Yuen Method® – Where do I Start?

Where Do I Start?Beginnings – What does strong and weak mean?

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So, you’ve heard about Yuen Method® and strong and weak, and watched some videos or maybe purchased the  Delete Stress and Pain – on the Spot book, now what?   You need to experience more immediately (notice I didn’t say “learn” – a slow process)

Feeling for strong or weak energy – a.k.a. energetic testing – are principles of YUEN Method®.

YUEN Method® style energetic testing is a proven way – to get accurate answers – and shift – in a split second.
It’s based on results.

Using energetic testing to feel for strong/weak is light-years ahead of outdated and glacially-slow methods such as pulse, arm or muscle testing.

Energetic testing is a key and important aspect of doing this work, and is often not explained fully.

Read my  “What is Strong/Weak Energy?
and “Energetic Testing” articles
and experience it in a fun and playful way,
then move onto the next section

Beginnings – Get neutral first

Another principle of YUEN Method® is a state called neutrality.   We devote an entire web site to neutrality – called “The Power of Neutrality®” – but you can learn the beginnings of how and why to get neutral here.

Neutrality is often assumed to be equivalent to the “non’s”
non-(attachment, judgment, duality)
but neutrality is none of those things.   Really.

When we’re neutral, we open ourselves up to experiencing all possibilities and outcomes – equally, instead of energizing our current story or non-changing state with our “focussed”, stuck energy.

So, to begin:

  • get to neutral by reading the following (the words in bold – but not the details):
  • focus on the midline / spinal core of your body for 1 second (like a flash photo, on, then off)
  1. Strengthen knowing
    Strengthen to neutral for <not knowing anything,  knowing everything> as even – and delete any blocks to “knowing”.  When we have no energetic weaknesses to knowing, there are no blocks to getting answers.   If knowing bothers us, we’re not neutral and there will be uncertain or unsure energy in our answers of strong / weak – and inhibit our feeling.  (See “When Knowing is Painful” on neutrality website)
  2. Strengthen anticipation
    Strengthen to neutral for  <positive outcome, negative outcome> as even – and delete any blocks to evenness.
    (See Anticipation Hesitation on The Power Of Neutrality® website)
  3. Strengthen the experience
    Strengthen to neutral for <words / descriptions / thoughts / experiences / new> …. and delete blocks or related effects to the old story.
    See “My Pain comes from Where?”.
  4. Strengthen all (N) aspects of perception – ( unnamed ) – to notice changes
  5. Strengthen other related aspects that block shifts
    Be neutral to perceiving changes in the future and to continue to perceive the changes
    (whatever they are) with no energetic blocks of:

    1. Aspirin effect (“wear off” / “doesn’t last” effect)
      …. or need to swallow something (to get better)
    2. T-r-e-a-t(ment) effect (neutral to <repeating/not repeating> and <waiting/not waiting>)
      The “T” word is all about waiting (to get better), needing someone else to get better.
    3. Disappear effect (neutral to sudden loss or unexpected changes.  Neutral to both)
    4. Sentiments or remorse effect (neutral to losing, moving on (from your story))
    5. Complete deletion – without sentiments, or the need of reminders, remnants
      (program no “undelete” in your biocomputer trash can – no “restore” button)
    6. Speed – energetic support for speed in noticing changes; shifting into the future
      (past -> future – skip the present, present=>stuck).    See “Are you Addicted to Slowness?”
    7. No struggle – no need to struggle or suffer to get better.
    8. Testingthe experience in <learning, teaching, as a student, school experiences, the school itself, classmates>
      .. of being tested or testing others.
    9. Ready – Be <ready – willing – able – deserving – committed> to shift without
      holding back, sentiments, regrets or self-sabotage to block changes.
      … or of needing to be “healed” by someone else.  See “The Healer Belief
    10. Accept/Acknowledge/Recognize – we can get answers this way without blocks and drop our (old) story that doesn’t serve us.
    11. Effortlessness – this new way of looking at energy / information – quickly – and getting the right answers.   It doesn’t take effort or belief or intention.   It’s part of our innate human potential to be able do this.

Beginnings – Find the weakness

Let’s begin with taking a particular thing in your life that bothers you – and find an (energetic) weakness.
(in Yuen Method®, we also call this “follow the weakness”)

  1. State the problem in one/two words – (like “stress”)
  2. Energetically check strong/weak of #1
    (most likely what you suggest won’t “go weak” – it will test “strong” = not the issue)
  3. Start Again; is it coming from:
    (whichever is weaker in the pairs or triads below, write down what “tests” or “goes” weak)

    1. Physical/Non-Physical
    2. Inside / Outside (of you or person)
    3. Body / Mind / Spirit (the 3 parts of who you are)
    4. Localized or Referred (origin where you sense it, or not where you sense it)
    5. Some other thing / story –  move on from the old story!
      If the energy is strong = no effect – that’s not what it is!
  4. Restate what you now know.
    (e.g.  let’s say if non-physical tests weaker than physical;  if outside you tests weaker than inside)

The new starting point is:
The issue is non-physical and is coming from outside of you
this is all we know at the moment – a good start

From what we now know, we can begin to read the real story in our energy instead of the old story we currently have from our logic or mind/thinking.   We speed up our ability to improve on-the-spot when we accept, acknowledge and recognize our old story is not the answer.

Beginnings – Neutral to outcome

In YUEN Method®, we don’t focus on any desired outcome or the symptom or story our logical mind thinks it is;  we strengthen every energetic weakness we find with our intuition – and, simply, notice what happens in the next moment.

Are you noticing a shift?

After we find a weakness and strengthen it, ask yourself
(or the other person);

“What are you noticing, now?
Is it the same as before, or different?

If it’s “same”, identify and delete energetic blocks to shifting

We may have energetic PERCEPTION blocks to perceiving changes that have already taken place.  These blocks can come from everywhere and everything.   Below, we list some of the most common places.

Test each (in bold)  for weakness and strengthen when you or someone else isn’t noticing a change.

  1. Pentagon effect – <ancestors – descendants – personalities – spirit attachments – collective (gender, cultural, etc)>
    Other elements:   <spouses – in-laws – siblings – 
    friends >
  2. Karma<direct – indirect – partial indirect>
  3. Coping  <suppress – deny – lie – shutdown – forget – numbing>
  4. Empathy or Concern Effect for others
    Strengthen to neutral – for:

    1. <being first/not being first> and <being last / not being last>
      “OK to be (improve) first.” (and not be a martyr);  “OK to leave the group behind”
      It’s a nice sentiment, but we can’t help others by taking on their pain (to have even suffering with them) or by holding onto our (pains) longer (to prove our worthiness by our suffering or staying within a group).   
  5. Having Answers
    Strengthen to neutral – for:

    1. <having answers / not having answers>
    2. Strong to having no “blanks” or “gaps” (to filling in missing answers)
    3. <having questions/not having questions>
      (always questioning your answers vs just experiencing in the moment)
  6. Having nothing or having everything
    Strengthen to neutral – for:

    1. Having (zero) symptoms (nothing)
    2. Having greater than 100% improvement (everything (and more)).
      We can achieve 2 million percent improvement; strengthen your energy to reach higher.

More to come

These are just some of the simple principles of the YUEN Method®  that allow anyone to quickly identify weakness and improve our lives.   When we develop our intuition, we can read & evaluate our energy and gain useful insights – getting to our truth.   When we find & strengthen our energetic weaknesses, we improve ourselves to achieve the wellness we’ve been striving for.

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