Karma – Part 2 – Outside Influences

Resolving Karma – The Sequel

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In the first article about karma, we went over the basics.

Karmic elements are often thought of as what WE did .. to others.   But, more commonly we get karmic influences and energy from other not me influences such as:

  • ancestral, descendants chain – i.e. negative experiences of others
    (can be
    this life, but more often other lifetimes energy we need to dissipate)
  • spirit attachments
  • our (multiple) personalities of “self” – or personalities influences of others
  • others karmic energy –  to us due to resonance / tuning fork effects, etc


Karmic Energy & Manifestation

When we speak of the energy on the “giving” end of a karma, we have to also discuss the converse – which is the receiving side of the karma … or in YUEN Method, the hexagon of “negative life experiences“.    The RECEIVING end is the unresolved negative experience.

Hexagon of Negative Life Experiences
< trauma – illness – limitation – fear/phobias – karma (of karma) – miasm>

Different Types of Negative Experience Energy

There’s a difference between karmic energy & negative experience energy.. but it ties in to the “hexagon” above.

  • karmic energy is perpetrator energy (you did it).
    (e.g. a victim is tethered into you through your / ancestor / descendent  “chain” actions against them)
  • simple negative energies are just “unresolved” events, thoughts, experiences.
    (e.g. we can have “victim” energy of a karma … which is – to you – a negative experience.  Deleting it, dissipates the karmic tether from perpetrator)
  • miasminherited effects/imprints (memories) that reside in our CNS and cells affecting us in the here and now.

Where is the Karma Coming From?

Other modalities tend focus too much on the me (“work on myself” first) experiences.

We, of course have our own (“me”) karmic acts done to others, but just mathematically, there are many more ancestors, descendants that could “pass along” karmic energy towards us – and we often need to deal with this larger (outside) effect energies- before we deal with our own karma.

Clear Larger Effects – First

This is where, with simple (%) numerical profiling, we can tell what percentage (5%, 10%) is from “us” and how much from outside us (ancestors, descendants, etc, etc), so we focus on deleting the major sources first – and in the right order (highest effect first to lowest).

When we don’t achieve immediate results or large shifts – clearing karmas, go back.   We often intuit/discern that, yes, we cleared 100% – but it’s 100% of the 5% that is “us” (ours), and left 95% (outside us) “on the table” so-to-speak.

The Role of Curses

Curses are just long unresolved karmas; they have an intensity to them that – let’s say – “normal” karmas don’t have.    Karmas that last through many generations (time) – intensify their energy – as it appears to those (ancestors, etc) people involved they may NEVER get resolved.

Spell – negative influence SEEMs positive “give everyone benefit of the doubt”

The Physical Environment – Feng Shui

Sometimes we can sense and absorb (especially with empaths) karmic energy – from an environment we visit – whether physically or not.

  • Basic Feng Shui triad in YUEN Method®:   < home – work – school >
  • Other Elements:  <visit – read about – experience – see (pics, videos) – think about >

Negative energies in an environment i.e. “place” – can act as a barrier.    We consider this part of Feng Shui but not in the western sense about it – which is more superficial related to “flow”, etc. of a space.   Flow is one element, but it’s not the primary one we find in energetic testing.

Though, if karmic or negative experience energy – of any type – involves “place/space/location“, we need to clear that space/place so it doesn’t infect (affect) us – or others.   We don’t do this with external props (sage), we just find the energy of an area “weak” and with a thought, we strengthen it – dissipating the energy (sort of “push it out”).. and move on… done.    There’s no fanfare in YUEN Method® with a simple clearing of a space/place/location.

Break / Bend The Tuning Fork

We can sometimes attract experiences through tuning fork effects in our energy field .. things that resonate with the negative or karmic energy.    That’s the best reason we have to clear negative experiences energy from ourselves, our ancestors, etc –  to a more neutral energy – and less “drama energy
so as not to <create – attract – perpetuate> more negative experiences of these manifestations in our life – or the lives of those around us.

By tamping out the “tuning fork” effects – of resonance – this doesn’t mean we’re promoting positivity to overcome the negatives, we simply DELETE the negative(s) as we find them, and “energize our neutrality” (evenness) with a true – “meh, I can take it or leave it” – neutral energy.  

Some would call this neutral state “we don’t care either way” – as if  – it’s only the extremes of positive and negative (duality) we equalize – with the SAME energy… But, really, we want neutrality (no bias/preference) of all manifestation/outcomes/states  <positive / negative / anywhere in between>.  Our energy is then supporting & encompassing the widest set of possibilities .. with even energy… to attract and absorb less karmic or negative experience energy around us – that can influence our lives.


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