Oh Sh!%, It’s ME! (“Healer” Effects)

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Ever have that sinking feeling in a Yuen Method or Neutrality session?

Client says ‘no change‘?   Perception block(s) not clearing? .

We’re ALMOST down to the last tool .. in our “energetic” swiss army knife …
 could it beME?Arrrrrghhh!!!!

What happens when it’s YOUR influence affecting the situation and you MISS it?


If you experience this early on, good for you – if you haven’t, then clearly you haven’t done enough of this work.

Commonly, our influence effect – as practitioners – is most likely to occur working with family members or someone connected to us in another time/space… (through karmic attraction).    This karmic attraction may not seem direct – at first – easily missed.

An often surprising element of connecting in sessions with someone’s energy (and stories) –  is  –  sometimes seeing if WE are in their “soup” –  and by how much, and when.

It could be embarrassing or surprising – but, to me, it’s a fist-pump moment when we get to that state of knowing the energetic effects we have on others.

This is no time from frustration
just humor & humility, “ooooh, sh$!, it’s me!!”

“Me” effects
Remember to check if – YOU are – the weakness; the “me” effects can come up anywhere in the session – depending on resonance, perhaps some story/experience you’re “energetically” blind to (because you’ve not yet cleared it in YOUR own energy)

A new practitioner may have their own time weakness – or weakness to “4”.   Harboring that energy, they unknowingly, and unconsciously PROJECT IT OUT – energizing an “aspirin effect” (wears off) trigger .. in their client(s).

4 days later, the symptoms come back.

We want to find these weaknesses in our energy – early – and clear them.   A neutral practitioner – even a new, inexperienced one -can stay patient with their insights – and will realize something is “off” … and not just forge ahead making assumptions… etc
“what’s wrong with the client’s energy?”.

Me, Me, Me

So, add “me” to the life influences pentagon (hexagon) – when it comes up…
< ancestors –  descendants – spirit attachments – personalities – collective –  and……. MEEEE?!#

Even with experienced practitioners, 1/4 of your clients will trigger some “me” experiences / influences.    It can be tilted as high as (60/40) towards US… (karmic) vs towards others… depending on the situation.

When we find and clear “me” effects, we actually help the client and ourselves (too).  Our insight grows wider (and we can now improve these folks we couldn’t in the past … when we had our “me” energetic “blinders” on)

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