Once Upon a Time…

storyThe Story

Do you – or someone you know – have a “once upon a time” story?

Or maybe there’s a familiar tale that you like to tell –  over and over..

“Once Upon a Time” pain stories are common.   And, we’re always sure of what caused the pain, aren’t we?

But, is the story we tell ourselves and others the real story or a fake or old story already resolved?

Change the story, Change the outcome

There’s a saying that goes something like:   “That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!”

When we have a tendency to hold to a story, there is usually one or more energetic weaknesses driving the behavior.

Change is difficult if we continually (consciously or unconsciously) reinforce / energize the fake story, or worse, let others energize our fake story – either by collective belief or through others being our “pity party” so-to-speak.

The “fake” (or old) story we believe
as still today’s truth
is the reason why we keep the “no change” state

Common Reasons For Holding On To A Story

Old stories always make logical sense – but the holding-on energy maintains – and continues to perpetuate and manifest – the “no change” state

3 common “holding on” energetic weaknesses

  • caught-in-deception weakness
    Aversion to changing a story could be a deception weakness that needs to be resolved.
    Choosing the less painful  –  the deception (lie) story we stick with  – vs – being caught in a deception
  • accusation weakness
    Being accused of deception is less likely if we stick to one story – even if our story is fake (wrong).
  • flip-flopping weakness
    Our energy (unevenly) supports avoidance, because changing a story or flip-flopping triggers pain.

The Old Story Isn’t The Issue (anymore)

With energetic testing, in one second, we can intuit we’ve long ago resolved (energy = strong) whatever the original story was.   When we use energetic testing as a tool to fact-check any story – we are just like newspaper fact-checkers from that bygone era.

And, we should give ourselves credit for what we strengthened – and resolved – perhaps decades ago, and not be hard on ourselves – “I was wrong!”.

Most likely we weren’t aware of tools like energetic testing – and discernment of strong/weak to get an answer …  but, we do know now, so we can make use of these tools going forward.

Movin’ On

Remember, if we identify the right story, it gets strengthened .. and something shifts or changes and we can move on.

“Sticking to a story”
that doesn’t change our situation
is the very definition of stuck 

A Neutral Choice – To Look Back or Move On

Of course, always present is the human tendency to look back.

But, when we follow where energetic weaknesses lead us, and strengthen them – and discount any fake or old stories, looking back over our shoulder into the past for answers isn’t necessary.

And, this new realization is not meant as a stubborn, suppressing, absolute rule – “DON’T EVER LOOK BACK!”

It’s just that – when we’ve resolved something  – we are in a neutral place.   So, we can choose to look back, with no effect – but why bother?     When we’re neutral, we have no sentiments, regrets or grudges holding us back from experiencing instant change – or a new reality or manifestation.

Moving on means we’ve simply passed a detour sign on the road of life – and made a neutral choice to acknowledge our “Once Upon a Time” story is a resolved and distant memory.

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