Perception – Clearing 19 Common Blocks


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This article describes the basic elements of perception – and what to look for and strengthen – when a client or person doesn’t perceive a shift.  (i.e. “It’s the same”)

Some people – their energy is such they simply won’t immediately PERCEIVE when energy shifts – and we need to intuit and KNOW when this is the case – so we can remove the (energetic) blocks keeping the person from noticing.

Dr. Yuen’s definition of perception in Yuen Method® is “fast feeling” of strong/weak energy – and one element of the INSIGHT TRIAD of <perception – intuition – feeling>.

Perception – in the more general sense – also refers to – perceivingand being consciously aware of –  when our energy  changes or shifts.   (“wow, I felt a difference, my back doesn’t hurt anymore”)

This awareness of an energy shift – comes from having all elements of the AWARENESS TRIAD is <non-conscious – conscious – subconscious> – strong to go with our strong perception – with no energetic blocks.

YouTube:  16 Common Perception Blocks (2 more #17 & 18)

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This article is divided into 2 main sections.

  1. section 1 describes all the elements of perception at a high level.
  2. section 2 has examples/more detail for each element in (1)

Beginnings – When We (or Clients) don’t perceive energy shifts

After strengthening an energetic weakness (or weaknesses) , some clients perceive an immediate shift; others have energetic weaknesses – to one or more facets of perception – that must be detected and addressed/cleared before they too can perceive a change or shift.

Trust the energetic test – if the energy tests strong for what we just did – and don’t assume something was “missed” or we failed in some way – just because the person doesn’t perceive an immediate shift.    

No perceived change/shift just means before going further, we take a short detour to address perception and awareness, until the person notices or acknowledges at least some (or a complete) shift.

For perception to be 100%, 100% of the time, the person must be neutral and energetically strong with (aka “have energetic support for”) all the elements of perception.

Beginnings – Checking Perception

When someone says “it’s the same” or “no change“, and we know and can sense the energy has shifted and been strengthened (strong), we need to look at perception.

It’s not complicated;  we just use one word – “perception (strong or weak?)

Quickly test;  Is it from inside or outside the person?   Which is weaker?
Often, the energetic block may come from outside the person – even from you –  we make no assumptions . . .

If we feel energetic weakness in “perception” (i.e. the word perception “goes weak” as we think/say it), then we follow that weakness and look at elements of perception that are blocking the person.

With elements of perception or anything else in YUEN Method®, we stay GENERAL at first and only get SPECIFIC when the general strengthening doesn’t clear a symptom or state.

So, to start GENERAL – say or think the following:

  • Strengthen  “all facets of perception that are weak” generally – without naming themto 100% with infinite potential, and anything blocking this – delete down to 0/minus infinity

Now, check again with the person (or with yourself)… “is it the same or different?”
If there is no significant shift, we may need to get more specific using the elements of perception list below.

Beginnings – The Many Facets of Perception

Below is a list of perception elements Dr. Yuen, D.C. has mentioned over the years.  Dr. Yuen has often said (paraphrase) “there’s a lot to getting perception right”.   Perception blocks can be related to individual or combinations of the following elements:

1.  MISINTERPRETATION (very common in first-time clients)

  1. Strengthen any weaknesses or struggle in the “opposing opposites” (misinterpretation) octagon for perceiving what is:
                <the same/not the same |  different/not different. |  changing/not changing |  perceiving/not perceiving>
  2. Strengthen neutrality in perceiving the changes and being neutral to => (having) perception/no perception
  3. Strengthen neutrality and delete any negative emotions, sensations, experiences (struggling, suffering, hurting, fighting) associated with your perception.


