Who’s the Oddball?

intuitionWho’s the oddball?

“We’re not the oddballs” – a favorite quote of mine – from Dr. Kam Yuen.

When we get answers intuitively, we’re not the oddballs.

What we do in Yuen Method® – using intuition and looking at only the energy of a situation for answers – is not conventional.


Conventional thinkers often declare success of logic over intuition – without the benefit of even a single answer to resolve any situation.

actually, what we are taught conventionally – is odd
. . . because it’s not the truth
. . .  or it would change our situation – on-the-spot

Information vs Experience

A good many of us place a disproportionate trust or emphasis on studies, papers, “experts”, “our education” (or others’ education), what we read from a google search – thinking it’s truth – information that 99.9% of the time has no relation to our experience or reality…

1000 people/voices saying, writing, parroting “this is the truth” doesn’t make it true – in your situation – if you don’t experience an immediate change or shift.   The measure of truth is whether something changes, – for you personally not whether the majority thinks or believes “this or that” …

The “majority rules” or “majority agrees to <x>” “herd” mentality is rampant in the sciences and is the classic academic or “information effect” trap …   But, also, many of us are unknowingly programmed to believe what we read, hear or are taught – first and foremost – and discount our own personal experience.   

That’s how we become stuck in our story(ies) and nothing changes.

Are you Serious?  (does serious = truth?)

Somehow, we mistakenly believe words written on printed paper (or a web page screen) are the SERIOUS answers – so they must be TRUE – or carry more weight of truth

Needing a serious answer – is a common and often primary block to experiencing immediate results.

Information or knowledge that doesn’t change us is nonsense

There is no need to debate or stubbornly hold onto this so-called SERIOUS “knowledge” if it doesn’t change us.

This is the same stubborn energy manifesting our current “no change” state and keeping us stuck in our story or symptoms.

We’re not the oddballs

Are you ready to experience first – and toss away some oddball conventional beliefs about how things really work?   Unlike our hard-won and stubborn knowledge – that can take years to accumulate (but doesn’t serve us) –  the oddball intuitive way will only take a second (or two).

Can you spare a second?

Take a moment – and get neutral – to everything we’ve learned and just feel the energy of the situation.    Only then can we can toss away anything (false knowledge, beliefs) – if necessary – and use our intuition to experience truth.

With our new ability to intuitively feel strong/weak (aka Yuen Method®), we get to real answers (truth) and energy shifts – on-the-spot.

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