Is Our Something – About Nothing?

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One of the many speed-bumps for new people in Yuen Method®
… is understanding the importance of neutrality to zero in its many forms.

Terms like “zero/minus-infinity” and “poverty stricken mentality” are mentioned often as what to strengthen and get neutral to.

So, what does it mean to be “strong to” (neutral to) something we likely don’t want – like having nothing or poverty stricken?   How can that be desired?

Well, it’s not that the notion – or experience of – poverty stricken is desired …
… but it IS a neutrality extreme – and one possible experience of many – to get/be neutral to
… the other end of that extreme is infinity – or infinite abundance.

Opposites and Triggers

Let’s take a concrete example when a client brings a complaint about a “nothing” problem (no income, etc)

“not having /lacking”

When we test for (a) weakness using Energetic Testing, if poverty – or the idea of not having things (nothing) –  seems to “go weak”, it may not be what we first think.

In the life problems triad of <issues – triggers – choices>, we may assume it’s always an issue.

By focussing on everything as an issue,
we get/strengthen the wrong answer – and nothing changes

Just as likely, the weakness could be:

  • a trigger – to the opposite – abundance – and that extreme is what needs to be strengthened or
  • a choice (subconscious or non-conscious) – to avoid something worse
    (e.g. another weakness that creates a huge reaction we want to avoid or a karmic effect, etc)

In this case, if we intuit trigger “goes weak”, and the weakness is a trigger to the opposite (weak), don’t worry.   The opposite(s) – is just another weakness to strengthen and delete (the triggers & effects of).   When we numerically profile, we can find the effects could be infinite.

So, let’s say this example could be a “zero trigger => to opposite => abundance weakness”

Triggers, as we’ve written about many times before – are by definition a misdirection.

the zero weakness

Let’s look at variations of what poverty / zero could mean:

  • nothing, none (lacking, having “zero” of something/including symptoms)
  • less (than what you want)
  • less than (what other people have)
  • poverty (less, nothing) triggers the opposite, when you had everything
  • unevenness of the two extremes.
  • poverty is a penance (choice or karmic curse) for prior deeds (e.g. stealing)
  • late to the party – “out of stock”, “gone”, “missing”

Experience(s) of “zero” weakness may be:

  • in your spirit or in your ancestors (descendants, etc) 
    (i.e. ancestor physical experiences – that became spiritual when they passed)
  • in the (physical) environment where you live or
  • projected by someone else into the situation (external and/or collective influences weak)
  • something else entirely

let’s also not forget
the “grading” weakness

The less-common opposite of zero – the “grading” weakness (to 100%) can also have an influence on manifestation
(can’t get more than 100% (better)).

This grading/”Range Effect” is the 9th perception block in the Clearing Perception Blocks article.


If “zero” is a weakness (as either an issue, trigger or choice), it’s tempting to do the by-rote and “blow past” (the Yuen Method®) … delete … to zero/minus infinity … with a strengthening/deletion.   In my experience, about 1/4 (25%) of first timers have some issue with zero – or getting closer to zero… so no strengthening they do “sticks”…    We call that the “zero weakness/ zero bounce” effect.

Zero as we know, has significance in our lives – and the lives of others – so it can also have influences  (collective and our own) on weaknesses we have.

In Yuen Method®, “nothing” is a something we often need to intuit as a weakness, clear its many facets – and get neutral to.

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