If “change” (aka misinterpretation)  is energetically weak, we may need to go one level deeper to clear at a more basic level than “misinterpretation”.    We call this deeper/more basic level – the DISCERNMENT hexagon.

a)  Strengthen any weaknesses or struggle and get neutral with:

< rejecting / not rejecting –  comparing / not comparing –  accepting /not accepting >

b) Make discernment a pentagon or hexagon, we could add <right – wrong> or neutral
(and, of course their opposites)

<compare – accept – reject – right – wrong – neutral>

c) Strengthen / remove any <judgment – criticism – blaming> related to DISCERNMENT


3.  TIME ELEMENT (common block)

  1. Strengthen any weakness in time factors related to speed.
           (NEVER (forever), eons, centuries, decades, years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes…..this moment)

    If “time” tests weak, go through the time list and ask the opened ended question “what element?  days, weeks, months, etc”

    Remember, there could be more than one “time” weakness

(common – judgment factors –  related to judgment, criticism or blame).

  1. Strengthen neutrality to others’ perception (influence)
  2. Strengthen previous perception (weaker & incomplete => strong & complete)
  3. Strengthen neutrality to how others perceive each other
  4. Strengthen neutrality to how we perceive ourselves
  5. Strengthen neutrality to how we perceive others
  6. Strengthen ancestors/collective limitations on our perception/intuition (“you can’t do this”)
  7. Strengthen neutrality to how other’s perceive us (not neutral can attract, perpetuate problem)
  8. Strengthen energetic support to keep & perceive the shifts <100%, 100% of the time, and infinite time>

5.  CONSCIOUS AWARENESS OF SHIFT (other opposites neutrality blocks)

  1. Strengthen & clear weakness to “holding on” to symptom
    (i.e. neutral to: go away, disappear, improve, get better, losing, normal, stable, over, forever, etc)


  1. Improvement triggers intensified symptoms. (can include other “opposites”)

When symptoms intensify, we must still stay neutral and not panic.   Check & strengthen reverse perception quickly and any time elements  (See #3 Time Elements) down to ‘this moment’ 

The simplest explanation of this is “the person has blocks (feels bad, doesn’t feel deserving) about getting better”.


Self-sabotage can weaken the person energy/neutrality to perceiving changes.

Self-sabotage is the shortened PENTAGON of: (NOT) <ready – willing – able – deserving – committed>



Complete perception means noticing shifts with no reversals.


Energetic weakness to 0 or 100%; the person stays in that (grading) range instead of infinite potential (>100%) or deleting to 0/minus infinity (clearing).


Some have energetic weakness in combining or mixing up thinking with perception and other elements.    In these cases, we need to identify and separate the elements that are combining or mixing – so a clear, separate and strong perception (of an answer or change) can occur.


Some with perfectionist tendencies might shift generally, but not perceive change due to “the need to be specific” about the reasons/causes/sources of their life problems.


Mind/Spirit memories are imprinted into physical area – and this affects perception of change.   There are often “Personal Profile” effects (who we / others think we are)  – that need to be cleared – that prevent us from perceiving shifts.


Having the need for internal pre-conditions may block or distort perception;   These THREE ELEMENTS are all SELF-LIMITING patterns that have the common element of a long waiting period… before allowing change to be perceived.


Sometimes, same/not same, different, not different, changing, not changing can be blocked by karmic effects from ancestors, etc.   This is often more that just distorted perception, and it completely blocks any conscious awareness of shift.

15.  TRUTH 

Our lack of neutrality to truth (true/not true, false/not false) can block perception.   We need to be strong to the “truth neutrality” pentagon

   <searching – finding.- knowing – believing – accepting>


Our experiences and triggers related opposites are often huge blocks to accepting a truth and shifting.   We thought it was this, but the real issue is the OPPOSITE.

Common elements – when something is the opposite of what we:

<thought – believed – expected – imagined – were told/taught/learned/read – experienced >


We – or our clients – can have weakness to experiences related to COMBINATIONS of 2,3,4 (any number of elements)… whereas each element in a particular list of items won’t “go weak” individually.


