Impatience / Patience and Speed

The Struggle of Patience & Slowness

In alternative and even some conventional thinking, slowness is sometimes treated as some kind of new paradigm.  There is a tendency to believe that slowness is desirable – or – slowness gives us some greater wisdom or knowing.

Some look backwards longingly at the slower or so-called “better” ways of our distant ancestors.

The truth is, anyone in this modern life with modern technology knows that resisting the speed of the moment is futile.

Slowing ourselves down just creates and attracts more struggling experiences
The ultimate slowness experience is not moving at all – throwing out an anchor –
the very definition of stuck

The “need for more speed” is counter-intuitive to conventional and even some alternative ways.   But, if slow were good, we’d all be perfectly content writing our blogs on a 1980 Radio Shack TRS-80 with 64K of RAM.

Let’s start with a new paradigm – humans need to be okay (neutral) with speed.

The Need for Speed

Many complain that patience is a bother (” I need more patience!” ), but what we’re often struggling with is something simpler – the extremes of speed (fast vs slow).

We can internalize these thoughts and energies all the way back from childhood, and they still bother us whether we consciously acknowledge it or not.

The struggle is often related to 2 assumptions:

Fast is bad.         Speed kills, haste makes waste, slow down!! you’re hurt yourself…
Slow is good.     Slow and steady.    We eat slow, walk slow, tell our elders to move slowly.

To have things SEEM slower and less of a struggle, we have to embrace even MORE speed, not more slowness.    But, sometimes, we have energetic blocks to speed that hold us back..

Speed, for many, triggers childhood warnings “slow down, you’ll hurt yourself!!”

Embracing slowness means we give all our energy to maintaining that state – rather than being neutral with both slowness and speed.   Why allow both?    Well, most would certainly prefer some things to change quickly…

For example, fear of speed can make us – anticipatehesitate – with things that should be quick (like resolving our pains on-the-spot).

The Impatience Effect

Here is one example.

A person says they believe or say “impatience bothers me“;  (or “I struggle trying to be patient” or “I hate it when others are impatient with me or others“).   Sounds logical.     But, when we check the energy, the trigger – and what weakens the energy of some people – surprisingly – is WHEN OTHER PEOPLE ARE  PATIENT (SLOW)- with them!

In this case, the energy reveals the person is NEUTRAL (OK with) others being impatient with them or even their own impatience.

That’s why they’re stuck; they’re focusing on the wrong side (opposite) of a neutrality scenario.    (some of the readers that resonate with this scenario should feel a shift just reading this paragraph)

The Energy Creating our world

The “it bothers me when people are patient with me” energy can weaken us,  so we project out and create impatient experiences (experiences that cause us to wait, etc).

If something still bothers us about patience (or impatience), then no matter what we SAY bothers us, our energy will reveal we’re still “energetically” stuck in a state of “nothing’s changing” (and not neutral).

A neutral state changes the energy we project out and the energy around us, so we attract fewer experiences that (would normally) bother us.

But, answers are still individual

There are no blanket answers, though – it’s still individual.  Our own energy holds the answer, not our thinking or assumptions or thinking our answers should be the same as someone else’s.

10,000 research papers and expert opinions create much confusion – because most if not all those answers don’t apply to our situation.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to get neutral to speed – so it’s even with our (existing) neutrality to slowness.   When both are even, there will be less issue with patience.    So, make no assumptions; check the energy of the situation and get neutral – so it doesn’t matter either way.

When we’re neutral and we can accept speed as an even possibility – for just an instant we can shift in the next moment.