When I wanted to know more…

Recently, the Yuen Method captured my interest, mainly because it offers an entry into Neutrality as a choice beyond ‘positive’ or ‘negative’.    When I wanted to know more, I had the good fortune to meet Stephen Dupre.

What a relief it was to notice that the negative/positive battle can easily be dropped in favor of the strength that resides in Neutrality. And that’s just the beginning.

Not only is Stephen well versed in the subject, being a certified Master of the Yuen Method, but he leads with uncanny insight and intuition and has a totally clear and supportive way to explore the unlimited potential, both of the Method as well as humanity.

If you want fast results and great simplicity in your personal expansion and a life of true choice, I strongly recommend asking Stephen for a lesson/session in Neutrality.

Beyond words …. with much appreciation.