3. our (and collective) thought that it could work this easily or effortlessly

Let’s first make sure we’re neutral with (1) (2) and (3)  – and delete the effects – generally… then, we can begin.

How to Use Profiling

Read through the profiling examples below and get the basic concepts “in your field”.    Then, just use these techniques in the moment with your insights and allow yourself to be surprised by what happens next.

Basic Profiling

Comparing – Profiling Using Numbers

Basic Profiling

Comparing two things is the most basic way we use energetic testing ;  this or that, this or “something else”, physical/non physical, inside/outside the person, localized (where it’s felt) or referred – are common comparisons.

1)   Comparing 2 things

A common concept that comes up in this work is success or failure.

1st example:  A simple compare about which of 2 things is weaker.

Client:  “It bothers me that I fail at a lot of things.”
Coach:   “So, failing bothers you – consciously … but there’s no energetic weakness to failing, so that’s not what it is.  When we intuitively check your energy, it seems like it’s really success that weakens you, so let’s strengthen success for you, so the energy is even and neutral with all possibilities – including failure.   What are you noticing now?”

Compare:   In this case, success (an opposite) compares as weaker than failure; or failure is not weak at all and we go to the opposite.  Though not always this clear cut, (something else could be weaker), it’s a good place to start.

2nd example:   Roll back the clock.    We can energetically check/profile 10 minutes ago  and now – to gauge improvement or just get information.

Client:  (Helen) “It seems clearer now – better.”
Coach:  “Helen, let’s look at the next item on your list – “being clumsy – all your life“.    Let’s see what that’s about.  What I get is more like a karma of causing others to fail...  We’ll, somehow that work we did with John’s karma strengthened/cleared clumsy for you and 1-2-3 others on this group call.   If we look back 10 minutes ago, your energy went weak to that karma we mentioned, but now –  it’s strong.    Thanks John.”

Compare:   Turning back the clock is a powerful profiling tool.  When we realize that time isn’t in the equation, we can be more neutral and have no bothers or  thought of missing something.    The thought of “missing something” is a common energetic and conventional learning block to experiencing immediate insight or change.

2)   Comparing based on a list

Often, we’re feeling for a primary element in a list that weakens our energy most.   The list we profile with could be comprised of elements like a,b,c, d, e.   Or perhaps we use the hexagon list of LEADING LIFE SUPPORTS:  (fitness, relationships, money, career/purpose, time/aging, health).   We don’t always have to know what’s in a list…to use it or get a useful answer.

Client:  “I have a relationship problem.”
Coach:  “
Well, when we feel into that, it looks like career/purpose comes up as a first/primary (energetic) weakness.  And it’s really other’s successful career /  purpose that weakens you more than your own.”

Compare:   Relationship doesn’t “come up” as weakest in LEADING LIFE SUPPORTS; now, we can choose to intuit -or- go through the “Hexagon of Leading Life Supports” list one-by-one – with the underlying open-ended question being – “indicate / show me the weakest one”.

The underlying question is always the comparison statement
“which one is the weakest?”  

After we find the primary or weakest effect, we can go deeper and say “which is the 2nd (next) weakest?  And 3rd, and so on.

Comparing – Profiling Using Numbers

When we profile with numbers, we’re always trying to gauge; how much weaker is one than another?
In the next set of examples in this section, we explore different ways to measure this.

Numerical profiling is another powerful way to follow the weakness and compare which is the weaker (or more significant) effect

3)   Numeric Profiling – by order significance

In this example, we use an “order” (1st, 2nd, 3rd) significance to determine the highest to lowest effect from a list.

Client:  “I just “lock up” when someone criticizes me.”
Coach:  “It seems like false tools hexagon comes up, but what you describe – it’s more like shutting yourself down ; but “shut down” isn’t #1.   Shut down is like … number 4 – (4th effect) on the list of false tools that weaken you.    So, put another way – 3 things are weaker (ahead of, have higher effect) than “shut down”…

What comes up first is lie to yourself then suppress, then numbing, then shut down.   Shut down is fourth in order of weakness…”

The false tools or coping mechanisms hexagon is the list of:

[  (1) suppress (2) denial (3) lie to yourself  (4) numb  (5) forget  (6) shut down  ]

We use the 6 elements in the “false tools” list – not specifically – but abstractly as a list of 6…  First, we quickly compare “shut down” or “other” … “other” was weaker in the compare… so we know shut down is not the #1 or primary effect.

