The Learning Anchor


Learning – The Familiar Anchor

For many, there is a direct,  mental (and “energetic“) association of the word – “learning” to slowness, struggle, failing first – before more struggle – than finally – succeeding – well, sometimes.

Yuen Method®  creates a new paradigm – based solely on the energy of the situation

experience first
understanding (learning) comes last

Experience first is the natural order of things early in life.

We just experience, experience, experience first with no thought or fear of success or failure or even understanding – at that moment.    In our later years, we’re often heavily influenced by these “learning” (struggling) energies – a high percentage (maybe 90%) of that effect comes from outside us.

For many, learning’s association to mastering – is weak at best and never immediate (collective time energetic weakness).   This is another huge energetic block.

An Engineer’s Story

My background is engineering – similar to Dr. Yuen.   And let me tell you, engineers can be the most stuck people with change.

Many engineers think whatever they were taught – is true and unchanging forever!   Some will defend what they’ve been taught with zeal!

Knowledge that doesn’t change us
 at best is useless  –
and at worst, it’s just completely wrong
and wrong answers aren’t benign

It’s a very unique person that is open – really open –  to tossing out what we think we know …  to experience this new way of looking at things – and to realize this is the truth.  This is the way things really work – based on results (now), not just accepting prior learning or theory as “settled” and unchanging.

When we’re open and neutral with information and new insights –  it means we accept at least the possibility that our past learning & knowledge is partially – or completely wrong.

And, after some experience in looking at energy this way, and seeing results, it’s clear we’re not the oddballs.    What is being taught to us is odd – because it’s not truth – it’s not what’s really going on..

And how do we know?
Because, results are all that matters.  

not academic debate, not someone’s “expert” opinion,
– not 10,000 studies – none of which applies to our situation –
only results . . .

Tossing It All Away

In this work, we are neutral with rejecting and tossing things away – to get to the truth – like when we toss away answers that energetically test strong.   As we know, “strong” means whatever we thought about – doesn’t affect us – and is not the answer.

When we focus on things our energy is (already) strong with, we waste our time and nothing changes.

We need only look at things that weaken our energy / affect us… and nothing else

Knowing The Truth
Our energy needs to support knowing the truth…   A person may say they want to know, but their energy could tell us just the opposite.

Why?  Because, to know – we may need to toss away what we think we know about the world around us.

the classic learning block is . .
learning was so difficult, many resist letting it go
even if what we learned –  is totally wrong . . .  

We hold on to things obtained with struggle – or our energy may attract or convince us to prefer struggle – over easy.  (“no pain, no gain”)    Unfortunately, this underlying energetic pattern can keep us holding on to other things as well – like pains or symptoms.


It’s no wonder some have difficulty with even the idea of on-the-spot results!

How many of the “have to” / “need to” / “should” imprint rules (below) are unconsciously programmed in to our ability to master something?

  1. The “Conventional Mindset”
    blocks:  losing
    Overcoming inertia, un-learning, (tossing) everything you thought you knew was true, breaking away from the pack.
  2. Something new – huge block
    blocks:  choosing, is new thing accepted/approved by someone else?
    (connects to hesitation, failures – forgetting to choose, chose right or wrong, too soon, too late, too fast, too slow )
  3. Try(ing) – “try” triggers mostly failures (our experience is we rarely see success on the first “try”)
    blocks:  personal and collective energy – of combined weakness -> failures and ‘trying’
  4. Study (connected to slow – study first.. before we learn/know)
    blocks:  need to follow (others) rules 
  5. Slow/gradual (“acquiring new skills take time“)
    blocks:  speed, punishment (fast connected with failure(s) & punishment)
  6. Follow recipe – “by rote” (go step by step – or else – and we can’t miss a step)
    blocks:  must follow steps or failures/punishment (undesirable things happen)
  7. Repetition – must practice, repeat it 50, 100 times
    blocks:  immediate success
  8. Being tested or graded
    blocks:  judged/accepted/approved by someone else
  9. Simplicity –  “Truth” – or what we believe is true –  needs to be complicated.   Huge anchor
    blocks:  The truth can’t be simple, funny, ironic.  Things can’t be easy (or fast) the first time

Get Neutral to Learning

In order to be open to our insight and answers, we have to be strongly neutral to:

  • throwing away things
    (like prior “so-called” knowledge, learning or information from the past or present)
  • recognizing, acknowledging, and accepting (and allowing) new insights
    (by definition, these are surprises)
  • progressing quickly / immediately  without effort
       (delete all “holding yourself back” experiences)
  • the teacher/mentor experience
    (there are no gurus – don’t let anyone be an anchor or block to experiencing first)

Proficiency depends mostly on our neutrality and the energy.   We want energetic support to be as proficient as possible – as quickly as possible – with no energetic blocks or anchors.

There are no limits if we don’t limit ourselves and get neutral to other energetic blocks (ancestral, collective, etc.)

“Do – or – do not – there is no try” – Yoda

“Should I try (this)?”   (feel the hesitation, the expectation of  failure or an unsatisfying experience in that question)

“Try” is often a huge energetic block that has a strong connection to the difficulty of learning – and failures.

Our collective imprint is;  “try” doesn’t energetically connect at all with no struggle and immediate success.

Most likely we see others try – thousands of times – before success occurs.

There is likely slowness, struggle, suffering and eventual failure associated with “try”.

Let’s be neutral about “try” and also be neutral or have a NEUTRAL association of “do” – with success.. and SPEED.

Do or Do Not
When we’re neutral – and there is no judgment of “do” or “do not” – so either is possible … and neither is preferred, that’s how we can “do” and experience something new – without trying.

Our energy needs to support experiencing first, so – try – isn’t even on the radar.

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