The Right Questions

questionThe (mis)Information age

Many describe the current age we live in as the information age.     We are inundated with what we think is useful information.

But, when it comes to our life issues, most of the information we’ve read or heard about doesn’t apply to our situation.    It doesn’t matter how prestigious an institution or person is.

Repeating or quoting information or having information cited in 10,000 places as “true”, doesn’t make it true in your situation.

Information and Neutrality

We simply cannot and should not avoid information.   Right or wrong, true or not true, there has to be openness and no judgment about information.    In other words, we need to be neutral to any information such that it doesn’t affect us energetically.

When information doesn’t weaken our energy, then there is less reaction about it, and less chance this unevenness will create symptoms.

Our acceptance of information that doesn’t change our situation is one of the major energetic blocks to improvement.

The cumulative effect of wrong answers

If the knowledge or information doesn’t shift something in you or change your situation, then none of it applies other than knowing it’s yet another wrong answer.

Having the wrong answer or wrong information is painful.  It can actually lead to – or intensify – our pains because a wrong answer adds to – and triggers – the cumulative effect of wrong answers through our whole lifetime.

OK, what are the right questions?

When we want to get to the answer, it helps to begin with the right questions.    If we use our intuitive abilities with energetic testing, we’re less likely to make assumptions or guesses or ask the wrong questions.

Examples of questions for Back Pain

1) is it physical or non-physical?
2) is it coming from you, from others or somewhere/somewhen else?
3) what sensation(s) are you experiencing?
4) is it referred from another place?

Do you see the difference?

When you can answer these questions (and a few others) using energetic testing, and follow the path of energetic weaknesses, you are moving in the right direction of answers, rather than in the direction of information that doesn’t apply.

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