Life Issues – The Needle in The Haystack?

Looking for the Needle

When we look at our life problems conventionally / logically, many would suggest some single, significant event is the root cause of our problem.    Whatever that story is becomes our stuck point or anchor in terms of limiting change in our lives.

We think we’ve found our needle in the haystack
causing our life issue, so why aren’t things changing?

When things don’t change, many of us still stubbornly hold on to – and reenergize and reinforce – our story.   Whether we thought of the story or someone or some “expert” gave us a false or fake story (diagnosis), it has the same effect.

Unfortunately, if a story doesn’t shift you – in-the-moment, then it’s a wrong answer.

And, when you have a wrong answer, nothing changes.

The Elephant in the haystack?

We need to utilize our intuitive side – to come to the right answer.

The needle is a bad metaphor.    We look for a “needle in the haystack“, using our uninformed logic.   We convince ourselves  we’re seeking – or logically think we found – the “elephant in the haystack” – the one thing or event that’s so big, you can’t miss it – it must be that! …    Others, believing the false “elephant” story – add their stubborn energy too … making it more stuck and harder to resolve.

Unfortunately, maybe 99% of the time, the “one big thing” story – is no longer the issue.    It may have been an issue at one time in the past, but our energy indicates we’ve long since resolved it.   We’re stuck because we think the elephant is still the problem.

Sorry, Wrong haystack

So, it’s not the one big thing.  Then, what is the real life issue?

Just posing that open-ended question – engages our intuitive mind … and puts us on a path to resolving the problem.   This new path taken means we’re ready, willing and able – and neutral – about letting go of our old story and are open to replacing the story with truth.

The root causes of our life issues or symptoms could typically be a more general, simple concept (e.g. “things I lost”, “things thrown away”, “bothers”) experiences –  that are relived, re-examined, re-experienced (mentally) trillions of times.

The trillion-times weakening effect is not the needle, not the elephant – but the entire haystack effect (e.g. of “losing things”) – our own experiences – plus our resonating with others with the same energetic weaknesses.

Most likely the person hasn’t consciously considered or thought of some of these simple possibilities – because they’ve used their logical thinking instead of their intuition.

By being stuck in the (rare) miracle (“one big thing”) thinking, we can attract more rare, unlikely, impossible experiences that confuse us and make it more difficult to resolve our life issues.

The Right Answer Resolves Our Life Issues

Using simple concepts of the YUEN Method® , our intuition and neutrality, we can quickly identify and neutralize the real issue(s) and strip away our need for this type of miracle or near-impossible “needle-in-haystack” experience.    When we’re neutral to the miracle experience, we can effortlessly get our answers and find the right haystack to set on fire, and resolve our life issue for good.