Karma – Part 2 – Outside Influences

Resolving Karma – The Sequel

In the first article about karma, we went over the basics.

Karmic elements are often thought of as what WE did .. to others.   But, more commonly we get karmic influences and energy from other not me influences such as:

  • ancestral, descendants chain – i.e. negative experiences of others
    (can be
    this life, but more often other lifetimes energy we need to dissipate)
  • spirit attachments
  • our (multiple) personalities of “self” – or personalities influences of others
  • others karmic energy –  to us due to resonance / tuning fork effects, etc


Karmic Energy & Manifestation

When we speak of the energy on the “giving” end of a karma, we have to also discuss the converse – which is the receiving side of the karma … or in YUEN Method, the hexagon of “negative life experiences“.    The RECEIVING end is the unresolved negative experience.

Hexagon of Negative Life Experiences
< trauma – illness – limitation – fear/phobias – karma (of karma) – miasm>

Different Types of Negative Experience Energy

There’s a difference between karmic energy & negative experience energy.. but it ties in to the “hexagon” above.

  • karmic energy is perpetrator energy (you did it).
    (e.g. a victim is tethered into you through your / ancestor / descendent  “chain” actions against them)
  • simple negative energies are just “unresolved” events, thoughts, experiences.
    (e.g. we can have “victim” energy of a karma … which is – to you – a negative experience.  Deleting it, dissipates the karmic tether from perpetrator)
  • miasminherited effects/imprints (memories) that reside in our CNS and cells affecting us in the here and now.

Where is the Karma Coming From?

We, of course have our own life karmic acts (and past lives) done to others, but just mathematically, there are many more ancestors, descendants that could “pass along” karmic energy towards us – and we often need to deal with this larger effect – before we deal with our own karma.

Other modalities sometimes focus to much on the “me” experiences..  A good 90% of what we need to resolve and clear are from outside us, from our ancestral, etc. effects because there are many more of “them” than of “me” experiences to resolve.   So, resolving 100% of the 5%

This is where, with simple (%) numerical profiling, we can tell what percentage (10%, 90%) is from “us” and how much from outside us (ancestors, descendants, etc, etc), so we focus on deleting the major sources first – and in the right order (highest effect first to lowest).


Curses are just long unresolved karmas; they have an intensity to them that – let’s say – “normal” karmas don’t have.    Karmas that last through many generations (time) – intensify their energy – as it appears to those (ancestors, etc) people involved they may NEVER get resolved.

Spell – negative influence SEEMs positive “give everyone benefit of the doubt”

The Physical Environment – Feng Shui

Sometimes we can sense and absorb (especially with empaths) karmic energy – from an environment we visit – whether physically or not.

  • Basic Feng Shui triad in YUEN Method®:   < home – work – school >
  • Other Elements:  <visit – read about – experience – see (pics, videos) – think about >

Negative energies in an environment i.e. “place” – can act as a barrier.    We consider this part of Feng Shui but not in the western sense about it – which is more superficial related to “flow”, etc. of a space.   Flow is one element, but it’s not the primary one we find in energetic testing.

Though, if karmic or negative experience energy – of any type – involves “place/space/location“, we need to clear that space/place so it doesn’t infect (affect) us – or others.   We don’t do this with external props (sage), we just find the energy of an area “weak” and with a thought, we strengthen it – dissipating the energy (sort of “push it out”).. and move on… done.    There’s no fanfare in YUEN Method® with a simple clearing of a space/place/location.

Break / Bend The Tuning Fork

We can sometimes attract experiences through tuning fork effects in our energy field .. things that resonate with the negative or karmic energy.    That’s the best reason we have to clear negative experiences energy from ourselves, our ancestors, etc –  to a more neutral energy – and less “drama energy
so as not to <create – attract – perpetuate> more negative experiences of these manifestations in our life – or the lives of those around us.

