Cue Plugin – Playlists – Stubborn Hurts


In this episode, we have a typical session going over common misconceptions about YUEN Method.    It’s simpler than you think.

NOTE: from

Examples of putting audio playlists on page. substitute ‘{‘ with ‘[‘ (square brackets) for actual rendering:

1.  Cue Style Playlist.
Cue Playlist

[cue id=”3987″ style=”light”]

{skipto- timestamp} plugin used by BruBrrry PowerPress Plugin, but also works here.
… to PLAY THE AUDIO (skip to) here, even though there’s no navigation UI rendering for a [ > ] Play button, etc.

  • 00:00 Skip Intro
  • 00:01 Stubborn Hurts, Neutral to Hold on/Not Hold On
  • 01:58 Perception Blocks, Compare/Accept/Reject
  • 03:45 Removing The Sentiments of Holding On