The Bruce L. And Dr. Kam Yuen Show

Bruce and Kam 

Well, that title is a teaser.    

I’m not referring to Bruce (Lee) – our Dr. Kam’s contemporary.   I mean Dr. Bruce Lipton (PhD) – a leading developmental biologist who wrote The Biology Of Belief.     Many of Dr. Lipton’s insights from his research – especially ‘energy psychology‘ (his term) being the best path to change – resonates with our YUEN  Method®  & neutrality concepts.

In a nutshell, Bruce describes 2 minds;  (a) conscious mind is creative/thinking and (b) sub-conscious is “programming” or ‘habits”.

YUEN Method® adds another mind “the non-conscious” to the 3 – to make it a triad.

We’ll discuss Liptons’ research and how both YUEN Method® & Bruce Liptons’ research and philosphy align – and how they differ in these areas.
  1. Conscious (mind) thinking
  2. Negative thinking/programming in our subconscious
  3. Re-Programming the subconscious mind.

How does Dr. Lipton’s work relate to YUEN Method® & neutrality?

Let’s look at 3 areas where we compare and contrast the two (with some heavy paraphrasing of the work built in for clarify & brevity).

1. Conscious (mind)

Bruce Lipton:   While consciously thinking;  We’re (often) unaware of our subconscious programming (95%) running in the background on “auto-pilot”.    Using a car analogy, Dr. Lipton says (paraphrase) – conscious mind thinking ‘lets go of the (steering) wheel” and subconscious programming takes over.

YUEN Method®:  Solely using our conscious mind (thinking we call it)  can’t access/reach real answers – only our insight (stop thinking & feel) gives us answers – based on feeling for strong and weak.

2. Negative thinking/programming in our subconscious

Bruce Lipton:  We get our programming (downloads) in the first 7 yearsof life during our “not conscious” phase, and from those experiences.   In our first 7 years of life, our brain is in “observe and record” mode; we’re not totally conscious yet (our child mind is in theta state).  This programming we record – then – affects our lives in the here and now; but we can – change – the programming by repetition, etc. “positive” thinking, affirmations, etc.

YUEN Method®:   Negative thinking connects – with us – in more ways than Bruce suggests
(a) we can also “tune in to” (psychic) energy collective of others with similar programming (amplifying the effects – could be infinite effect)
(b) we can inherit/download negative energy / programs / experiences.
i.e. This means we download “habits” or experiential energy – from many places such as:

  1. our ancestors – (in Yuen Method®, these “downloads” (imprints) happen without direct observation.
    This can be 90% of our programming “download” – it’s not just the first 7 years of life “recording”.
    Where Bruce says our (brain) “operating system”  starts as blank in childhood
    … ready to record – “starting from 0”.
    Yuen Method® posits we inherit this energy from many places – including our ancestors
    (e.g. At birth, we never start from 0 (programming); we can begin with 25-50% of our programming (operating system)  already “there”.   This programming can be “ours” from prior lifetimes or from our e.g. ancestors or their prior lifetimes and also from karma).   
  2. collective influence – e.g. resonating with experiences of all children, all men, all women, religious, ethnic/cultural, and past human experiences, etc too
  3. due to resonance – we seem to “download” collective experiences energy and programming that resonate with us – based on our (prior) lives or ancestors’ individual makeup and experiences.

3. Re-Programming the subconscious mind

Bruce’s “Biology of Belief” Programming is closest but not quite YUEN “weaknesses” (answers, energy)
How is YUEN Method® compared  to OTHER modalities in Bruce’s list of other energy psychology methods?
Bruce Lipton:  Changing “habits” (our programming) is often difficult.
To change habitual thinking / programming, we can use 3 techniques:
  1.  (good): theta states (hypnosis, all learning before age 7, re-programming during sleep)
  2.  (good): repetition (new “positive” mantras), practice, habituation, etc
  3.  (most effective): energy psychology (YUEN Method® would be considered energy psychology)

YUEN Method®:   We use our intuitive mind to access answers.
The difference is the:
  1. Stark simplicity and speed (1 second) of process;
     INTUITIVELY identifying what to de-program/DELETE (aka find the weakness“)
     (it’s not what we consciously think or SAY it is)
  2. Focus on immediate results –  DELETION (of the “bad” program) and re-programming in ONE step with results on-the-spot

So, again, Bruce Liptons repetitionhabituation (of a desired new behavior), hypnosis (theta state reprogramming) doesn’t have an exact equivalent in YUEN Method®.