By tamping out the “tuning fork” effects – of resonance – this doesn’t mean we’re promoting positivity to overcome the negatives, we simply DELETE the negative(s) as we find them, and “energize our neutrality” (evenness) with a true – “meh, I can take it or leave it” – neutral energy.  

Some would call this neutral state “we don’t care either way” – as if  – it’s only the extremes of positive and negative (duality) we equalize – with the SAME energy… But, really, we want neutrality (no bias/preference) of all manifestation/outcomes/states  <positive / negative / anywhere in between>.  Our energy is then supporting & encompassing the widest set of possibilities .. with even energy… to attract and absorb less karmic or negative experience energy around us – that can influence our lives.


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Oh Sh!%, It’s ME!


Ever have that sinking feeling in a Yuen Method or Neutrality session?

Client says ‘no change‘?   Perception block(s) not clearing? .

We’re ALMOST down to the last tool .. in our “energetic” swiss army knife …
 could it beME?Arrrrrghhh!!!!

What happens when it’s YOUR influence affecting the situation and you MISS it?


If you experience this early on, good for you – if you haven’t, then clearly you haven’t done enough of this work.

Commonly, our influence effect – as practitioners – is most likely to occur working with family members or someone connected to us in another time/space… (through karmic attraction).    This karmic attraction may not seem direct – at first – easily missed.

An often surprising element of connecting in sessions with someone’s energy (and stories) –  is  –  sometimes seeing if WE are in their “soup” –  and by how much, and when.

It could be embarrassing or surprising – but, to me, it’s a fist-pump moment when we get to that state of knowing the energetic effects we have on others.

This is no time from frustration
just humor & humility, “ooooh, sh$!, it’s me!!”

“Me” effects
Remember to check if – YOU are – the weakness; the “me” effects can come up anywhere in the session – depending on resonance, perhaps some story/experience you’re “energetically” blind to (because you’ve not yet cleared it in YOUR own energy)

A new practitioner may have their own time weakness – or weakness to “4”.   Harboring that energy, they unknowingly, and unconsciously PROJECT IT OUT – energizing an “aspirin effect” (wears off) trigger .. in their client(s).

4 days later, the symptoms come back.

We want to find these weaknesses in our energy – early – and clear them.   A neutral practitioner – even a new, inexperienced one -can stay patient with their insights – and will realize something is “off” … and not just forge ahead making assumptions… etc
“what’s wrong with the client’s energy?”.

Me, Me, Me

So, add “me” to the life influences pentagon (hexagon) – when it comes up…
< ancestors –  descendants – spirit attachments – personalities – collective –  and……. MEEEE?!#

Even with experienced practitioners, 1/4 of your clients will trigger some “me” experiences / influences.    It can be tilted as high as (60/40) towards US… (karmic) vs towards others… depending on the situation.

When we find and clear “me” effects, we actually help the client and ourselves (too).  Our insight grows wider (and we can now improve these folks we couldn’t in the past … when we had our “me” energetic “blinders” on)

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Same or Different?


Notice what’s different, not what’s the same

When we work with new clients – especially those with pains

…  they expect us to use the same pain scale ( 1 to 10 ) measurement

…  that other modalities do.

And of course, we don’t.


We simply ask:  “Same or Different?”

Sometimes, clients don’t answer using our terms ..  not out of disrespect, but due to their own speech patterns.

We want to know if the client has experienced any perception of a shiftthe one that just took place.

We hear instead, variations of:

  • I’m a little better
  • it changed a little
  • it’s about a “6” now (when we didn’t suggest that scale)

Hmmm.    So, intuit / think the word “perception” … and likely it “goes weak“..    But, where do we go from here?

We know a shift took place.. that something is blocking the client… and we want to stay neutral and not unnaturally badgerforce the client into answering “same or different?” when they’re not ready.

So, the open ended question (to ourselves):

“where is it (their block) coming from …
to notice and answer “same or different?” 

