The Energy Of Improvement

improvementENERGY.   Yuen Method® is different.

We’re both attentive and intuitive – but our definition of intuitive is not based on any conventional or spirituality-based definition.

We’re simply – neutral – and not distracted by what is physically going on or what someone is saying or telling us…

We intuitively (not logically) look – only – at what the ENERGY is telling us – with no assumptions.

NO ASSUMPTIONS means we are neutral with starting from scratch every time, for every insight or answer.

So – get neutral – and strengthen any (combination) weakness(es) associated with finishing (most likely) – or starting – so answers and insights come – with no energetic blocks.

means we are neutral
with starting from scratch
every time,
for every insight or answer

The starting from scratch/finishing weakness or energetic block could be subtle.    For “starting“, it could be a weakness to “nothing” (where we have to begin for an insight).    See When The Something… Is About Nothing

Let’s remove those two right now.

IMPROVEMENT.   Some other common blocks to improvement (or perceiving improvement):

1. “Knowing”
Why we’re stuck:  opposite of stated desire
Knowing weakness / energy creates a hesitation – or blocks answers coming  – to us – outright.
See When Knowing is Painful  (

2.   Judgment/grading weakness
Why we’re stuck:  hidden/remote – for most people

It could be the person’s energy is: “I expect to be graded or judged on the correctness of an answer”..  or perhaps it comes from ancestors, cultural (even more hidden or remote)

3.  “Fear” of improving
Why we’re stuck: opposite of stated desire

Improving others… is a limitation to us improving ourselves & others (both).

Improvement connecting directly with fear is a deep energetic block for some.

fear of improving” is a common
and strong energetic block
for much of the population that have
“chronic” conditions

Some may say “I’m afraid of making it worse” (for the other person)
… but, for many, the weakness is just the opposite.. “improving” (them).

And, the major or primary energetic weakness/effect from this limitation can come from ancestors, siblings, surroundings, experiences – i.e. not just our experiences, thoughts or energy.

Others” aren’t the enemy;  by improving others, we’re not surrendering or giving some adversary an advantage to defeat us with… like in battle in bygone days.   Let’s remove that somewhat hidden “improvement” block / story / limitation too, so we can open our insight, get answers and improve others – (and especially ourselves) every time.

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