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In Yuen Method®, when we look at someone’s story – say,  a financial / money struggle, we find finances

… is almost never the primary (#1) issue or energetic weakness

(even if someone is penniless)

And, of course, the “real” story – is usually one specific to the individual.

So, a generalized “finances tips: Step 1-2-3” cookie-cutter article never makes sense – because …

The person’s energy usually points us away from their presented story – and, in another direction – to start.

Finances – eventually – may come up as a primary weakness (after we clear away other more significant effects).

When it does, here is a non-exhaustive list of categories that could come up as finances-related weaknesses:
(there is no judgment in the list of negative/positive; and the energy of these experiences could be our own or from other places – e.g. our ancestors, etc)

Money Coming to Us

  • Not earned – win (lottery), reward, find, beg for/donated, inherited, given, charity
  • marry in to money
  • gambling (take money from other people)
  • stolen, pickpocket
  • extort, embezzle, bribe

Ways we earn money

  • job/salary/work (exchange time/skill for money)
  • dividends, interest
  • per diem/hour
  • appreciation
  • selling something

Ways we can handle money

  • count it (teller experience)
  • create/making/print (legitimate) or print it (counterfeit), launder it
  • keep track of it
  • collect/transport
  • divide up/distribute/exchange

Getting money in other ways

  • find or dig up (treasure hunt)
  • sell things – conversion / exchange (goods to money, services to money)
  • trading –  i.e. services for paper exchange is considered trading.

Getting “Paid” money

  • Pay Up Front
  • Pay After Service Rendered
  • Have an allowance or trust

Money moving away from us

  • lose
  • bills, payments
  • give away, charity, obligations
  • Subscription, mortgage – pay in installments


A Session – on Money/Abundance

Where do we start?
Let’s begin with a concrete example of a challenge with money/finances (and/or abundance) … that doesn’t start with finances, but can end up there.

A seemingly loosely non-finance related core or primary issue  –  can lead to a large energetic shift – or change – in the Yuen Method® leading life supports (i.e. fitness, relationships, money/finance, career, time, health).

Let’s examine a session – where a person begins stating a concern like:

“I worry and struggle with / about my money/abundance.”

So, we begin with a stated bother… and see where it leads.


Interviewer:   So, what bothers you about money or abundance?
Person:   It’s the biggest challenge for me, so far, nothing I’ve strengthened has helped.

   OK, let’s see where the energy leads us…   (intuit – to find an energetic weakness)…
… what I get is:   there’s no direct weaknesses to money or abundance – per-se .. 

… but the notion – or thought of – “finances” weakens your energy, but not in the “money/finances” sense ..

Finances for you … is like (intuit…) … “keeping track of things” … weakness.   Huh, that’s a new one!

Your energy says is not your own “keeping track ..” – but other people expect you to keep track of things – for them –  so they don’t have to –  and that kind of bothers you…

So, the idea of money/abundance is close to finances – it’s in the ballpark …
… but it’s really just a trigger to “keeping track of” experiences ..  that have not been resolved – first.   So, you make an unconscious, self-sabotaging choice to have “fewer” of things (money, other things) – so you have less to “keep track of”

Person:  That’s interesting.   It may be the reason why I couldn’t hold on to a lot of money and know only a few people.

  (intuit) And, remember, it’s not really your experiences, but some (intuit …) – descendants – energy.. coming to you … that they want you to resolve for them …  It’s negative – not so much the experiences – themselves – but the consequences of when they didn’t “keep track of” things … kind of a prison or incarceration or “trapped” type of experience … 

One other very important thing:  The descendants keep “ratcheting up” the message/signal, so you – feel the pressure – and un-consciously limit yourself – more and more.    And that’s important – you’re not CONSCIOUS of making these “limiting” choices .

In a way, you think this is a quirk in your personality – your “way”- to be …  but it’s not.    You’re unconsciously complying … to have the fewest of  things to “track” (abundance, finances, friends) – and it’s like saying – to the descendants
“is it enough?“… and the descendants say “no, you missed it”.

So, let’s clear this whole keeping track of … from your descendants … – not so much from this lifetime, but other lifetimes – and that “tether” to you…  and – make sure they get the message.

… Ok, now it’s strong – and strong for them that they “got the message” – the energy is gone, dissipated – that’s done.

So, now, if “keeping track of” is resolved, doesn’t bother you mentally – or energetically – and you’re neutral – and have no aversion to having a lot of “something (aka abundance of  friends, money, energy, etc) – you’ll be in a better place …

What does that seem like to you now?

Person That’s very remote (descendants) – I’m surprised something like this can influence one’s current life greatly.
Interviewer:  Yes, it can.   Remember, we’ve probably strengthened & resolved– a least a little bit – all the “this lifetime” stories – by thinking, recalling & re-experiencing them as memories.   And, in the abstract, when descendants comes up – in many cases –  the largest influence can be from some other  ( not current ) lifetime – so even more remote – and hidden.

