Clearing “Treatment Effect” Blocks

Beliefs and Effects

“I don’t notice any difference.”

Some have high resistance to sensing any immediate energetic shifts due to something called the “treatment effect.”

This effect is related to the energy of false logic or the internalized belief that repetition is required – for something to change.

The energy of this belief (ours and collective resonance) can strongly distort our perception.

Some harbor unconscious beliefs regarding “treat(ment)” or “treat(ing)” related to repetition or slowness:

  • Repetition.   A “Course of treat(ment)”  – and the word “course” itself connects with:
    • learning is repetitive, so improvement requires repetition
    • learning (for some) wasn’t that much fun (weakness).
    • lessons – requirement / completion of a number of tasks (3, 5, 100) before “done” (ready for change)
  • Slow.  Good things (like improvement) only happen slowly – so the anchor is; slowness is to be preferred (to get better).   By being averse to speed, we accept – and are anchored to – treat(ment) (i.e. improvement) – takes a long time …
    Our energy doesn’t support – i.e. we’re energetically weak to – first-time, immediate, or SPEED.  

The Energies Outside Us – Collective Influences

We can resonate with similar energy from others – so-called “collective influences” – reinforcing our (apparent) “stuck” state a thousand or million times.

For those in connecting improvement with treat(ment) – the energy doesn’t connect strongly – or at all – with immediate results or even positive anticipations, expectations or outcomes.  It’s as if we’re waiting to reach a certain, artificial threshold (2nd, 3rd try, etc) before improvement can be accepted – or allowed to be noticed.

Our perception block origin can come from the notion of dependency – of “needing help” (to improve) such as:

  • Intervention.   Treat(ment), first and foremost – requires help or intervention someone else. We “give up” and agree to the (repetitive) – and wait-and-see process  (i.e. improvement is never one-shot or immediate)

The “Aspirin Effect” / “Wears Off” Trigger

Even if we get by the perception blocks, once we shift, there is a follow-on weakness/phenomenon called the “aspirin effect”.

The aspirin effect weakness is similar to treat(ment) weakness; nothing is immediate or one-shot and on-the-spot.  And for those with the aspirin effect weakness – there is no strong energetic connection to lasting or permanent change.

This weakness means there is always some temporary improvement … just before things settle or revert back to the way they were.

If we as practitioners or our clients are energetically weak to the “aspirin effect”, our energy supports the “wears off” effect happening in a very short time...

The Paradox of Time

For those with this “aspirin effect” weakness, their energy supports both:

  • it takes a LONG TIME for things to improve
  • somehow, it only takes a SHORT TIME for any improvement to wear off

The Swallow / Pill Effect

If any of our treat(ment) involves swallowing, and we have some energetic weakness to the actual action or some related metaphor (e.g. “hard to swallow“) – we can trigger yet another effect called the “Pill Effect“.

An anticipation weakness can create the “wear off” or “pill effect”…   to remind us, we need to continually swallow something – most likely something we don’t to swallow (the uncomfortable truth).

We want to remove the cumulative effect of these influences (medical, pills, swallowing things, etc).

We also want to be neutral and strong – either way – so, if we do have to “take” or swallow something, we’re neutral to the best outcome.

Our Anticipations And Expectations

Calling something a treat(ment), therapy or session might trigger previous expectation, anticipation of negative or no outcomes such as:

  • the aspirin effect (wears off)
  • “tough pill to swallow” – experiences of swallowing things in your life (suppressing things)
  • shot triggers times you were punished (for laziness) – (need a ) “shot in the arm”.
  • weakness to go away/come back attracts this treatment effect (have to keep coming back).
  • chronic or treatment triggers something that’s “endless” or “continuous”
  • energy (individual and/or collective) only allows noticing incremental improvement, so person can – unconsciously – reject “treatment” as the solution

The wear-off effect of “good things come to an end” or “good things don’t last” is a resistance to positive changes occurring in the future and – especially – changes that last.

When we energetically clear and get neutral to all these “effects” mentioned, often a huge energy shift is acknowledged (or realization/perception of an energy shift that had already taken place).

By getting neutral to all treat(ment) effects discussed – we open ourselves up to perceiving real, beneficial change.

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