The Basics – Intuition and Answers

logic-intuitionLogic Is Important

But, we can’t solely depend on our logic (aka thinking) to improve our situation.

Logic simply poses the question (for one second), then we use our intuition, we have to intuitively feel the energy for the real story.

When we let go of our logic – and the question – in that one second, our intuition gets us an answer that sends us in the right direction.

Logic and intuition need to work in this even, cooperative way.

For many of us, intuition and insight take a back seat as we exit childhood and are encouraged to rely more and more on our logic.

But, the use of logic – alone – doesn’t have a good track-record, yet many still rely on it.

If logic alone were 100% reliable
we’d have answers to all our questions
and none of us would have pains or things that bother us

But, Logic Isn’t Everything

Logic doesn’t lead us to answers.   Logic is simply a holder of all the questions.   Logic is like having a Google cache of a trillion questions & answers but none of them match – or perhaps only one pair will apply to your situation.

So, how do you find that one answer that matches your question?

Intuition And the Right Answer

The answers can connect with us, when we stop our logical thinking (at least for a moment) and switch over to our intuition.   Again, intuition supplies the answer – to match our question – when we refine it and feel for the answer.

Energetic Testing Using Intuition and Feeling

Let’s take the example of someone with back pain.

If you think about the back for a moment – and stop thinking and feel – what do you notice?     Is it a strong (full) feeling or a weak energy (dip) feeling?    Most likely the back will test energetically strong, because that’s not where the pain is coming from.

Energetic testing – and looking at only the energy – applies this simple principle (strong or weak) in all situations.

If we don’t feel an energetic weakness,
move on

.  .  .  that’s not where the problem is

Intuition – and reading the story in our energy – is the most reliable way to answers that change our situation.

That’s logical, isn’t it?

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