Perfectionists  (practitioner or client) – all-or-nothing energy can be projected into the situation – no improvement unless it’s TOTAL.  We, as practitioners and also clients – have to be neutral / satisfied with incremental improvement.

Being/becoming neutral (to the concept of “some”, “partial”, “a little”)
… supplies the energy to perceive (the) incremental improvement.

19.  Decade weakness (related to 3 Time Element somewhat)

Decade weakness can manifest at the boundaries of certain decades..
So, this often occurs “out of the blue” – over time.   We can have one or more decade weaknesses in our energy



Misinterpretation Octagon – a.k.a “Opposing Opposites”

<Same/not the same – different/not different – changing/not changing –  perception/no perception>

It could be spiritual experiences (ours or ancestors or collective, etc) that block the person perceiving the shift.   This could have a high cumulative effect against perceiving a shift that has already taken place.

Judgment: (Different) Being different (stick out)… might be punished/killed for it.
Beliefs: (Change) “Change is difficult”, “Change is dangerous”, “Change is bad”, “Changing the past to improve the future isn’t possible”,  “can’t change the future”
Safety/Concern: (Not the same) Not the same (“routine”) is uncomfortable, frightening, seems unsafe.
Awareness:     (Having) Perception strong and knowing you have it.

These MISINTERPRETATION – or “opposing opposites” elements are neutralities or things to get neutral to.  Some people are energetically weak to just one side – or for some – both sides – of these neutrality extremes.

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Perception/No perception – Neutrality to perceiving the change

Perceive or noticing a change should not trigger
           <judgment, critique, rigid thinking> or any negative aspect, experience or thoughts that could weaken us.

Typical client phrases feedback:

  • judgment: “it’s a little better”, “I’m not sure”, “I can’t tell”
    • little –  person could be accustomed to not “having it all”, not “taking it all”  (accepting all/100%)
      (they have a altruistic or 
      martyr complex of sorts, “I can’t take a little of the strengthening for myself – give the rest to someone else”  first)
    • sure – never sure of anything, can’t accept any answer.
    • (can’t) tell – bothers them if they could tell, could know;  knowing (the truth/answer) experiences are mostly negative
  • certainty:   “(I) don’t know” (may be weak to “know”).    Related somewhat to “(1) Opposing Opposites”

What to strengthen or clear to neutral

  1. judgment/criticism aspects (theirs, yours or from others).
  2. knowing (the truth)
  3. certainty (of cumulative past negative experiences).

These 3 (and others) can be a tremendous energetic weaknesses to perceiving shifts.


We need to be energetically strong & neutral with comparing; and rejecting (the non-answers or things that are strong) and accepting (the weakness) – what’s left – as the answer.   This more basic and subtle element of perception is called discernment

< rejecting / not rejecting –  comparing / not comparing –  accepting /not accepting >

If rejecting (or accepting) bothers us, we will be blocked at comparinga basic element required to find a weakness.   Comparing precedes the accepting (of the answer) and rejecting (of anything not the answer).

These 3 pairs of opposites – the hexagon of discernment – can block answers from coming to us – even if we have no energetic weakness to misinterpretation, etc.

Also, insights working with discernment can lead us a layer deeper into other “energetically weak” areas such as the criticism triad of: 

<Judgement – Criticism – Blaming>

Judging or criticizing or blaming – for some people – can be a weakness underlying in the discernment hexagon.


Time Factor “Now!”

“Subconscious mind programming for time expectations is often far more negative than that of the conscious mind….. energetically bring the subconscious belief … down to right now, this minute. The conscious and subconscious minds are now congruent and working as a team.” (2002 article by Dr. Kam Yuen)

The block could be:

  • a specific belief “healing takes time” (2 weeks, 2 months) or
  • the concept of “immediate” or “fast” triggers “sloppy” or “rushing” (negative) experiences
    … or beliefs that create a limitation/block.

Numerically profile (if needed to be specific) to determine weakness. “this person will notice the shift in days,  months, years (weak);  how many (1,2,3,4 – weak) – 4 years”) – strengthen.

