How Do I Discern Strong and Weak? … Use Energetic Testing

(Remote) Energetic Testing

…. is a SIMPLE, accurate way to isolate what is really going on in the moment regarding the root reasons, causes and sources of our symptoms or reactions.    We perform this testing at any distance (remote), “internet’ing” to the other person without “wires”.

Companion video:  What is Strong / Weak Energy 
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See “What IS Strong/Weak Energy?” for definitions of strong/weak – the basic pair of  energetic answers – we feel for – using energetic testing.


Testing for energetic “state” – in the YUEN Method® way – is especially useful in locating root causes or in neutrality work or used in combination with other energy work methods.

Energy States and Effects

In YUEN Method®, our view of energy is SIMPLE.  Our energy is either STRONG or WEAK for any issue.   We’re either neutral (strong/full), or not (weak) to any particular situation, experience, thought or event.

Strong = Neutral
When we mention something is STRONG, it’s the same as saying “strongly neutral” or strong AND neutral.   The neutral energetic state is a strong and even energy state.   Strong is the same as:   “Nothing to do”, “Move on”

Weak = Answer (or In Direction of Answer(s))
In YUEN Method®, we always look for things that “test weak”/”go weak”  – as an indicator we have the answer – or we’re moving IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION of the answer(s).  When some issue, trigger or event/situation – or even information –  weakens or lowers our overall energy state, that imprint is left in our energy .. and we lose some of that (strong) neutral energy – and therefore our overall wellbeing.

And, in this busy, modern world, sometimes we’re aware of this shift from neutral, sometimes not.    When we don’t notice this weakened energy state, we can live with it for awhile.   Eventually, the weak energy “effect” accumulates over time, resonates (amplifies)with energies from others (the “collective”) – and can attract and manifest a particular symptom.   When it pops into our awareness –  our body says “ouch!”.

We can utilize this testing of energy for things that just bother us mentally (to help get “neutral”) or for anything affecting us in our total (human) being <body – mind – spirit> such as symptoms, pains, etc.

Our Energy State

Since, in YUEN Method® there are really only 2 (binary) energy states – 1 or 0 – we can look very comprehensively and quickly at any issue.

This simple strong/weak method of energetic testing was first revealed by Dr. Kam Yuen, founder of YUEN Method®, and is the best, most precise and reliable way to check energy and avoid making assumptions.    Dr. Yuen’s “immediate results” based method and the simplicity in treating humans as intelligent “bio-computers” (either strong or weak to any issue) is the basis of this work. 

Conventional western methods – and even most all alternative methods  – still don’t have a good understanding of this simple energetic technique.   (i.e. our bio-computer being on/off to any issue / reading energy in ourselves or others “at-any-distance”, etc., without contact or conversation).    They may catch up some day.

In the meantime, see how easy it is for yourself.

In Yuen parlance,
the lower energy or ‘unevenness’
compared to a strong, neutral energy
is called “a (or the) weakness”

Sensing Energy – Let’s Keep It Simple

All of us are already neutral – or “energetically strong” –  to dozens and dozens of things.    We may not know this intuitively, we just know “I don’t usually react in this situation” – i.e. “that situation doesn’t bother me.”

Examples of being “pretty neutral” are:
When someone is honking a car horn nearby, or while waiting in a long line, etc. we don’t get shaken or annoyed by these (common) events.

To get to the neutral/strong energy state, we simply need to:

  1. Sense when we are not in a strong & neutral energy state
  2. Identify what the real cause is  (called “finding a weakness”)
  3. Strengthen our energy from that weaker energy state – to the neutral/strong energy state

There is no judgment, assumptions or analysis to strengthen a weakness – and get back to neutral.   We simply strengthen what we find that weakens us, so the energy across all possibilities is even & neutral.   No need for research papers, double blind studies, discussion or debate.

The energy shifts from weak => strong(er) immediately – done.   The only  question should be:  “What are you noticing, now?”

Checking strong/weak energy states

Most of us can sense when our energy “dips” if we silence our thinking long enough (i.e.  STOP THINKING) to take awareness of what is happening in our energy field or our body.

Energetic testing of strong/weak is the simplest and most revolutionary way to determine what really affects us.    When you learn to process information in this way, it literally changes the way you perceive the world around you.     And everyone can do it.

Here are the simple steps:

1)  Find your “spot”

Think about a time when someone came into the room you didn’t like and you had a reaction to it.   Where did you sense an energy change in your body?   In your throat, chest, belly, forehead?

OK, wherever it is, that’s your “spot” – where you feel this indicator, or energy dip (weakness).   It doesn’t have to be a large dip, it can be subtle.   You can now put your awareness there for energy changes/shifts – in that “spot” – going forward.

2) Test something to feel that dip – that weak energy state again


a) Say “my name is Brontosaurus”

Feel the energy of your “spot” when you focus on the word “Brontosaurus” FOR ONE SECOND.   Is it a full/strong/neutral feeling or weak (dip in energy)?
(should feel a slight dip in energy at your “spot” – that’s the sensing of a weakness)

b) Think about walking backwards.

Feel the energy of your “spot”.    Strong or weak?
(should feel a dip in energy)

c) Count up to your age, the answer (dip or indicator) should “go weak”

Let’s say your 35 years old.  Start counting by 10’s fairly quickly:    10 (strong),20 (strong), 30 (strong) … then 1,2,3,4,5 (weak)
OK, you KNEW that answer, but you get the idea.

d) test your central core (midline/spinal core) percentage.

