Addicted to Slowness? Embrace Speed

pattern01-200x200Slowness and Pain

Many of us consciously or unconsciously believe that getting over our pains needs to take time.     We’ve been conditioned to think and live as if slowness creates the best results – that there is more certainty if we are slow and deliberate.

If our experiences or upbringing condition us to associate speed with sloppiness or the possibility of something going wrong (slow downyou’ll hurt yourself!) we will unconsciously resist anything that occurs quickly.    Unfortunately, our beliefs not only influence our lives but that energy extends – collectively – into the lives of others.

For example, it’s often our own projected energy and words that make our elders slow down more than their own aging does.

So, when we harbor and accept slowness beliefs, they can:

  • become road blocks to our life situation changing, be it pain or some other aspects of our life
  • actually create more struggle, which leads to pain and suffering (isn’t suffering a slow process?)
  • energetically influence and block others from quick improvement

Immediate results are  not just possible, but likely and inevitable if we shift the energy by getting to the right answer or real cause of our pain.    When we also open and neutral and have no blocks to this energy shift, the situation can change in the next moment.

Simplicity of Speed

Our bodies are like sophisticated bio-computers.     As such, we can change the programming when we get to the right answers.

Using the Yuen Method® process,  you can quickly identify energetic road blocks to shifting out of your current predicament.

When we get to the true cause in conjunction with removing any energetic road blocks to perceiving the energy shift, people often experience immediate change.

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