The Energy of Spaces

Space Cadets Welcome

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We are energy beings – made of “matter” – well,  sometimes.

Really, we’re mostly empty space..  but humans believe everything in 3D is “solid” (full of “stuff/matter”)  vs empty.   So many negative connotations of empty (empty suit, empty tank, etc)

YouTube:  Space Cadets – The Energy of Spaces

Fear of empty spaces
Where does this come from?   Most of our physical existence is space.   If a nucleus of an atom is the size of a golf ball, how far away is the first electron?  (let’s put aside the electron superposition “cloud” for a moment)

Well, a quick check on the internet,  a few physicists – one Ph.D physicist from University of Southern California weighted in on this “matter”.   Ready?  The consensus is …  well there is no consensus.   (you’d think we’d KNOW this by now)

There are many estimates that hover around 2.5km – so, imagine an electron “sphere” of between 1.5 to 1.6 miles in diameter.

That’s a LOT of space to ponder.  This is why it’s important to clear the energy of spaces – too;  not just physical matter (where we think our pains come from)

Space, the Final Frontier

So, to insult someone, we say a man/woman is “full of s$#!”.
To complement someone (the inverse), I guess we’d say “full of space?“; so calling someone “spacey” is a compliment, I guess.

It brings a whole new meaning to “space cadet”.

2 people at a bar (c’mon, it’s only a bar joke)
 “I like my space”
Person2:  “I like your space too

Back to YUEN Method
Much of our clearing on the physical can encompass the atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs, systems, structure, etc.  We often forget information energy & memories are held – not only in the “matter” but also in the (larger) spaces between.

There is energy (and memory) held in spaces, so remember to clear spaces (use a “barcode” term if it’s convenient) at the same time we clear what we believe are “matter” related things on the physical level.

This is how we clear Feng Shui at the macro level (as above, so below) to the micro level.

The Feng-Shui of Spaces

Dr. Yuen sometimes mentions Feng-Shui in the context of clearing the triad of <home – work – school > and I add < visited – >

We have feng-shui in the macro level in our living spaces.   We also have feng-shui on the INNER spaces too.

So, remember, in your clearings –  to be a “Space Cadet” and clear the spaces too… where 99%+ of what is “us” – exist …

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