Even if time is strengthened, sometimes the person’s processing of “now” is slow…  so we may need to acknowledge to them …
“OK, you’re still processing…” – like the (busy) spinning icon on Windows or Macintosh

Some effects of perception speed can come from OUTSIDE us.   There could be friction around others being FASTER THAN YOU..  such as negative experiences (being dragged along against your will – for example).
… and that resistance can block your perception or your ability to perceive changes quickly.


There are many ways our own judgment or the influence from the judgment of others – can distort our own perception.   Practitioners can also influence clients in this way – if we’re not neutral to the elements listed below.

a)  Others’ perception influence
We may be psychically influenced by others’ interpretation over our own and that can energetically weaken perception.

b)  Our previous (weaker) ability to perceive (i.e. have strong intuition)
Being “great” at something suddenly – where no or little skill existed before – can weaken. For example, this could trigger “success” weakness or attracting people (weak) you don’t want to attract. (Hundreds of clients, etc)

c) how others’ perceive each other
When there is judgment and it weakens clients. The client might be blocked because they don’t want to improve (martyr complex, etc) when others haven’t yet (“I want to be last”, “don’t want to be better than someone else”)

d) how we perceive ourselves
The person may have experiences that something negative happened related to change or being different.   Needing to stubbornly hang on to an old story or sentiment, imprint or image of ourselves can be a huge energetic block.

e) how we perceive others 
The client or the practitioner might harbor judgment or beliefs that block perception (can happen when you work with someone close – like family members, spouse).

f) ancestors/collective influences limitations effect on us
Ancestors or collective influences limiting our perception “you can’t do this because we couldn’t!” Strengthen ancestor or collective influences, then delete effects to 0/minus infinity.

g) how others perceive us
If we change and lose our acne (for instance), others might say “hey, you’re beautiful” and that might weaken us (trigger) because we feel we might be enslaved… (ex: may trigger “being enslaved” spiritual experiences in past lives). That’s a block to resolution..

h) 100% perception/awareness, 100% of the time
People shift back because their energy they might be 100% supporting the shift, but only 2% of the time.

Make sure they’re strong to to the triad of <100%, 100% of the time & infinite time> (related to item “10”) – “infinite time” (a new concept in 2014) as part of the time awareness.

Blocks that came up in one group:

a) Ancestors – “future always uncertain” thought/experience. (uncertainly then, but that’s not the case now)
b) Prophets – Put limitation on everyone except themselves. “only I can have insight” – have to listen to them.
c) From inside us. “100% is all there is” (no notion of infinite potential or 100%/100% of the time).
d) “Miracle” (i.e. once in a while) effect.
e) From outside us. Gender inequality – block caused by unevenness and intuition of women vs logic in men.


A person could have a “Holding on”, ”Go Away” or “disappear” weakness

“There are some good things in your life, if they disappear, it would bother you. That’s why it’s hard for you to change for the better… You’re struggling with “things go away” in your life. That’s why you have a hard time – even BAD things don’t go away.  Because your non-conscious self cannot judge what is good or bad, so across-the- board, it won’t let anything go away
– Dr. Kam Yuen (2010 Science & Consciousness DVD)

We must be NEUTRAL to anything going away or disappearing – even the so-called “good” things.    This is a very typical energetic block.    Some are weak to losing (things, people) – so they hold on.   Having a “losing” weakness becomes a block to losing their symptoms.

Losing can also trigger sentimental sadness and grief of losing (people, everything, etc).

If losing comes up weak, sentimental sadness/grief might be weak and need to be deleted from their mind, spirit, body to perceive a shift. There are many shades of “holding on”. LISTEN TO A PERSON’S WORDS carefully when they give you feedback for the neutralities to clear for “holding on”.

