What is Strong and Weak Energy?

Strong and Weak

In the YUEN Method®, we get answers – and energetically validate whether our story or assumption is true (correct) – or not  –  by using the strong/weak energy comparison.

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This strong/weak comparison is the simple and main principle that:

  • leads us to answers (weak = “energetic weaknesses”)
  • throws out anything that is not an answer (strong)

…in our situation.

What is (an Energetic) Weakness?

If something affects us energetically, our energy is imprinted with the effect – what is called an “energetic weakness” (or just “weakness” in short) – in YUEN Method®.

When we can sense energy, we can notice energetic weakness imprints by discerning a dip in the energy when we think about a particular stated problem, word or concept.  (e.g. “stress”, “relationship”, “job”, “shoulder”)

A sensation similar to weakness or energetic “dip” can occur when riding in a car or airplane – when we either become airborne (going over a bump) or the plane has turbulence.

Where we feel this indicator or “dip” – is what is called our “spot” (see Discerning Strong/Weak – with Energetic Testing).

In YUEN Method®, we often hear the terms below describing finding or noticing an energetic weakness:

  • “it goes weak” – (our energy dips – and indicates something affects us)
  • “there’s no weakness” or “not weak” – (that’s not it, no effect, it’s STRONG – we’re already neutral)
  • “follow the weakness” or “find the weakness” (the answer or in the direction of answer(s))

Some people have energetic weaknesses to particular words or descriptions.

The YUEN Method®, words we use:   “weak”, “something is weak”, “it goes/went weak”, “there’s a weakness” – is not based on a judgment – or the idea or criticism that someone is a weak person, etc.   Weak is just an energy indicator that something significantly affects us and takes away or drains our energy.  That element we found can create or perpetuate or even attract a particular symptom to us – or amplify or perpetuate one we already have.

We want to clear – or strengthen – these energetic weaknesses – so fewer and fewer things affect our energy, because these weaknesses eventually create symptoms for us.

So, what do we do when we find a weakness?
We strengthen it!
The act of reversing a weakness we find is called “making it strong”

How do we strengthen?

We strengthen – an energetic weakness – in several ways:
1) (midline – for newbies) with putting a thought on the midline (persons middle of body/spinal cord) – for < 1 second, very quick.
2) (thought – more advanced) simply with a thought
3) (automatic – after more experience) automatically when we notice a weakness

Of course, if we’re working with someone, mentioning the weaknesses we found – often takes 1000x longer than the actual strengthening, but that’s OK.

What does (energetically) Strong mean?

In YUEN Method®, when we say:

  • something is strong or tests strong .. or
  • it “seems strong” or we’re “strong to it” .. or
  • we are “strongly neutral” or “neutral” with it

.. we mean our energy is strongneutral – or – we are not affected by what we just stated or thought.

Basically, when something is energetically strong, it means either:
1) we’re not affected by it .. or
2) we’ve already strengthened/resolved it (or someone else did) or
3) it’s not the answer
… so strong means => move on and look somewhere else!!

Make no assumptions.

Strong means we discount or throw away … the word, phrase or concept we just thought about (“stress”, “shoulder”, “knee pain”,  etc) …  because it’s NOT the answer – no matter what we (or anyone else) LOGICALLY believes.

And, by shifting quickly out of our old (and incorrect) story, we can move on and find the real, true story, with real insight into the reasons, causes or sources of our issues… the real answer a.k.a the “energetic weakness” we need to strengthen.

we find weaknesses ..
when our energy supports – and – we can quickly throw away
things that “test” strong

Get neutral to comparing and throwing / casting away things (as a concept), so there are no energetic blocks in discerning a weakness or weaknesses … from things we toss out as strong or not the issue.

Yuen Method®  view on energy (in general)

In our common experience, we hear terms like “bad energy” or “good karma”.    In YUEN Method®, we’re neutral to energy – there is no bias to judge energy, so there is no need to block, shield, or defend against certain energies (or let others judged “good” in)

neutrality and non-judgment of energy
is the key to getting accurate strong/weak answers

Many other modalities judge energy – as a built-in principle.   Some have rituals or warn practitioners to block, shield or defend  against so-called “bad” energy – like a brick wall.

So, why should we be neutral to energy?

Shielding or blocking energy – or having the belief we need to block energy:

  • actually manifests things to block (non-neutral energy attracts what we fear – i.e. what bothers us)
  • is futile – (we can’t block energy 24/7 – unless we never sleep)
  • drains our energy to maintain the shield

A cloud is neutral and has no resistance to the Boeing 747 airplane that flies through it.     It’s better to be neutral to all energy – like a cloud – with no bias or resistance – and no judgment .. and let everything pass through.

When we’re neutral to all energy, we can accurately and quickly find energetic weaknesses to strengthen – and improve our lives and the lives of others – on the spot.

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