Great Insights & Help From Stephen

I booked two sessions with Stephen after devouring the great content on his websites…and he was a great help. Yuen Method theory and understanding can be very tough…and his insight really helped me Grok it more fully. He was giving of his time & insight and was a delight to work with. If you want to get a MUCH better understanding of this powerful work I wouldn’t hesitate to spend some time with Stephen.
Rudy Hunter

Great teaching !

I left our session with this amazing feeling of plenitude and motivation,   Stephen is passionate and sharing, no limits in giving!

Thanks for the nice experience

Spot on!

After working with Stephen on a specific issue that bothered me for a while, I felt completely healed! I was amazed by his ability to pinpoint the exact origin of the problem. I can’t sing his praise enough and highly recommend him for any type of issue you are having!

Wonderful teacher, great session

I had a 15 minute phone session with Stephen last week that was really lovely. I felt very comfortable through the session and know I had some things change for me.    He was sharing about one of the issues I was having and I had a really big AHA about how it was holding me back and giving me the opposite of what I was looking for.

It helped me to shift.

I am interested in learning about the Yuen Method but find it pretty overwhelming and hard to understand.

So, after the session, Stephen spent a lot of extra time that he did not charge me for and helped me understand more about how it works, and walked me through some steps so I could feel it for myself.

Since I work with animals, he shared with me some useful things that I could be doing to help the animals I am working with in another way using the  energy of strong and weak.

Decided to go with Stephen because he wrote all these wonderful articles and I could see he is very passionate about helping people both with the sessions and with teaching people how to do it themselves.

I highly recommend him.

Helpful Info

Stephen’s website & insight helped me discover hidden or unknown causes of various issues… I even learned about new effects. Quite fascinating.

take your skills to the next level

I think Stephen is a great teacher and coach with a deep understanding of Yuen Method and Neutrality.

He is able to easily pinpoint my own blindspots that are holding me back and help me move into infinite potential on the spot.

I feel Stephen is a great resource for every Yuen Method student or person with issues that needs resolving + the articles on his NowEnergetics web site are great golden nuggets of wisdom.

In short, Stephen is a great helper for everyone who wants to take their skills to the next level.

Dedicated, has passion for his work

Stephen is a professional yet very caring, genuine being.   He helped me cope with the feelings of doubt, depression and sadness. Stephen is one of the most generous people I know.

Working with him will help you uncover hidden fears and issues that you need to address in order to move forward with your life. He truly wants to help people. Knowing and working with him is a blessing.  I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is dedicated, has passion for his work and is willing to show others how to learn to help themselves (and others) at a deep level.

Thank you for your kindness, wisdom, and compassion. I admire you greatly.

Warm regards

When I wanted to know more…

Recently, the Yuen Method captured my interest, mainly because it offers an entry into Neutrality as a choice beyond ‘positive’ or ‘negative’.    When I wanted to know more, I had the good fortune to meet Stephen Dupre.

What a relief it was to notice that the negative/positive battle can easily be dropped in favor of the strength that resides in Neutrality. And that’s just the beginning.

Not only is Stephen well versed in the subject, being a certified Master of the Yuen Method, but he leads with uncanny insight and intuition and has a totally clear and supportive way to explore the unlimited potential, both of the Method as well as humanity.

If you want fast results and great simplicity in your personal expansion and a life of true choice, I strongly recommend asking Stephen for a lesson/session in Neutrality.

Beyond words …. with much appreciation.

relief from stomach pain

I received a session from Stephen when I was having a lot of stomach pain. He quickly identified the emotional source of the pain I was feeling and began clearing it.

By just making simple statements he was able to gradually decrease the pain I was feeling.  By the end of the session I was completely free of physical pain and feeling better emotionally as well.

exceptional teacher

Stephen has changed the way I think about life. His guidance has led me to find unconventional answers to life’s problems (the real answers!) and a better understanding of the relationship between mind, body and spirit.

He’s a great facilitator for neutrality sessions, and an exceptional teacher who leads you on a journey to find your own answers. I’ve tried multiple modalities and none have given me quick results and improvements — more improvement in a month than the previous 2+ years with such a simple technique.

Stephen is extremely kind and generous with his expertise and time, and through his direction, my life has changed in a very profound way — more neutral, enlivened, and calm. I am immensely grateful for all that Stephen has taught me and for the gift of neutrality!