“it hasn’t gone away” or “I’ve had this forever” or  “didn’t see an improvement”

Common “holding on” neutralities
(go away, disappear, improve, get better, losing, normal, stable, over, forever, having, lacking, stuck, etc)

Get Neutral/clear to neutral to the extremes of the opposing elements:

  • go away forever/ never go away
  • improve/never improve
  • get worse/not get worse
  • disappear/not disappear
  • remember/never remember
  • forget/never forget
  • reminder/no reminder, etc., etc

Also the person could have “no improvement” experiences/thinking of theirs or others (or ancestors, etc) of:

  • no improvement (“things never get better” or “things only get worse”)
  • improvement didn’t last long. (“good things don’t last”.. i.e. when’s that shoe gonna drop?)
  • improved, then got MUCH worse (“bad things always happen after good things”, “my luck will run out”)

DELETE all those “no improvement” experiences (and from cumulative effect of theirs, ancestors or others) and negative (or positive) expectation or anticipation (in the future).  This isn’t a neutrality, it’s a deletion.


“Reverse perception” is what occurs when someone’s symptoms suddenly intensify after an energetic strengthening.   The concept is; “when things get better, it triggers the opposite – symptoms get worse”. Another way of saying it is “the person feels bad about getting better”.

Unlike other perception facets, the person is aware something is changing with reverse perception, but the reaction (trigger) makes it worse by triggering the opposite. “Opposites” as a general weakness can intensify symptoms.


The person must be <ready, willing, able, deserving, committed> to getting better and perceiving the change.   Judgment often comes up when elements of self-sabotage are weak (i.e. “I’m not ready to get better”, ” I don’t deserve to get better”)

Historically, the self-sabotage pentagon used to go hand-in-hand with the “time” element (#2). There were additional elements
(see it, believe it, expect it, imagine it, imagination to reality, etc) found in the older YUEN Method® flowcharts.


Incomplete Perception.

Strengthen “INSUFFICIENT HEXAGON” in a general sense

(a) A person might want to hold on to a little bit (as a memory because they have a remember or reminder energetic weakness).   One or more of these words could show energetic weakness.   As always, strengthen the “INSUFFICIENT PENTAGON” – generally – (i.e at the general level) first and see if there is a shift before getting specific.

(b) We want our / our clients to have COMPLETE perception;  to be <100% – 100% of the time – + infinite time >.

If INCOMPLETE perception comes up, strengthen and delete the effects of – anything – <creating / attracting / perpetuating> aka “energizing” –  having only partial perception (e.g. 100% for 5 minutes, then it rolls back)


A person can oscillate somewhere between 0 and 100% because:

a) painful to get to – or below 0 (0 bank account (debt), 0 possessions, 0=I’m nothing, poverty-stricken mentality, etc.)
b) >100% weakness:

(1) Belief: 100% means better than anyone => may weaken us
(2) Beliefs about > 100%
(3) maintain 100% is not possible
(4) Belief:  100% is all there is – can’t get higher  – i.e. poverty stricken mentality (same for “0”)

Range effects can also trigger collective, personal or ancestor/descendant learning experience weakness related to grading
a) getting bad grades (improvement will always range in middle between 0-100)
b) giving bad grades (as a teacher)


Many highly logical thinkers can’t perceive anything until they think about it first.

So, they think, think, think about something – and wait / wonder when they’re going to perceive anything.    The think first, then perceive” belief can become a huge energetic block to perceiving any shift.

Many “thinkers” can’t shut off or let go of their thinking – ever – to intuitively feel for strong/weak – or notice something has shifted.

Also, logic / intuition needs to be even – at 50/50 ratio.    Many thinkers have this ratio closer to 100%/0%.

a)  First, strengthen logic/intuition to be 50/50.

b)  Second,  check and strengthen an weaknesses in the separation of (in both directions):

  1. Perception from thinking
  2. Emotions from thinking
  3. Emotions from  feeling    (we don’t “feel” sad, feel or feeling is just strong or weak, sad is an emotion)
  4. Sensations from thinking
  5. Reactions from thinking
  6. Sensations from perception  (of change)
    (e.g. pain (a sensation) mixed in with perception or an experience or experiences)

When 2 or more things are grouped together as a weakness, we call this “compound weakness”, they could create a pain, or simply block our ability to perceive a change until we separate them first.

