The Answers in Our Energy


“You see,
it’s so simple – you missed it”
– Dr. Kam Yuen
Founder of Yuen Method®

Looking ONLY At Our Energy – For Answers

Many of us want to find the answers to alleviate symptoms, aches and pains in ourselves or in others we care about.

If we use our energy and intuition (vs logical thinking), our search can lead us to the truth – to surprising answers as to the reasons, causes or sources related to what is presented – (e.g. “my back hurts”).

Even with a common symptom, typically, the right answer(s) – and the story that improves us – is unique to the person. 
(i.e. no cookie-cutter – one-size-fits-all answers)

While conventional methods or physical manipulation often gives relief, we also want to look at other related elements – so the problem does not recur.    And, what we find is;  most physical symptoms also involve a residual energetic component  that needs to be addressed.

And, in many cases, this energetic component – that we need to identify and neutralize – is the more primary cause of the discomfort.

What is an “energetic component”? 

There are various ways to check energyintuitively – to detect and measure the significance of these energetic effects – that give us symptoms and affect our physical being.

Dr. Kam Yuen – founder of YUEN Method® – decades ago – revealed the most accurate, unique and non-contact method of measuring our subtle energy and how the energetic weaknesses we find could point us directly to answers that resolve our situation.

We need no “enlightened” gurus, spiritual practices, meditation – or special tools or gadgets to measure energy this way.   We all have this innate ability within us.

And, the answers we find – energetically – quite often – do not agree with our logical story, conditioned thinking or conventional knowledge.
But, and this is important – these “right answer(s)” – found in our energy – will still shift us.

A Weakened Energy Field – Creates Symptoms

It’s so simple.    Our energy is either strong or weak to any issue.

And, only things that deplete or weaken our energy field – direct us to the answer(s) to our symptoms… and that weakness is also imprinted in our energy.

That means, if the (“picking up the chair…” ) story we think was the cause of – e.g. “my back hurts”- doesn’t present a weakness in our energy – it’s not the right answer or the story / issue to focus on!

When we (logically) thinkbelieve – or insist – the untrue “pick up chair” (wrong answer) story – is the answer –  we keep our symptom.

So, it’s that simple.  Really.

When we can intuitively discern / check a story or assumption doesn’t weaken or affect our energy, and is not the real cause, we call this being “energetically strong” (or neutral) to it.

So, energetically strong means => move on (immediately) from our story – and look somewhere else!!

Change The Story – Change The Outcome

Why is knowing the energetic state (of a story or symptom) so important?

Because, the story we first present is often “energetically strong” – and not the real or right story or cause.   So, by checking the energy, we can quickly change our focus – “it’s not that(it’s strong – no weakness).

This simple realization/shift opens us up to new insights – “what else could it be?”  – to change the outcome.

when nothing changes
we need to find a new story
(and don’t forget to throw away your old one)

In this new “wellness on-the-spot” YUEN Method® world, we quickly and intuitively look only at the energy – and not the (presented) story.

And, if we’re neutral, and open, our insight and intuition will be drawn to – and will attract  to us – the real answer(s) for our issue(s) or situation…

Following the Weakness – Gets Results

So, the best and fastest way to wellness “on-the-spot”, is to – feel for – and follow – what’s energetically weak –  “the weakness” – what really affects us in our energy – and throw away everything else.

The answer – our unique story – is all we need to shift…

. . . and, the right answer is enough

The right answersthe real story – is enfolded in our energy.    And, it’s commonly the simple, overlooked answer – found by intuitively following and finding what truthfully weakens our energy – that gets results.

It’s not complicated.    It takes only a second.

So, can you spare a moment – to change?

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