It’s ONLY About The Energy

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Energy is Everything

Yuen Method® is based on using our intuition and feeling of energy as either strong or weak.

Being aware of the energy of a situation is primary and leads to answers;  logic or thinking is secondary.

It’s a common mistake to use intuition like a philips screwdriver – selectively, and only in certain, specific situations (when we have a pain) but return to old habits of logical thinking and baseless assumptions in other areas in our life.

Assuming We Know Better

When we use intuition selectively (because we think we’re smarter than simply checking/knowing the energy of every situation), our chances of manifesting a different outcome will level out (~5%) and converge toward the average of other techniques that use rituals, props, step-by-step or cookie-cutter lists or techniques.

We need to look only at energy – by using our intuition – 100% of the time.

How Our Energy Manifests Experiences

How does our energy and other energies manifest things in our day-to-day life?     It’s important to recognize our energy state (“cause”) ..  is what creates or attracts these events or experiences that occur in time.

The way we look at energy in Yuen Method is a paradigm shift.
It’s how things really happen . . .

But, that doesn’t mean it’s complex or difficult, quite the opposite

This way of looking at energy – of what really affects us – is SIMPLE.

Something either weakens our energy or it doesn’t ..    How simple is that?    When the energy manifests the pain in your shoulder or the argument with your spouse, it sure doesn’t seem simple – logically – … but..

.  .  .  what manifests next is – always – and only
about the energy of the situation

We don’t need to have a metaphysical or academic discussion of quantum physics or have deep thoughts about our energy.    When we look solely at the energy – what’s really going on –  we don’t need anything else.

The stories, patterns and combination of energetic strengths and/or weaknesses in our energy field – from inside or outside of us – simply – attracts, creates or perpetuates the possibilities we experience in future moments.

We can influence – and be influenced by – our own energy – and the energy around us in every future moment.

That’s why we want our energy to be strong – or neutral – and even – to the most possibilities – and look only at the energy.

The Multi-Modality/Technique ‘Chef’

This is the dilemma of the Jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none modality chef – someone that uses 10 different techniques.   When we don’t look at the energy, and try to use our logic, make assumptions, use rituals, etc. it may take 10 different techniques just to approach 5% results (and most likely any results are by luck or chance, and not consistent).   

Again, when we look solely at energy – we don’t need anything else.

So, don’t be impressed by Jack’s (or anyones) lengthy menu of techniques – or be tempted to eat at his buffet or to emulate him.

All Energy – All The Time

We human beings were innately born with this unique ability to see these patterns in our energy – and to resolve our own problems.

But, to do this, we have to stop our logical thinking for just one second – and use the simple tools of intuition, insight and feeling for the real story of what weakens our energy.   Then, we just strengthen any weaknesses we find.

Look only at the energy – for the best results.

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