When the client doesn’t respond “same” or “different” (to our prompts).. and offer phrases like “a little better” ..  we need to find the blocking weakness, shift/change the clients’ energy – so their neutral state allows them to notice more fully perceiveanswer.

From a practitioner point of view, we can’t have some “chip” on OUR shoulder about clients’ answering our questions..  If so, this means we’re not NEUTRAL in some way … and need to figure out why.

So, it’s always the open-ended question: “what’s blocking them?”

Here Comes The Judg(ment)
“A little bit”
.. is a judgment, so we switch to the < judgment – criticism – blaming > … triad..    We can simply clear the whole triad silently or we can  intuit which element is weakest (let’s say “criticism” goes weakest in the triad).   We strengthen the weakest one, then the triad as a whole (in a general way)..

We could also combine numerical profiling  as part of the conversation/strengthening…
You:  “Let’s see, that’s one of about (intuit) …  500,000 criticisms – affecting you (intuit) trillions of percent.”  (delete)
“OK, what are you noticing now?   Same or different?”  (again)

… and, the second time, the client still ignores your “same or different” choices …

So, there may be many threads to pull on… here…

Often, the energy blocking perception is a
more abstract or general  level issue (i.e. simpler)

Here are a handful of possibilities…

The client may have:

1) “stubbornness” energy
2)“(won’t) follow directions/instructions”.. energy…
3) deception weakness (won’t answer questions directly)
4) general “questioning” weakness
may trigger
a) “testing” weakness – and client may have bothers around testing others or being tested
   b)  (I already have) too many un-answered questions (don’t ask!)
5) accusation weakness (question triggers accusation)
6) weakness to “same” or “different” words
(don’t just go through a session “by rote” … YOUR words may be triggering THEM)
7) asking questions … is like … be(little)ing them .. condescending energy
8 )  forcing client to CHOOSE… (same/different) and choices .. goes weak
9)  question triggers “interrogation”

If one of the 8 above “goes weak”,  we strengthen it at a high level.   We can also posit a question to the client  (slight tangent with humor)... let’s say it’s #4..

Short snippet of a possible session exchange between client & practitioner

You:   “You (client) seem to ask a lot of questions… yes?”
Client: Yes, I do.

You:  “But, (intuit) you don’t like it when others asking you questions, or (intuit) answering questions, do you?”
“What I get is … you get (intuit) frustrated and a “little” angry when someone asks you a question and … (intuit) wants an immediate answer…   You have experiences like that?”
(let them tell you a short story and use that as a lasso to clear ALL experiences & thoughts like that… and go down that clearing path)

You:  “… OK, that’s ( clients’) one (story) of (intuit) 500,000 things that bother you about questions… let’s clear those experiences and get you neutral to (intuit) questions in general, not just answering or asking, but just ALL question(s)…
 Seems like any question – is triggering “I already have too many unanswered questions, I don’t want one more” energy…”

“How about now, same or different? .. about anyone asking you questions.. ”

Client: It’s different. I don’t care about questions..anymore

You:  “OK, now, let’s go back  – how’s your shoulder? same or different?”

It’s worth going through these few extra steps, since “questioning” may be a deeper clearing than an individuals’ shoulder pain they  presented to us & the clients’ energy immediately changes their behavior in the session and session will go better.

Remember, too, the energy of the behavior could come FROM YOU… towards them…   There can be many layers that influence anyone from perceiving changes.

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The Bruce And Dr. Kam Yuen Show

Bruce and Kam 

Well, that title is a teaser.    

I’m not referring to Bruce (Lee) – our Dr. Kam’s contemporary.   I mean Dr. Bruce Lipton (PhD) – a leading developmental biologist who wrote The Biology Of Belief.     Many of Dr. Lipton’s insights from his research – especially ‘energy psychology‘ (his term) being the best path to change – resonates with our YUEN  Method®  & neutrality concepts.

In a nutshell, Bruce describes 2 minds;  (a) conscious mind is creative/thinking and (b) sub-conscious is “programming” or ‘habits”.