A good – let’s call it the “SEPARATION HEXAGON” for clearing / separation of these elements is:  (any pair, combination of 2,3,4,5 could weaken)

<emotions – thinking – feeling – sensations – reactions – perception>

Why do we need to separate thinking?
For some, thinking, emotions or even sensations can get mixed up – and combined with – perception – distorting our or others’ perception.

We want all these elements separate, so a person can get a clear feeling (of strong/weak) and perception – without their thinking distorting / influencing / blocking it.

c)  Lastly, delete all previous experiences (past) where thinking combined with or was mixed up with any combination of the elements above, so this won’t happen again in the future.

Often, we misinterpret or misidentify an emotion with feeling (of strong/weak) or a emotion with thinking.

This is yet another block to perception, caused primarily by our assumptions,  judgment or beliefs when we overuse  or over-emphasize our thinking over our intuition to get an answer.


When there is a need to specify things –  to get specific – this tendency or need can block perception of change.

GENERAL DELETION – or deletion in the general sense – did shift the person, but the need to be specific becomes another energetic block – another layer to get neutral to and clear away.

So, for those with (get) SPECIFIC weakness,  we  STRENGTHEN:

  1. Neutrality of being GENERAL/NOT GENERAL   SPECIFIC/NOT SPECIFIC to 100% with infinite potential
  2. Profile (if needed) the number of SPECIFIC things to delete;  and delete 1 to N (specifically) down to zero/minus infinity.
  3. Delete any previous < thoughts, memories or experiences> of needing to be SPECIFIC… so it doesn’t persist as an energetic block into the future.

Then, ask if the person (or gauge yourself) whether something has shifted.

Ideally, we want the person to – in the future – accept GENERAL strengthening so things can be perceived faster.


Our mental / thinking and spiritual imprints of experiences from the past – can sabotage – and make us misinterpret – the energetic shift that has occurred.  The mind wants to be the boss.  It can influence us such that the shift isn’t perceived:

  • “We can’t be different than 5 seconds ago”  (nothing can change that fast!)

One related pentagon is what was called the “Personal Profile” (who you are):

<sentiments – imprints – memories – roles – identities>

  • Sentiments – sentimental (looking back or forward) elements of what:
       Past: could have been, might have been;   Future:  could be , might be
  • Imprints:  (limiting beliefs –  often from others –  ancestor, collective, etc, influences) of what we’re told we:
        should do/shouldn’t do, can do/can’t do, must do, mustn’t do.
    Sometimes, these “limiting” imprints can have roots in karmas (either to us or from us) that need to be cleared. 
  • Memories – painful, re-cycled
  • Roles – taking on  a certain role
    “(I’m the) oldest, youngest, care giver, empathic one, etc, (I’m the) beast of burden (in the family)” …
  • Identities – how we (or others) identify us:  “I’m the clumsy, (gets) sick, forgetful, unreliable – person”

We delete these imprints and residuals related to speed and past thinking and experiences – down to the quantum level and in the spaces – so it doesn’t carry forward into our future.


Often, we have mental stories (idioms) or patterns that cause us to “wait and see”  (focus on the “wait”) – before we can (allow) / perceive a change.

