So Simple You Missed It (Miss’s & Dis’s)

Swing and a miss

You’rrrrrre …. OUT!!!  (Companion Video:   So Simple You Missed It)
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Swing-and-a-miss.   And we’re not talking just about my high school baseball career here. (actually, my batting average was .310)

When we talk about not perceiving energy shifts  i.e. client says “it’s the same”
the top <reason/causes/sources>
… is the “misinterpretation hexagon” of
<same/not same …. different/not different …. changing/not changing>

In other words, the perception block comes from weaknesses somewhere in that hexagon..

(Miss)interpretation is the most common perception block.  But, it’s not just “misses” … we experience – that weaken our energy.
Another area that I’ve found in practice .. are what I’ll loosely term “the misses and the disses” – words prefixed with “mis-” or “dis-”

  • mis“;   “bad”, “failure (of)”
  • “dis;”   “not” or “opposite (of)” or “take away” (remove/deprive), lack of

It’s so simple, you missed it …
— Dr. Kam Yuen, D.C.

The “Misses”

“I Missed It” – Effects


We want to clear other misses effects, not just misinterpretation, for those that show up most commonly.

Here are the top “misses” (mistakes in general)….

Dr. Yuen used to call this the “life mishaps” hexagon.. that can cause us worry/concern/bother:

<misinterpretation – misinformation – mistaken identity – misfit – false tools – mind >

The “mistaken identity” element is the triad of <emotions – reactions – sensations> (used for allergies sometimes)

The “false tools”  (aka “coping mechanisms”) are the hexagon of:

           <suppress – deny – lie (to yourself) – numb – forget (practice forgetting) – shut down>

Dr. YUEN has a triad of “misses” we call “mistaken identity” (mis-identifying these three in some way)

< emotions – reactions – sensations >

Other Triads:

  • Anxiety triad:  <misinformation – mistakes we make – misled by others>
  • Fear triad is a common one..  <misinformation – misinterpretation – misrepresentation>

(Paraphrase) “We, as humans aren’t born with any fears;
If you simply delete misinformation and misinterpretation – you won’t be able to perceive any fear(s).”

      — Dr. Kam YUEN, D.C.

But there are other, less common misses
We can clear as a group (profile a number “N” + lasso  & delete the effect):

<misjudge – misdiagnose – mismanage – miscalculate – misled – misunderstand – miscommunicate – misdirect – misidentify – misrepresentation>

The “Disses”

The top 6 disses
Here are – what I call – the “disses” – closely related to the misses..

<disapproval – disappear – dislike – disappoint – discourage – disbelief>

The more complete “disses” list:

<disapproval – disobey – disagree – dislike – disrespect – disable – disallow – disappear –
disappoint – discourage – disbelief – discourage – dishonest – disgust – dis-ease – discontinue – disconnect>

We often need to clear these misses and disses elements from ourselves / and the collective + the cumulative effect of the past…  There is often a heavy psychic element (i.e. “outside us”) from these effects … that we need to disconnect (another “dis”) psychically from the herd (or get ourselves as neutral as possible to the herd effects)

Disconnect from herd (psychic energy)
Checking BOTH directions – it seems like others disconnecting FROM US can be weakest from a neutrality standpoint..    Let’s say, 10x more than other way around.    So, we have to allow that NEUTRAL possibility, so we don’t psychically try to ATTRACT ‘herd’ effects..  thinking we’re somehow balancing it out (so called “compensation weakness”)…  Get neutral and to the disconnect “effect” (or the un-resonate effect)

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