YUEN Method® adds another mind “the non-conscious” to the 3 – to make it a triad.

We’ll discuss Liptons’ research and how both YUEN Method® & Bruce Liptons’ research and philosphy align – and how they differ in these areas.
  1. Conscious (mind) thinking
  2. Negative thinking/programming in our subconscious
  3. Re-Programming the subconscious mind.

How does Dr. Lipton’s work relate to YUEN Method® & neutrality?

Let’s look at 3 areas where we compare and contrast the two (with some heavy paraphrasing of the work built in for clarify & brevity).

1. Conscious (mind)

Bruce Lipton:   While consciously thinking;  We’re (often) unaware of our subconscious programming (95%) running in the background on “auto-pilot”.    Using a car analogy, Dr. Lipton says (paraphrase) – conscious mind thinking ‘lets go of the (steering) wheel” and subconscious programming takes over.

YUEN Method®:  Solely using our conscious mind (thinking we call it)  can’t access/reach real answers – only our insight (stop thinking & feel) gives us answers – based on feeling for strong and weak.

2. Negative thinking/programming in our subconscious

Bruce Lipton:  We get our programming (downloads) in the first 7 yearsof life during our “not conscious” phase, and from those experiences.   In our first 7 years of life, our brain is in “observe and record” mode; we’re not totally conscious yet (our child mind is in theta state).  This programming we record – then – affects our lives in the here and now; but we can – change – the programming by repetition, etc. “positive” thinking, affirmations, etc.

YUEN Method®:   Negative thinking connects – with us – in more ways than Bruce suggests
(a) we can also “tune in to” (psychic) energy collective of others with similar programming (amplifying the effects – could be infinite effect)
(b) we can inherit/download negative energy / programs / experiences.
i.e. This means we download “habits” or experiential energy – from many places such as:

  1. our ancestors – (in Yuen Method®, these “downloads” (imprints) happen without direct observation.
    This can be 90% of our programming “download” – it’s not just the first 7 years of life “recording”.
    Where Bruce says our (brain) “operating system”  starts as blank in childhood
    … ready to record – “starting from 0”.
    Yuen Method® posits we inherit this energy from many places – including our ancestors
    (e.g. At birth, we never start from 0 (programming); we can begin with 25-50% of our programming (operating system)  already “there”.   This programming can be “ours” from prior lifetimes or from our e.g. ancestors or their prior lifetimes and also from karma).   
  2. collective influence – e.g. resonating with experiences of all children, all men, all women, religious, ethnic/cultural, and past human experiences, etc too
  3. due to resonance – we seem to “download” collective experiences energy and programming that resonate with us – based on our (prior) lives or ancestors’ individual makeup and experiences.

3. Re-Programming the subconscious mind

Bruce’s “Biology of Belief” Programming is closest but not quite YUEN “weaknesses” (answers, energy)
How is YUEN Method® compared  to OTHER modalities in Bruce’s list of other energy psychology methods?
Bruce Lipton:  Changing “habits” (our programming) is often difficult.
To change habitual thinking / programming, we can use 3 techniques:
  1.  (good): theta states (hypnosis, all learning before age 7, re-programming during sleep)
  2.  (good): repetition (new “positive” mantras), practice, habituation, etc
  3.  (most effective): energy psychology (YUEN Method® would be considered energy psychology)

YUEN Method®:   We use our intuitive mind to access answers.
The difference is the:
  1. Stark simplicity and speed (1 second) of process;
     INTUITIVELY identifying what to de-program/DELETE (aka find the weakness“)
     (it’s not what we consciously think or SAY it is)
  2. Focus on immediate results –  DELETION (of the “bad” program) and re-programming in ONE step with results on-the-spot

So, again, Bruce Liptons repetitionhabituation (of a desired new behavior), hypnosis (theta state reprogramming) doesn’t have an exact equivalent in YUEN Method®.