  • story or excuse:  satisfy an internal story or pattern (usually related to idiom(s):   “gotta get my ducks in a row”)
  • academic:  waiting for understanding (it), teacher (explain it), consensus (approval)
  • environment:   needs quiet, solitude, free of distractions
  • 100% guarantee (outcome, change, resolution)

Other less common examples / requirements are weaknesses to:

    This person may not perceive a shift until after they hear you describe what was done.  
    Person won’t perceive anything until they READ IT  on paper.
  • FACE-TO-FACE (new!)- “Believe nothing you read and only half of what you see” weakness.
    The person won’t accept / believe it (at all) until they can – literally – watch the person saying it.
    Having a block of “acceptance” (of the TRUTH) means they won’t notice any energy shift(s).
    “SEEING IS BELIEVING” is another shade of this block.
  • BELIEVE IT – usually tied into CONSENSUS or other blocks
  • “DIY” effect – “(need to) DO IT MYSELF” (aka the ‘HGTV’ block)
    (related to the other 2)
  • TOUCHED – Need to Be Touched/Not touched (to heal, get better)
  • CONSENSUS / crowd acceptance (before we “accept” anything – i.e. a shift)aka The “Academic Block”
  • YOU FIRST effect – some can’t accept shifts until others improve before them.   (Martyr weakness)
    They’re struggling/afraid to improve (i.e. show improvement) …
    when others haven’t improvedeven if their energy shifted.
    A condition for improvement could be to create / manifest/ wait for … a “threshold of suffering” (i.e. an altruistic “evenness amount of suffering”)  – before allowing / accepting /noticing improvement (the energy shift that’s already taken place) for themselves.



Karmic effects – from inside and outside us – can create huge blocks to perceiving energy shifts.   Loosely related to the Misinterpretation Octagon (same/not same, etc).    Useful articles for clearing in this section are Resolving Karma” and Can You Tell The Difference

Most karmic effects relate directly to certain aspects of what YUEN Method® calls “negative life experiences” :  (trauma, limitation, fears, etc) that we inflict on others (or our ancestors/descendants did)

Some examples:

  • deception karmic weakness (different/not different)
    A person may sense:
    No change.   By deceiving someone (you, ancestor, etc) in the past, that karmic energy can manifest as the victims’ energy “hiding” (deceiving) us completely from perceiving any energy shift.    That’s a significant karmic tether into us…  and a very subtle energetic block to detect (with huge effect)
    limitation – a limitation karmic effect
    A person may sense:
    1) a “holding back” (small improvement for a short time, then roll back)
    2) sudden physical limitation at that moment
  • fears  – instilling fear in others is a powerful karmic effect.
    A person may sense:
    1) fear from karmic victims may manifest to you / client as sensing a sudden intense fear in place of energy shift.
  • trauma – when trauma is part of a clients’ “negative experiences” clearing (and the client (or ancestors) have karmic experiences of traumatizing others)
    A person may sense:
    1) sudden sensations of pain, discomfort, irritation, etc that the karmic victims experienced

With all these karmic effects blocking perception, we have to clear the karmic tether(s) – FIRST – before we uncover our (or our clients’) energy shift that has already occurred.


15.  TRUTH 

Our lack of neutrality to truth (true/not true, false/not false) can be blocked by many factors – and this would block or distort perception.

Our acceptance of our truth can be distorted by weakness to:

  • clarity/confusion (can’t DISCERN it < compare – accept – reject > )
  • the pentagon of “truth neutrality”    <searching – finding.- knowing – believing – accepting>

We can also choose to use “coping mechanisms” aka YUEN Method®false tools” hexagon to  avoid truth.   Another area to clear so a person can perceive & accept their truth

<suppress.- deny – lie (to yourself) – forget – numbing – shut down>


Opposites are many-fold in their influences in blocking our perception.   Our truths are so often opposites, so this is a critical element to visit in perception.

Some common blocks related to opposites:

  • what is truth/true  is the OPPOSITE of what we
    <thought – believed – expected – imagined – were told/taught/learned/read – experienced >
  • karmic-related opposites – deception (telling someone the opposite)
  • collective influences – leaving the herd belief in a falsehood for the isolation we experience living in (our) truth

The cumulative energetic weakening effects of OPPOSITES experiences (and triggers) – from ourselves and others – can make us prefer not to perceive any “truth” that is an opposite.

