Stop Misinterpreting – and Chase the Right Rabbit…


The Chase

Misinterpretation means we have the wrong answer.  It’s akin to driving our car in the wrong direction.

In YUEN Method, we say when someone still has symptoms that don’t resolve, most likely they’re energetically stuck focussing on a wrong answer.

We chase what we think is the problem – like a cat chasing a rabbit – but often the result of our chase is down a blind alley – a dead end.

A dead end means we’ve misinterpreted what’s really going on – so we unknowingly perpetuate – and sometimes reinforce – our (current) symptom state.

So, how do we get to the right answers and avoid misinterpretation?      The best way is to check the energy of the situation using energetic testing.

We know we have the wrong answer when nothing changes

Don’t Touch That [EASY] Button!

Let’s examine a concrete example of misinterpretation.

In this modern technological age of complexity, we can be drawn to seek the complex (difficult) answer(s) to a situation.

Unfortunately, this occurs because many of us have energetic weakness to “easy”, so we unconsciously choose – and become stuck in – “difficult” – to avoid the “easy” weakness.

Why are things so difficult?

When we find an “energetic weakness to easy“, what we mean is there are things in the person’s life; when something seemed easy, it didn’t turn out well.   For some of us, “easy” is a disempowering, weakening, negatively weighted word, experience and energy.

Some examples:

  • “easy money” (avoid – sounds like stealing)
  • “easy come, easy go” (easy things/experiences are fleeting)
  • “easy as 1-2-3” (were mislead – it wasn’t easy)
  • “easier said than done” (doing (changing) – isn’t a simple thing)
  • “take the easy way out” (triggers deceiving, shoddy experiences)
  • “(I’m) easy” – (triggers negative manipulating, pushover experiences)

Each one of these experiences can reinforce our symptom state rather than lessen it.

So, difficult(y) is what some may say or think is the issue… but that focus / complaint is also what empowers that side of the polarity (difficult),  and manifests more of the same – because we’re not neutral – and “difficult” is where the energy is stronger.

Easy        =>> <weak>
Difficult =>> <strong>

Without strong neutral – and even energy with both extremes of difficult/easy, and awareness of what the real problem was/is – the energy doesn’t support manifesting a different outcome.

Get Neutral to Misinterpretation

To avoid misinterpretation, we need to precisely identify only the things that weaken our energy in a situation.

An energetic check (ref: Energetic Testing) will often reveal we’ve resolved whatever the original problem was (complex, difficult(y)) because there is no energetic weakness to “difficult” – to indicate there is a problem.

It’s important to consciously acknowledge this – truly let go of the original story or complaint (difficult(y)) – and move on.

Then, (Intuitively) feel for the next thing that most weakens your energy – therein lies the answer.

The likely next issue – the reaction that still seems like the original one, is the reaction energy of “misinterpretation” or “getting the wrong answer“.

Our misinterpretation of a situation – and the effect – can be more painful than the original complaint.  

A single misinterpretation can trigger all the previous times we’ve misinterpreted (made mistakes, been mislead), and this could have more cumulative (reaction) effect (trillion-fold) than the original problem or event.

Misinterpretation – as an energetic weakness – projects out the energy to attract and manifest new experiences to misinterpret – to remind us “misinterpretation” needs to be resolved.

Say [APPLY] for anyone reading this to clear misinterpretation for yourself.    See if you sense a shift.

So, get neutral to misinterpretation – and chase the right rabbit…