Surprising Answers


Do you like a good surprise?    No, you say?

Well, our energy – and an aversion to being surprised (“don’t surprised me!”) can block insights, and our perception and awareness of energetic shifts.

Then, we may complain “nothing ever changes!“.

Remember, being stuck (repeating the same experience) is connected with no surprises, isn’t it?

When we look at only the energy of any situation, there are no assumptions.   So, every answer – even simple ones like “is it strong or weak?” – by definition – are surprises.

Energetic weaknesses related to surprises   
is a common block to getting answers

Surprise and The (Un)Familiar

When something occurs suddenly,  unpredictably or unexpectedly – without expectation or anticipation – we call this being surprised.

And, for some, surprise triggers the effect of the unexpected, unpredictable or unfamiliar.   An energetic imprint of these 3 things could trigger the thought of unsafe or dangerous experiences we are non-consciously programmed to avoid.

If the unfamiliar bothers or weakens us, we may compensate by using coping mechanisms – and (non-consciously) choose to avoid the weakness – by staying where our energy is strong – the familiar.  

Making sure things are familiar – could manifest as – keeping our pains or bothers – or putting our pains in familiar places.

That’s why it may seem as if a specific symptom or sensation (pain, discomfort, etc) never goes away.

Strengthen  – Surprise!

our energy needs to strongly support
being surprised by the answer we get
. . .  so we’ll get the answer that surprises us
and changes the situation

If we’ve already strengthened a weakness, and the symptom appears to stay in the same place, it could be familiar(ity) weakness.     We just need to energetically check if the reason, cause or source is different, then we know  – the symptom that didn’t seem to change ( position, intensity, sensation) – is a different issue.

For those whose energy avoids or has an aversion to surprises, “familiarity” weakness(es) can be a huge energetic block.

When things don’t need to be familiar – when the familiar doesn’t bother us – we become naturally and neutrally more open to the surprises that get us answers.

The Knowing Trap

“Knowing” – or assuming – is really about not being surprised.   Our hard-won conventional “knowledge” leads us in circles and won’t lead us to any answers;  being neutral and open to surprise – does.

<  surprise   –     neutral    –    answers  >

If nothing changes,  there’s no truth to what we thought we knew – which means our knowledge doesn’t apply at all.

Embrace Not Knowing

When we look at energy for answers, we don’t want to know or presume we know – anything ahead of time.   So, by definition – every insight is a surprise.   We want to be neutral so every answer is a surprise – and we’re neutral and accepting of being surprised by every answer.

By not being serious and allowing every answer to surprise us, we don’t block any answers coming in – even off-the-wall answers …

Energetic Blocks To Surprise

Many have a bias or prefer the past or (near) present, because the past doesn’t really change that much.

Here are some common energetic blocks to surprise:

  • karma -> surprising someone else at a bad time  (karmic victims can block (our) answers, insights)
  • experiences -> unexpected, unpredictable, unresolved negative or shocking experiences
  • knowing (conventional thinkers) -> knowing means there are no surprises

Some of us harbor energetic imprints or beliefs (from themselves or others) that the past is where all the answers are.   This reinforces the expectation that nothing changes that much moment-to-moment.

This internal programming often creates dramas where the unexpected becomes upsetting, even dangerous or demoralizing.

Get Neutral with Surprises

The more neutral we are with surprise, the unexpected, the unpredictable, and unfamiliar – and wonder, the more likely our energy will support “instant change” – things changing in the next moment.

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