Experience immediate results with YUEN Method®.

Discover how easily and quickly this revolutionary, non-contact method can deprogram and neutralize symptom patterns so you achieve your optimum state of wellness. With YUEN Method®,  we strengthen all aspects of our being;  body, mind and spirit.

No ancient texts to read, no gurus to follow, no gadgets, special herbs, beliefs.
And no physical contact.

Yuen Method® is a uniquely powerful and new way to experience and process information – and shift your energy – on the spot.

YOU are unique!

Unique – when describing a human – being should be spelling YOUnique.  Every issue or symptom is unique, because every person is YOUnique.   Lasting results occur when we acknowledge this uniqueness – and the answers specific to your situation – instead of using cookie-cutter processes or one-size-fits-all methods that don’t get results.

The Goal – Your Wellness

Together, as equal partners, we will quickly identify the energetic causes of your symptoms (your answers).   When causes are identified and neutralized, your energy shifts, and quality of life improves – right now.

Typical symptoms clients bring to us:

  • Aches & Pains (chronic, back, neck, anywhere in the body) 
  • Headaches / Migraines
  • Allergies and food sensitivities
  • Digestive symptoms

… and non-physical issues related to:

  • Stress, anxiety…

…but we are not limited to just these issues or symptoms.

Why Travel?

No need for in-person consultation.  The revolutionary part of this type of energy work is that we can connect in a non-local (wireless) way – anywhere.   It’s analogous to how your cell phone or video-chat application (Facetime/Skype/video) works.

Results are the same whether in-person, in the next town, or across the planet.

Skype (face-to-face remote) or phone sessions are preferred, though we can accommodate special requests.


During a consult /intuitive session, we often uncover roots related to relationshipsmoney & financecareer/ purposeaging.  When these life issues are root causes, they often create and reinforce symptoms and pain or stresses we sense in our body.

The YUEN Method® uses the answers enfolded in your own energy field to pinpoint, identify and remove these root causes,  shifting the energy so new outcomes are possible.

Experience the YUEN Method® today by using the Coaching / Consults / Sessions link below.