Yuen Method – The Answers In Our Energy

January 8, 2018 - (8:00 pm - 9:30 pm)

Join us in this fun and entertaining discussion of Yuen Method®.

This is free discussion and live Q&A call 

The Yuen Method® has been called the best kept secret in the energetics field for real-time transformations.

Dr. Kam Yuen and Marnie Greenberg published a bookDelete Pain and Stress – On-The-Spot” early in 2015 detailing this new way of getting on-the-spot results.  Some may still have questions about Yuen Method® and how quickly it can be applied in daily life.    If so, this call is for you.

Stephen is here to answer your questions live and coach you.

This live Q&A call is for both basic and advanced questions.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Yuen Method®, you can:

  • look at information and energy in a new way – a way that leads you to answers and results
  • take charge of your own health and wellbeing
  • take your energy work practice to the next level with confidence
  • get consistent energetic shifts – on the spot

Shifts happen – on the spot – as fast as a thought – when we get to the right answers.

There’s no mystery, no secret to the secret.

Join us – and see for yourself.

Location: On-Line call in with PIN (via FreeConferenceCallHD.com)
Time: Times of on-line events are all EST (U.S. Eastern Standard Time)
Dial-in Specifics: Mailed to registered attendees
Sign up earlyonly 25 spots available
Cost: Free 

Stephen is a Certified Yuen Method® Instructor and Coach and enjoys coaching both newbies and experienced practitioners.

Neutrality is a key component for getting answers with Yuen Method® (or any other modality).

Along with NowEnergetics.com, Stephen maintains another sister site;
The Power of Neutrality®
” – focussing  on the importance of neutrality in this work.

Stephen regularly publishes in-depth articles on both websites.

Yuen Method® – along with neutrality – energetically strengthens our ability – and the possibilities – to manifest a different outcome – in the next moment.

please email stephen (at) nowenergetics {.} com with any questions

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.