As time goes on, and we keep “missing” the real story – as we said before, these descendants can ratchet up the signal
… when we don’t get the message.

Person  I felt a shift, less tension in my head, less anxiety.
Interviewer:  That’s good.   Remember, too, we’re not judging any answer.   These things can happen in our lifetime – or some other –  or the energy could come from another time / place / persons.    Just be neutral – whatever is found.    It’s just another weakness / story to strengthen and delete the effects of 

As Dr. Yuen would say (paraphrase):

“we don’t know it’s true or not true,
but if it comes up (as a weakness), we have to deal with it”
-Dr. Kam Yuen

Whew!   Now, Money / Finances Comes Up

Interviewer:  (continuing): 
So, once we cleared the other things, now money comes up
(This is often the case, money doesn’t show up first, but eventually, it can show up later on – it could be 5th or 3rd or 2nd in this case)

So, let’s look at money.   The many ways we can have or acquire money…
<always – never – a little – a lot – fast – slow> <== good hexagon for clearing a lot of things, addictions, etc.

So, (intuit) …
… there’s something coming up about – reaching out to someone – or someone reaching out to you
… that’s one way to “get” money..

… but, when looking at your energy – of you thinking of accepting .. e.g. money (earned, etc) –  from someone else –  for some people, there can be a weakening effect from unresolved begging experiences

In your specific case, that’s not it – accepting .. is more triggering experiences of ancestors stealing money …
… so, karmic experiences – this time from ancestors, not your experiences … 
… and that makes “accepting” – especially money – difficult … because, to you, accepting is like stealing
… accepting is always “tainted” so to speak – from the energy coming from your ancestors to you.

(we’ve talked about karmic effects  in other articles.  There are 2 articles (Part 1 & Part 2) about karma (Resolving Karma – Part 1 & Karma  Outside Influences – Part 2) but, basically, when spirits are in between lives, they actually can’t resolve their own karmas in non-physical form; that’s why we (living) often get their energy, or they direct our actions – through an ancestral chain – as “pawns” to resolve their karmas).


So, let’s visit acceptance – since it comes up …
… It’s interesting, a lot of people talk about self-acceptance as #1 (i.e. “new age” speak)
… but self-acceptance is not an issue – not a weakness – for most people
… the energy tells us – it’s more often about accepting (of things, money) from others – or being accepted BY OTHERS – that needs to be strengthened/resolved.

Let’s clear down through that layer …

OK, what does that seem like now, same or different?

Person:   Well, it seems like the same.
Interviewer:  Same.. (intuit…) hmmm.   Let’s clear one other thing first;  and I won’t mention what it is ... how about now?

 Now, I feel a difference.
Interviewer:   What came up is a shade of one of the items from the “Clearing Perception Blocks” article…
I forget which number it is  … but it lists elements that block shifts for some people…
… like the need tohear it, see it, read it

In your specific situation, I sensed a new block that I’ll now add to the list.

You had a need to “DIY” or “(I) need to do everything myself (please)!”.    For others, some other perception block could block them from noticing a change;   The accepting (help, earnings, friendship, etc) from others” was a real bother for you ..  another ‘accept/reject’ layer… it was another reminder of the “taint of accepting things” we already resolved for you …

So, let’s get you neutral to – accept/not accept (help) – reject/not reject ..   For you, “accept” and “not reject” goes weak.. “not reject” goes weaker.    Let’s clear away that next.

Yes, I am like that… I’d rather do things myself
Interviewer:   One more comes up… time … but not in normal sense.

It’s time – but not quite.  People taking your time – even if they pay you well – it’s like you’re TRADING … in this case it’s trading … your time for something (money) and you don’t like trading.

Do you have an experience like that?

Person:    Yes, I don’t like trading, or Yankee Swaps, because someone is always getting the better of me.
Interviewer:    Well, there’s some truth to that.

Your ancestors wildly cheated others trading with them (almost stealing) like the “buy Manhattan for a bag of beads” experience.   Very uneven experience.

How is it affecting you?  What I get is:
Every “pay you” experience – triggers –
 that “cheating tradereffect & energy – like you’re cheating someone every time you get paid… and projecting out that energy … repels people from wanting your services.

Your ancestors – are asking you (for help);  they want that karmic event resolved, so we’re doing that for them right now.

Your ancestors gave you that thought & energy so you could have/attract/experience “bad trading experiences” yourself  – in your own life .. and you think it’s about you, your experiences, but it’s the ancestors creating those experiences for you – to remind you of their karma they want resolved.

How’s that seem to you?   When you think of trading….

Person:  I felt a big shift on that one.   Now, trading doesn’t matter.
Interviewer:   So, now trading won’t bother you.  You can still stay away from Yankee Swaps if you choose, but in your business, you can accept money without triggering that trading weakness we’ve deleted… and your potential clients no longer sense “I don’t like trading” energy from you – projected out – so now you have a better future in getting paid.


When we use our intuition and feeling to find and clear away the real issues blocking our finances and abundance, and let loose of our story, huge shifts can occur.

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