With YUEN Method®, we don’t program a new behavior, per-se, we focus primarily – and PRECISELY on:

  • Intuiting EXACT answers
    (find weaknesses / imprints / programming in our energy)
     that are PRIMARY (90%) affecting us…
    … and we can numerical profile for accuracy.
    To others, getting EXACT answers may seem an arrogant statement  …
    …  but:  WHEN USING OUR INTUITION, WE’RE NOT GUESSING.  That’s important to note.
    Without  using  intuition, any answer is a guess (possibly a WAG) or assumption.
  • Removing the energetic negative effects of what we find is the cause or source
    (an energetic weakness and/or perception block)
  • Strengthening a person’s energy to a more neutral or even energy across all choices
    (the other extreme of our programming + all the infinite points in-between)

Once we remove the “energetic” signature / major effects, we – get neutral to all programming, positive or negative and in-between … that’s the best scenario.   When we’re neutral, there is no primary “program” coming to the fore … they’re all equal.

And, in YUEN Method®, we KNOW – through checking the energy (weakness) – WHICH “programming” is affecting us.   It’s usually NOT what a person may say “I fear failure”  – e.g. the CONSCIOUS thought.. which may resonate with other modalities, but not pass ourenergetic sniff test in YUEN Method®.

YUEN Method®  “(just) DELETE the stupid thing”

With YUEN Method®, and neutrality, we know we can INTUITIVELY – find a weakness– and DELETE  the “bad” programming (energy) in one second, not just momentarily “move it to the side” by downloading new programs alongside the old.   (the old programs are still there/active).

Even though we have access to new behaviors though Lipton’s re-programming, that doesn’t address the effects – and the old programming residing on the hard drive of our subconscious or from the “cloud” (collective “others” energy or energy from places or people in our ancestral chain that we connect with).

Me or Not Me?

If the programming comes from our ANCESTORs or KARMIC elements (from victims) giving us their energy as our programming, we can’t simply “shut it off” or override their energy with mantras “I’m gonna be a success” LoA type scenarios or “fake it till you make it”.

If that were true, everyone would get what they CONSCIOUSLY SAY they want – every time

Other techniques CAN work if the PRECISE BUTTON HIT IS the (energetic) weakness (in YUEN parlance).

Often, the person’s “guess” is 180 degrees off (success is the weakness, not failure)
… or the energy needs to be cleared OUTSIDE of them (karmic, ancestor. “collective”)FIRST – (since it’s the more primary EFFECT)  before the energy/programming in the subconscious is GONE/DELETED – or at least – NEUTRAL (EQUAL significance) …. to ANY experience (negative/positive) in our programming

Many may believe they have improvement with other techniques (and they may sense some) – but with energetic testing – in 1 second – we could reveal use of a side-stepping coping mechanism – due to when YUEN Method® calls false tools coping of (suppress, deny, lie, numb, shut down, forget, ignore/avoid).

Only clearing ancestors/karmic elements truly releases the tether (to our programming – and deletes it).


In the YUEN/neutrality world, the energy of negative programming (i.e. Bruce Liptons’ term) can also get more “tamped down” – or neutralized – by neutrality – i.e. “getting neutral” – such that something can shift..    It may SEEM (with neutrality) like we DELETED some program (we could), but really, we can just make things more “even” – energetically – so auto-pilot programming has multiple EQUAL/EVEN choices

Instant Results

YUEN Method® makes the more significant improvement – by deleting the old programming and the effects from ourselves and from other sources OUTSIDE us when necessary.. and it gives us a way to VERIFY OUR WORK MADE THE IMPROVEMENT (energy is strong).