Can You Tell the Difference?

neutrality differentSame Or Different?

In Yuen Method®, one of the comparisons we ask clients – to discern an energy shift – is whether they notice a difference from a moment ago.

“Is it the same or different?”

Even after their energy has shifted (the energy is now strong), some individuals won’t immediately notice any difference.


When a change or energy shift isn’t noticed – one that has already taken place, we look at perception – specifically – the Yuen Method® “hexagon of opposing opposites” (same/not same, different/not different, changing/not changing).   Sometimes, we add “perception/no perception” to make it an octagon)

it’s not just our issue with difference
that can energetically block us…
from noticing an energy shift

What the person might vocalize is; (I notice) “no difference”. Commonly, this could indicate an issue with:

  • neutrality to “different/not different” (may come from us or outside us)
  • the perception of difference is really a deception weakness and the person’s energy indicates a bother with deception (this energy can come from inside or outside the person; the environment, etc)
  • something else entirely…

So, the person may not be the source of the energetic block; but we make no assumptions and check their energy.    An ancestor or some other energy may block the person’s perception of “different” – so they can’t notice the shift.

Back to Our Story

One story of deception weakness that came up was interesting. The person consciously mentioned deception bothered them (something to get neutral to)… but their energy indicated there was a direct karma of deceiving others.

How does this relate to perceiving “no difference”?

Those that deceive others sometimes rely on the other person(s) not noticing a difference.

Because this client had an unresolved karma of deceiving othersthose victims of the karma were blocking the person from noticing a difference.  (the energetic shift that had already taken place)

Once the deception karma was dissipated and cleared – in one second – and the tether of the victims broken, the client noticed an immediate shift.

This is a case where a basic concept in Yuen Method® (perception of “difference”) took a strange twist.

When we keep ourselves open and neutral – for an answer to be anything and everything, our intuition finds the primary culprit (the energetic block to “difference” caused by external karmic energy) – something that might normally have be missed.