Personal Coaching Seminars and Free Monthly Calls

Do you have questions about Yuen Method®?   Perhaps after researching or reading Dr. Yuen’s new book (2015), you may still have some questions or need help to get up to speed quickly.

Another resource is my NowEnergetics TV – based on Yuen Method® YouTube channel.  Visit the channel for videos discussing concepts in the blog articles, or of interesting session topics.

YUEN Method® Consultations

Through in-person or remote (phone, Zoom, Skype or even email) consults, Stephen intuitively connects with the answers within you.

YUEN Method® does not require any physical contact or even my in-person presence.    

Experience Yuen Method®, and be prepared to expand your beliefs
for what is possible
and what humans (every one of us) are capable of

Surrogate work:   When necessary due to circumstances, you can serve as a surrogate for another person or pet whether or not they are in your presence.    Visit the “Schedule Consultation” link (BookedIn site) for more details and to book a consultation.

The Power of Neutrality® Consultations

Stephen is the founder of “The Power of Neutrality® – a supportive technique to discover the core issues causing stress or anxiety or other symptoms.  It is based on some principles of Yuen Method® and can be easily taught.  Getting to a more neutral state  – in our energy – can dissipate and release many stresses in life that manifest our symptoms.

Sessions can be in person (if local) or remote (phone/Skype/Zoom).  Also, please visit our The Power of Neutrality® website, Facebook page The Power of Neutrality®, and our YouTube channel “The Power of Neutrality“.

Live Transformational Fun Events

Plan a fun intuitive event with your friends.  Stephen offers reduced cost events for groups of 10 or more (within reasonable driving distance) at your venue. Group dynamics enhance these energetic “shifts” and volunteers experience real-time symptom relief.

Consults for other Energy Work Practitioners

Stephen can – anonymously – tune in to your client energeticallyusing you as a surrogate – and offer insights on both routine and challenging cases to complement your modality.   Ask about special consultation rates if you are an energy worker in some other modality.

YUEN Method® and Neutrality One-on-One or Group Coaching

Stephen offers reduced-rate coaching services on a case-by-case basic for those practitioners that desire pointers or one-on-one or small group coaching (3-6 people).

Use the Coaching / Consultations link at the bottom of the page to schedule a consultation via phone, Zoom or Skype today or email him at info (at) thepowerofneutrality (dot) com.