Count up from 0 to 100 by 10’s.   See which number “goes weak” (as an indicator of the answer)..  10,20,30,40 (weak).  
That mean your central core is 40% of what it could be.  Put a 1 second thought (on, then off) on your midline to strengthen it.
Make it eye-blink (quick).  Now check it again 10,20,30,40,50,60,70 (weak).  It should be higher than before.

e) Test SOMEONE ELSE’S midline.
Choose a random person standing in line at the Starbucks,
someone you don’t know, so it doesn’t matter.
(and no, you don’t need permission.  You don’t need permission to look at someone or notice their black jacket, do you?  You’re just noticing the energy – you’re not trying to change anything).   A more advanced and even MORE random way would be to group everyone at the Starbucks for “average central core %”.  That way, you’re not focussing on just ONE person.

Some of these tests combine strong/weak with numerical elements (aka The Power of Numerical Profiling – which is a very powerful way to use strong/weak)

So, note that when you feel for a weakened energy indicator,
it is not a TRUE/FALSE check,
it is a NEUTRAL(strong)/WEAK energy check…
“weak” indicates an answer

It’s that simple.    That’s really all there is to energetic testing.

Sorry, no fancy 10 step program.  No ancients texts to read and remember.  No need to burn incense.  No need to meditate or be in a quiet place.  No years of study with a guru.   No secret to the secret.   That’s it.      Thank you Dr. Kam Yuen for revealing energetic testing decades ago.

When The Energy Feels Strong

Some of the examples above may not work for you if you’re already neutral to

  • people you don’t like coming into a room or
  • being named “Brontosaurus” or
  • walking backwards

Nothing’s wrong.  You feel fullness and strength simply because you’re already neutral to those things. That’s a good thing.     Just find something else to test with – make it a game.    Eventually, your stronger intuition connects the answers to you, so you don’t have to mentally search for things to test.

Comparing Two Things

Another more common way of discerning weakness is instead of just looking for a “word” or phrase “going weak”, we could use a comparison of two or three things – to see which ONE is the weakest of the 2 (or 3).  A good example is intuiting … a symptom and feeling if it’s (mostly) physical or non-physical.    Which one is weak(er)?

The Need for Speed

Speed is important.   Let’s say we’re looking at something with the shoulder.   The idea is; when you posit the thought or word “shoulder” (or whatever), get your mind out of the situation IMMEDIATELY, so you can just feel strong/weak in your “spot” in ONE SECOND.    We want to be neutral – with NO expectation, anticipating of a particular outcome or “hanging on” (for seconds) or hesitating – waiting to feel the energy dip.

Just accept the energy of the answer (full/dip or strong/weak) in a neutral way – in one second – and MOVE ON – quickly – with the answer you get.
Moving on is especially important when the energy is full/strong; we want to throw out – immediately – any “strong” response as “not the issue”.

We could use the “comparison of 2 things” type of test, which just means instead of just FEELING “shoulder” is strong, you can make a list of TWO THINGS…
(a) “shoulder” and (b) “something else (besides shoulder)”.    If (b) “goes weak” in the comparison of (a) & (b), it’s the same as (a) being strong testing alone to say “(a) is not the answer, it’s already strong”.

Do you get the idea?

Energetic Testing vs Muscle Testing

For best results and accuracy, use your own “spot” for testing strong/weak energy.   Many practitioners use muscle testing to check for strong / weak.    They could use their own fingers (called finger test) or an arm test of the client (when a client is in their presence).

While muscle testing methods are useful for demonstration, we suggest you not grow dependent on them. Accurate muscle testing relies on the client being neutral to being questioned ( interrogation )needing permission or even being touched – all issues brought up with muscle testing.

If the client’s energy is weak to any of these elements above (and a few more not mentioned), their body (muscle test) will respond with the opposite (wrong) answer to strong/weak.   In this non-neutral state, the strong/weak answers will be opposite or wrong – and most likely the final outcome will be “no change”.  

We recommend energetic testing without
using physical touch (muscle testing)

as the most accurate way to get answers.

It’s no surprise that the neutrality of the practitioner can also affect answers, either directly in themselves or through projection into the client.

For example, if a practitioner isn’t neutral to testing or touching others, they may get inaccurate results with muscle testing.   These states can be changed by getting neutral to these situations…  Ideally, by becoming better at remote energetic testing, we become more open to working with others on the phone, computer or in other parts of the world.

Final Thoughts

The goal of energetic testing is get strong/weak answer.    We only follow and acknowledge (as issues) things where the energy “goes weak”.    And, you sense this weakness by finding the specific area on your body (your “spot”) where you feel this “dip”.   By knowing your “spot”, and using it to discern the difference between strong/weak energy states, you now possess a useful tool that can be used for anything  to figure out what’s really going on.

There is no assumption or judgment in energetic testing of strong / weak.    If whatever you’re thinking about doesn’t  “feel” energetically weak – (doesn’t weaken your energy), then whatever you thought isn’t the problem.   Move on.

Only energetic weaknesses affect us.

Congratulations.   Using energetic testing puts you on the path to knowing more about your own energy and neutrality than anyone else could ever teach you.

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