But, the energy indicates the person is not completely off-base with “shut down” – it’s a LITTLE weak.   So, we can gauge for the person where “shut down” – as one of the 6 coping mechanisms … lies – in the list of things affecting the person…

So we pose the question (could be silently to ourselves):

“Where is “shut down” in the list of “false tools” effects (highest to lowest) for this person?”
… and numerically profile by counting…  1st,2nd,3rd,4th (4th “goes” weak) – it’s the 4th effect.

Now, we pose another question:  “which false tool is the primary (#1 or 1st) effect?”

We can again either intuit a weakness or go back to the “false tools” hexagon as an abstract list…

1st, 2nd, 3rd (weak).

Coach:  “The 3rd element of the list – “lie to yourself” is the first/primary effect.    Another way to profile would be to go element-by-element;
suppress, denial, lie to yourself (weak)…”

Then, we can ask “what’s the 2nd weakest?“, “what’s the 3rd weakest?” – and come up with the top 3 – in order of weakest (and most) influences or effect.

4)  Numeric Profiling  – by counting up to a number 

Numerical profiling – as a basic tool – uses counting and our intuition – and feeling of strong and weak – to gauge the energetic weight of something.  Here are some examples.

1st example:  In this hypothetical example, a person presents a bother about physical toxicity.

Client:   “I think I have mercury toxicity.”
Coach:   “Well, let’s see.   Mercury toxicity, ok, yes, – it comes up … (intuit) 37th.   That means there are 36 other toxicities ahead of mercury with more effect, and the top 5 are (intuit) internal toxicity of your (intuit) own cell waste, dead cells, minerals, etc.”

Compare:   This is just basic numeric profiling…  We say something like:   “Mercury toxicity effect is:    1,5,10,20,30,40 (weak)somewhere between 30-40… 37th (weak)…”

2nd example:  We are presented with more of a non-physical bother.

Client:   “I have a relationship issue.”
Coach:  “Well, relationships is a little weak, but it’s not #1.
As a matter of fact, there are 1,2,3,4,5(weak) things weaker than relationships before relationships comes up as a life issue.”

Compare:   We first check relationship, it’s a LITTLE weak.   Then relationship and “something else”. .. something else is weaker than relationship(s).  Then we profile where relationships lies in the list… and it’s the 5th effect.

3rd example:   We create a lasso for deletion more directly using an actual number and a (triad) shape.   Also, we have a group of people, so we want to do a more general group clearing/strengthening for a particular issue.

Client:   “I’m a worrywart – I worry a lot.”
Coach:  “So, you have a lot of little things that bother, concern, upset you.   Since we have a group here, let’s look at the whole group.   Let’s see how many LIFE PROBLEMS (i.e. issues, triggers, choices) this would be for “worry”… 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, 200,000 (weak).

200,000 LIFE PROBLEMS.    And it’s affecting all of you – collectively  – millions, billions, trillions, almost infinitely (weak).

Let’s delete that near infinite effect down to 0, then to minus infinity.”

Compare:   With this example, we use several techniques.    We found a weakness (not quite worry, but concern, bother, and so on) – decided to check an entire group to profile the actual number of LIFE PROBLEMS (200,000), and another group profile for the cumulative effect (almost infinite) and cleared and strengthened both.

5) Using percentages (10,20,30%)

Commonly, we use percentages to gauge effects (90/10, 80/20, 60/40) when things aren’t that clear cut.  Percentages also remind us to visit other significant effects from highest to lowest.

1st example:   We start with just comparing 2 things (in the simplest case like #1).  Then, we add percentage a profiling compare between the two things as another gauge of of how much weaker one thing is than the other.

