Answers You Seek? Strong or Weak -Yoda

Hmmm …aaaanswers you seek?   Just strong or weak” …

It sure sounds like something Yoda would say to Luke Skywalker.  And, of course there’s truth to it… it’s Yoda after all..

We want to raise the bar for all of humanity.  When every human being has insight, then the whole human race will change. This is the real technology – not the science that people talk about that really isn’t science because it has no results.  

– Dr. Kam Yuen, D.C.

With insight, any energetic or spiritual practice is enhanced 1000x or more – to get answers, quickly .. but some won’t even try intuitive – energetic testing – of strong/weak to enhance their results.

With YUEN Method, we keep things simple.

There are no answers “hidden” in complexity – for us to discover.  This process substitutes simplicity – and eliminates complexity.   Still, some, maybe most – would rather stubbornly embrace complexity and never get an answer to resolve even one problem.     Well, that’s their choice.

Neutrality is a big part of what we do – to increase our insight(ful) muscles – and is described at length on a separate sister website “The Power Of Neutrality“.

“Just DELETE the stupid thing”

We’re indoctrinated in Western cultures to think – actually – to over-think, over-analyze, over-conceptualize – take our time –  when we’re confused, without answers – and don’t know what’s going on.   Then we make snap judgments on scant information using our logic – just to grasp onto ANY ANSWER (right or wrong or pre-recorded from our unconscious or from so-called “experts”).   Our grasping is a kind of intellectual kenophobiaif you will… when it’s more productive … to wait (only a second) for a real insight from our intuitive mind.

And, thinking – more – doesn’t lead to resolution; matter of fact, merely using our logical thinking – without intuition – never resolved anything.

If we use our intuition/ insight – and feel for a weakness – the real answer(s) – of what’s really affecting us in our energy  –  we can lasso it, delete it – and the cumulative effects  – in an instant.

Wrong Answers are not benign

One of the more controversial concepts Dr. YUEN posits (as a basic principle) is: wrong answersare not benign.   They actually harm us.  How?

Resonance & cumulative effects (or accumulative effects) grow with each wrong answer(s) – making the problem harder to resolve.    That’s why random Google searcheswell wishers advice, even experts opinions – that don’t have precise and precisely-correct answers, just add to the weight and depth to resolving any problem.

How do we know we missed it?  If the answer were correct, we should feel an immediate shift – on-the-spot.

YUEN practitioners often take extra moments to get “immediate results”.

We most often intuit and clear:

  • “wrong answers” effects – back through time
  • cumulative effects of the past (ours, others influencing us)
  • psychic energy and misinterpretation from ourselves (but also the collective, our family, experts  – in the order of maximal effect to lesser effects)

Ward Cunningham’s law applies here.   The way to get the right answer to a question (on the internet ) is not to pose the question, but to pose the wrong answer.  e.g. “my back pain comes from my back”.    

When others try to help (without using their intuition), the answers they suggest are – mostly – wrong answers – because they don’t change us.  If their answers were correct, something would change – immediately.

When YUEN practitioners hear or read wrong answers, we know in 1 millisecond “that answer ‘tests‘ strong (i.e. is already strong), so it’s not a correct answer, throw it out, move on.”

Throw Out The Garbage

Sentimentality and imprints (our programming – for shorthand) in our energy – can complicate our ability to throw things out.    When we harbor these wasteful, poverty-striken energies from our past (or ancestors), it becomes a powerful anchor – resisting – any change – to our ability to identify and accept the correct answer(s) so we can delete the effects completely.

We often look at the personal profile of the individual
(to see what element(s) of “holding on” are keeping them from shifting – or perceiving a shift that’s already taken place)

  • sentiments are “holding on” concepts of what:
    “might have been”, “could have been” …
  • imprints are like our Operating System pre-programming of what we:
    1) can do/can’t do  2) should do/shouldn’t do  3) must do/mustn’t do
  • memories – painful, recycled, etc (strong anchors to shifting)
  • roles – defines behavior, expectations based on social norms … spouse, father, blue collar, mother
  • identities – “sameness” – “athlete”, “nerd” “responsible”, “I’m the clumsy one in the family”

Hardwired for neutrality?

Chinese – and I’d say most people of asian ancestry – as myself – are (more) wired for neutrality.   The collective is more a part of their life – they’re (more) neutral to collective energy, so they don’t hold on to the collective psychic energy as we do in the west.   And it’s the connecting/resonating with psychic energy – of others – that can significantly affect us in the now

Insights = Results

When we begin using our insight and intuition – a this simple way – (strong/weak) .. we can get answers that can improve our lives and the lives of others around us – on-the-spot.

With YUEN Method, we keep things simple. Just strong and weak.   The force is just that simple.

Immediate Results, No Excuses.

Time tested, Yoda approved.

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