My Pain Comes From Where?

Cause and Effect

Pain is a red flag.     Our logical mind convinces us that our sensations of pain come from the last thing we did or recent event that occurred.

Surely, our pain comes from where we sense it (knee, elbow, back).    And, it must have happened now.   Or due to prior “injury”; days, weeks, years or decades ago.

Or, I picked up that air conditioner 2 hours ago.  That’s what did it!

The last event could be the reason, but, a basic principle of Yuen Method® is; discovering the true cause strengthens the related energetic weakness and resolves the issue.   So, if the air conditioner story were true, it would resolve most of the issue on the spot.

We have to accept, acknowledge and recognize
 when we have the wrong answer, nothing changes.

Our logical mind may convince us … the “picking up the air conditioner” story – is/must be the truth.    But, the real truth of the situation – the answer that would resolve our pain – is often not what we logically think or expect.     Being stuck in our logic or story – when nothing changes – keeps us stuck in our situation.

Life Issues and Pain

In Yuen Method®, we find the reason for most pains is;  there are life issues that need to be resolved.

When we check the energy, most often the cumulative effect of past pain (relationship, financial, could be physical or non-physical) – and the energetic weaknesses this creates in us – precedes and predetermines (in many cases) that a pain, sensation or injury will occur.

That’s right, the non-physical pain was there first.

When we learn to look at energy, the biggest surprise is:
we often get “cause and effect” backwards . . .

When we don’t identify and deal with the real causes and sources of our pain, our true self continues to ratchet up the reminder signal.    Our unconscious energy supports and attracts an event (or injury) to manifest or bring the life issue back to the surface.

But, this time we understood and got the message, right?

Or did we ignore, suppress or worse – misinterpret – the signal(s) – perpetuating the state of “no change”?

Stories are painful

Often, when we are stuck in our story or untruths (the air conditioner we picked up, the weak ankles from childhood, the car accident from 10 years ago) – and the story doesn’t change our pain state – we actually reinforce the state of “no change”.

There is no need for a miracle or wishful thinking to resolve pain.   Using our intuition and coaching, we can quickly and accurately find the right answers already within us.

When we intuitively connect with the right answers, the energy shifts on-the-spot and so do our symptoms.

Letting go of logical and conventional thinking – and having an open and neutral mindset about the causes of pain – goes a long way to resolving it.