Client:   “I am a perfectionist and very hard on myself.”
“Well, that’s some of it, but the energy from outside of you is (intuit) 500% more than inside of you.    When you think about yourself, or think you’re judging yourself (internal), it just triggers the opposite – all your previous cumulative & collective family experiences of fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers criticizing you.”

Compare:   In this case, inside and outside are two things in a simple compare – and we also use numerical profiling.  The person is convinced their bother is due to self-doubt, or self-judgment or self-criticism, but the thought just triggers the opposite (criticism from outside) – something not even considered.   Now, we can just lasso and delete it.

2nd example:  We can profile with percentages based on some basic checks of physical/non-physical,  from inside/outside the person, local or referred,, etc.

Client:  “My back’s been hurting for a week since I picked up that TV.”
Coach:  “Well, when I put a thought in that area – there’s no weakness, so that’s not where it’s coming from.    Physical/non-physical…    Looks like non-physical comes up weaker.   Let’s see how much it is… 10,20,30… 75% (weak) non-physical… so let’s go there first, then visit the 25% physical after…”

Compare:   At times, a comparison or ratio may not be so lopsided as 95%/5% – but more like 75%/25% or 60%/40%.    This means for some people to sense a significant shift, we may have to visit first the 75% non-physical and then the 25% physical roots (in our example) or the other way around if physical comes up primary.

Most likely the physical issues or symptoms were caused by the accumulation and perpetuation of non-physical weaknesses to that area over time.

We first remove the 75% non-physical “tether” into a weakened back area.   Next, we clear the 25% physical.  Remember, those non-physical weaknesses also cause  physical stagnation, congestion, irritation, weakened lymphatic, and little or no waste product removal or regeneration in that area.

How do we clear physical?    We find energetic weaknesses for the 25% left – most likely more than one thing.  Let’s say in this case:

  1. non-physical sensationsprofile – 1,2,3 (weak) and delete cumulative effects
  2. physical waste (irritation, waste, dead cells, lactic acid, minerals, excess water) – remove it
  3. lymphatic system – strengthen all lymphatic elements in the area and also the CNS to the lymphatic
  4. CNS to or from the physical area back to CNS, etc.,   First test both directions to see if one or both is weak.
    If a direction is weak, it means the two-way communication is broken.   This needs strengthening and reprogramming to rewire two-way communication (so, brain /CNS can manage it).

The larger non-physical clearing isn’t always enough.   Some clients won’t perceive any significant shift until the PHYSICAL elements – including referred weaknesses – and non-physical sensations – are removed and strengthened.   Profiling “what percentage is left?” may indicate some amount- 5-25% physical – that we need to take care of.

6)  Numeric Profiling –  by multiples (2x, 3x)

Let’s revisit our familiar example;  success/failure.

Client:   “It bothers me that I struggle and fail a lot.”
Coach:  “Failure.   Well, it’s an effect, but what weakens you is actually the opposite –  
success.    And, from your energy, success is – 1,2,3,4 (weak)4 times (4x) weaker – than failure.    Put another way, a success weakens your energy 4x (times) more than a failure.    Your energy is strong and neutral with failure, so it keeps manifesting and attracting it.   Let’s neutralize it so both are even with each other.”

Compare:   In some cases, there may be no energetic weakness to the person’s initial complaint or bother.  For this hypothetical person, energetically – both success and failure – are weak….   But, success “tests” weaker of the two… but how much weaker?   We profile by multiples and get an answer we can use in our lasso to delete the (more primary) effect.    There may be secondary effects (or primary) from ancestors or karma – this is just an example.

the primary weakness isn’t always 99% non-physical, 1% physical
and not always coming from us
make no assumptions and profile

7)  Profiling powers of infinity

Sometimes, the energetic weakness cumulative effect is beyond infinite (infinity).    So, when we profile to clear the effect, we need to know how far beyond infinity we have to lasso for deletion.

Is the effect infinity to the power of 2,3,4?      When we test infinity and beyond infinity … and there is still something weaker, that’s when we can count 2,3,4 and find a weakness to, say ∞², ³, ⁴ (weak) – “Infinity to the power of 4” – and [DELETE] the cumulative effect.

