Got Intuition? – Just Stop Thinking

Intuition and Thinking

Our insight – which is the triad of <feeling – perception – intuition> leads us to the right answers for a particular situation – when we feel for the answer(s).

Our logical, conscious thinking doesn’t find answers – it can only posit the question, and continues to ask questions.

Google has a cache of many trillions of tidbits of information – and maybe one applies to your situation – most likely none do.

So much for sifting through the sand for the one nugget of truth …

Finding an answer logically is like
finding a needle in the haystack
.. with your eyes closed

Those trillion wrong answers just make a situation even more hopeless.    Some experts may proclaim “this is the right answer!(called consensus or more accurately herd “science”) – and it may be right – for one or two people for every 10,000.     Talk about blind luck.

Where are the Experts?

The “Lots of ‘Facts’ / No Results” Dilemma

Most people we label as experts are drawn to herd consensus by training and education.  Intelligent / educated people would argue they don’t use consensus as a measure of truth; but of course, they do – every day.   Even so, do those consensus “truths” lead to any immediate results, or just interesting “expert” academic discussion and debate?

Educated? Guesses
No thanks, I’d rather have a “jumbo shrimp”

It sounds better when a phrase is prefixed with “educated”.   But, by using only our thinking, our “educated guess” becomes just a blind, baseless assumption in most cases – with no direct experience of an immediate result.

Simply said, if a consensus of opinion or belief – was true in your situation … the answer(s) – the energy from the “truth” of those answers – would change you – on-the-spot.

Most often, no change is observed based on expert assumptions/opinions, yet many still hold to consensus as the best route to truth.

And, worse, the collective energy of those people believing in the untruths of consensus weaken everyone else.   So, often, we first need to disconnect from – and delete the effects of  – the “energy” of collective influences (thoughts, beliefs, expectations, anticipations) – just to get clear answers.

Intuition and Logic

Logic has its place.   But, to get accurate answers, intuition needs to be strong and even – 50/50 with your (mental) logic. 

There are some who are mostly logical (analytic) or mostly intuitive.   There’s nothing wrong with logic – but it’s best to have a balance and evenness between logic and intuition so there are no conflict in either direction.

We want our wellness to be the product of having no energetic weaknesses that indirectly or directly affect our well-being.

Common Energetic Blocks to Intuition

  1. Thinking Is King
    Many logical people believe thinking is the same perceiving.   They have to think about something first, before they perceive it – and that’s their energetic block.  Thinking doesn’t lead to perception, it blocks and sabotages or distorts our intuition & perception and mostly leads to more thinking.
  2. The Academic Experience
    A typical academic energetic block is when someone has to hear it from others and see if there is consensus (herd) – all before something can change or occur.
  3. The Learning Experience – the Need to Understand First
    Conventional learning uses the order of:   thinking /learning => understanding.  The energetic block becomes; only when things are understood can we then (have an) experience of something new or different.   The “understanding first” mentality means there is always some struggle with new experiences  YUEN Method® teaches us we all can experience immediate change – without any struggle.

Conventional Learning
Hear/Read => Think  => Believe => Internalize => Understand => Experience
– need to go through 5 steps to experience

 How intuition and YUEN Method® work

Feel => Experience …   => . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .What is there to understand?

The Intuitive Advantage

Intuition leads us to exact answers that apply directly to the situation at hand.   This means we don’t parrot “educated guesses” from “experts”, use (statistical) consensus, “rules of thumb” or answers from books, Google.

We accept – and are neutral with – simply starting from scratch every time – from a position of neutrality – assuming  – and knowing – nothing.

Our neutrality and intuition draw the right answers to us – when we use an open-ended question like: “where is it (the weakness)  coming from?

Then, simply connect with the intuitive answers – in the moment.     No thinking required.

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