What’s In YOUR Grab Bag?

Possibilities infinite
The Grab Bag of (Infinite) Possibilities

Possibilities.   Inside your personal “grab bag” are all the experiences that can happen in the next moment.    It all depends on the energy.

Our conscious <intentions, wants, desires> don’t matter that much.   Only our energetic state from moment to moment determines the possible experiences in the grab bag to reach in and “pick” from.

When we have energetic weaknesses, our energy may only support a few things to choose from in our “grab bag”.   So, we reach in and get the same experience – and nothing changes.    We’re stuck.

When we don’t know our energetic weaknesses, so we can get neutral to them – and change the situation, our energy doesn’t – evenly – support more possibilities – including our conscious desires or what we say we want.

“You want to be in that neutral place . . .
If (something) troubles you, you’ll have more of it . . .
that’s pretty much a basic principle;
that’s the REAL ‘Law of Attraction’ ”.

— Dr. Kam Yuen

Our energy state can attract and repel things, people, answers and experiences.

Energy And The Grab Bag

So.    What is energy?   And, what can energy do?

The answer(s) to the first question: “what is energy?” – would be better left to theoretical physicists and experts in quantum mechanics.   It’s an academic pursuit – and academic pursuits are for academics.

The answer(s) to the second question: “What can energy do?” is worth pursuing.    We don’t need to know exactly what energy is to perceive it, and use it to improve our lives and the lives of others.

Change occurs by allowing
ourselves to be truly surprised at
what we pull out of our grab bag

(Infinite) Potential Begins with Neutrality

Energy is just potential – another way of saying possibilities.   And, even energy – neutrality – is what fills the grab bag with the most possibilities.

When we strengthen a weakness or get neutral (to even out energy of trillions of possible outcomes), we’re actually increasing the number of the “bubbling sea”of possibilities that can happen (or un-happen) in the next moment.

To conventional thinkers, evenness – being the catalyst for change – just doesn’t make sense, but that’s how things really work.

Intention, focusing or staying “in the moment” limits the possibilities in our grab bag – and biases our energy away from the evenness that allows for something to shift/change in the next moment.

YUEN Method & Neutrality clearing(s) fills our grab bag with more possibilities.

When we fill our grab bag with neutrality and evenness, we can surprise ourselves – and others – the next time we reach in.

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