Numerically profile (‘how many opposites?’) and clear:

  • opposites – generally, AS A GROUP – along with triggers..( to remove the major energetic anchor to perceiving )
  • opposites from outside influences – (we could get effects from our ancestors, Feng shui, etc)


Combination weakness is often missed.    This is the notion that individual elements (1,2,3,4) are strong SEPARATELY, but can “go weak” – when COMBINED together.    We want our energy neutral and strong for combinations of things (too)

Common “Healer” effects
A combination weakness example in the energy work field (or in our clients) is assisting; e.g. (heal(ing)) + abundance.

The healer experience – or “vow of poverty” energy – is where poverty is seen as more noble than … trading time/experience for money.    We can project out that energy, and repel money/abundance (or attract poverty experiences or clients with mostly poverty experiences).

At times, MORE than 1 combination  (lets say a list of 3 or.5) can “go weak”, so it can be ‘combinations of 3,2,1″.

A COMBINED WEAKNESS can be as abstract as “weakness of 3s” – IN GENERAL – and that means triads (e.g. <body/mind/spirit>) that we strengthen – won’t stay strong…

And, as with most things, if something is not clearing, the answer isn’t to seek out a MORE COMPLICATED ANSWER (dig deeper)- but the SIMPLER one. (the more abstract  – e.g. “things in 3’s” weakness).

And, it’s simple in the sense of – a large cumulative effect of a SIMPLE concept .  For example, having 1 million negative 3’s experiences – with profiling giving us a cumulative effect of 10 million percent – is not COMPLICATED.

Often the “cumulative” energetic influence of a simple thing – is MUCH larger than what we may logically – and incorrectly – think (i.e. that our problem is a one-time, one-big-button event/thing).


Client has to be strong to – be satisfied with – and have neutrality forINCREMENTAL improvement.   When we “follow the weakness”, we are  strengthening – incrementally – everything we find along the way – with immediate results.

Those expecting the “one big button” weakness (one issue/100%) – will achieve spotty results – because everyone – and every issue – is different.

The perfectionists’ expectation:  “(I want) Everything at once – and – immediate results (too)” – can block us (or our clients) from noticing ANY improvement.    The all-or-nothing concept – is an important block to clear for perfectionists.
(either for client or practitioner – or both – as we often – with our energy – attract clients that highlight our own weaknesses)

The word choices and weight of the (our) complaints – are hints – to what the practitioner needs to get neutral to.

1 or 0 speech patterns/terminology – perfectionist => exposed!!
is working” or “I tried everything” or “I’m getting 100% but (they) perceive nothing

Perfections often have what I call “Beavis and Butthead” (0 or 1 – “it sucks/it rocks”) mentality..
Perfectionists energy is:  they(I) won’t accept anything but 100% … or “I quit”
… and they project that energy into their clients..  (“no change, feels the same”)

So, the client is blocked – and perceives NOTHING.

Rewind … and check..

Is the problem:

  1. me? (YouTube video: “Oh, Sh$!, it’s me“)
  2. the clients’ energy
  3. somewhere else – other than (1) and (2)?

…and, use The Power of – Numerical Profiling – i.e.  how much?

Don’t blame the client until you know!

The Surprise:   Practitioner often thinks it’s the clients’ problem (it can’t be ME!)
The Real bother:  
Mediocrity (“the middle”) – bothers the practitioner (“if I can’t have “all“, I’d rather have nothing“)

Get neutral to:  All points in the “squishy middle” – which in our YUEN Method world means
“incremental improvement” is OK.1% is OK, so is 5%, 10%, 20% – not just 0 or 100% – i.e. the extremes )

19.  Decade weakness (Time Element)

Getting close to a new decade (or previous decade) weakness can color our perception or block perception of changes.   It’s more common than one would think.    We check for # decade weaknesses blocking someone.