8)   Profiling – anonymously (or blindly)

A useful and playful way we can use numerical profiling is with a list that is:

  1. not front of us...  like the list of 18 sensations we may not have memorized
  2. in abstract – the client read their laundry list of 10 things, but you didn’t take notes – or remember the 10 things

Client:   “My job is my main concern.   Then, there is the relationship with my mother.  I’ve been having recurring headaches just at night. (more)….”  (much time passes)
Coach:  “Looks like 1,2,3 (weak) – #3 comes up the weakest… to work with first.    What was #3 in your list again?”

Client:  “It was my recurring headaches at night.”
  “OK, yes.. thank you… well, when we feel into that – it’s not about headaches, somewhat about recurring, but not really; it’s more when things are consistent, it bothers you…  So, it makes it hard for you to have consistency in your life.. ; it’s not so much a trigger – but you have experiences that – consistency weakens your energy so much that you choose inconsistency – just to avoid the weakness -and to stay where your energy is strong (inconsistent).   

Your recurring headache is a reminder of your “consistent” (energetic) weakness..

You also have about 1,2,3… 4(weak) sensations related to recurring things – that weaken your energy.    Let’s just take anything associated with those 4 sensations – and we won’t even name them, and delete the effects…    What are you noticing?

Compare:    Several things to note here.    We used:

  1. “anonymous” numeric comparison – with a list of client’s N issues we didn’t remember – to find the weakest one.
  2. intuitively checking a neutrality issue to repeating; but it really became another closely related issue – consistency.
  3. anonymously intuit / “profile by counting” – from the sensations list (of 18) – 4 elements that were weak –  and we strengthened  the 4 without naming them

We can do the same anonymous profiling using pages of shapes (is it on page 1, page 2 (weak)..) or in 5 pages of shapes – intuit the one weakest and strengthen it and delete the effects in a general way.

Remember, we want to use profiling to strengthen or delete in the most general way,
and only get specific when something won’t clear generally

9)   Profiling – using an unknown “N”

We can profile with an unknown number “N” used as a bookmark, a value and a lasso.   “N” could represent:

  • the number of LIFE PROBLEMS (issues, triggers, choices) we strengthen & delete
  • the number of referred weaknesses
  • the cumulative effect we want to delete

Client: “There is still a physical issue – I still have some pain and sensations there…”
Coach: “Yes, there are some weaknesses there..   It’s getting late.    Let’s just lasso up whatever is going on there and put an “N” on it ; including any associations or combinations of things that are weak… strengthen, and delete them and delete the cumulative effects.   What are you noticing?

Compare:   Using a variable like “N” seems like a vague, imprecise way to get an answer.   But, in any profiling, if we want to get specific – in a general way – we can use “N” and let the energy (or the universe) fill in the number “N” for what to strengthen and delete.   “N” – whatever it is – becomes our very precise lasso, because “N” is the number.

10)   Profiling – using prior work

This is another take on the unknowns similar to (9).    We energetically check and discover some work done earlier (or with someone else) applies in this situation.   So, what do we do?   We use it.

Client:  “I’m having trouble with my eyesight and hearing.”
Coach:  “Dr. Yuen did some neutrality work related to that on last night’s call.    Seems about 10,20,30,45% (weak) applies to your current situation.   Let’s just [Apply] all those elements in the 45% to you right now.    What are you noticing?”

Compare:  Here is a very unique way to apply previous work to the current situation if there is enough commonality and effect when we profile. The call could have been in a foreign language, you can still “tap in” and use it.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to use energetic testing (of strong/weak).   Numeric profiling techniques improve our accuracy and results using the Yuen Method® or with any other modality.    The possibilities are endless and always useful.

Have fun with numerical profiling –  make it a game and don’t be too serious about it – and you’ll get better results.

Being off by 5 percent or a few positions in a list – doesn’t matter – or shouldn’t – be neutral with that.   When we realize that profiling is possible with a placeholder like “N” – not knowing what “N” is,  and still get results, how serious can you be?