With YUEN Method®, we don’t program a new behavior, per-se, we focus primarily – and PRECISELY on:

  • Intuiting EXACT answers
    (find weaknesses / imprints / programming in our energy)
     that are PRIMARY (90%) affecting us…
    … and we can numerical profile for accuracy.
    To others, getting EXACT answers may seem an arrogant statement  …
    …  but:  WHEN USING OUR INTUITION, WE’RE NOT GUESSING.  That’s important to note.
    Without  using  intuition, any answer is a guess (possibly a WAG) or assumption.
  • Removing the energetic negative effects of what we find is the cause or source
    (an energetic weakness and/or perception block)
  • Strengthening a person’s energy to a more neutral or even energy across all choices
    (the other extreme of our programming + all the infinite points in-between)

Once we remove the “energetic” signature / major effects, we – get neutral to all programming, positive or negative and in-between … that’s the best scenario.   When we’re neutral, there is no primary “program” coming to the fore … they’re all equal.

And, in YUEN Method®, we KNOW – through checking the energy (weakness) – WHICH “programming” is affecting us.   It’s usually NOT what a person may say “I fear failure”  – e.g. the CONSCIOUS thought.. which may resonate with other modalities, but not pass ourenergetic sniff test in YUEN Method®.

YUEN Method®  “(just) DELETE the stupid thing”

With YUEN Method®, and neutrality, we know we can INTUITIVELY – find a weakness– and DELETE  the “bad” programming (energy) in one second, not just momentarily “move it to the side” by downloading new programs alongside the old.   (the old programs are still there/active).

Even though we have access to new behaviors though Lipton’s re-programming, that doesn’t address the effects – and the old programming residing on the hard drive of our subconscious or from the “cloud” (collective “others” energy or energy from places or people in our ancestral chain that we connect with).

Me or Not Me?

If the programming comes from our ANCESTORs or KARMIC elements (from victims) giving us their energy as our programming, we can’t simply “shut it off” or override their energy with mantras “I’m gonna be a success” LoA type scenarios or “fake it till you make it”.

If that were true, everyone would get what they CONSCIOUSLY SAY they want – every time

Other techniques CAN work if the PRECISE BUTTON HIT IS the (energetic) weakness (in YUEN parlance).

Often, the person’s “guess” is 180 degrees off (success is the weakness, not failure)
… or the energy needs to be cleared OUTSIDE of them (karmic, ancestor. “collective”)FIRST – (since it’s the more primary EFFECT)  before the energy/programming in the subconscious is GONE/DELETED – or at least – NEUTRAL (EQUAL significance) …. to ANY experience (negative/positive) in our programming

Many may believe they have improvement with other techniques (and they may sense some) – but with energetic testing – in 1 second – we could reveal use of a side-stepping coping mechanism – due to when YUEN Method® calls false tools coping of (suppress, deny, lie, numb, shut down, forget, ignore/avoid).

Only clearing ancestors/karmic elements truly releases the tether (to our programming – and deletes it).


In the YUEN/neutrality world, the energy of negative programming (i.e. Bruce Liptons’ term) can also get more “tamped down” – or neutralized – by neutrality – i.e. “getting neutral” – such that something can shift..    It may SEEM (with neutrality) like we DELETED some program (we could), but really, we can just make things more “even” – energetically – so auto-pilot programming has multiple EQUAL/EVEN choices

Instant Results

YUEN Method® makes the more significant improvement – by deleting the old programming and the effects from ourselves and from other sources OUTSIDE us when necessary.. and it gives us a way to VERIFY OUR WORK MADE THE IMPROVEMENT (energy is strong).


Yes, You Can Resolve Your Karma

“ Karma is meant to be resolved.  It’s not meant to be re-lived. In a matter of seconds, you should know exactly what your karma is and you will not have that karma again. And the learning lessen people seem to want to find is – the resolving of these karmas without repeating the karmic experiences.”
– Dr. Kam Yuen, D.C. Yuen Method® Creator



A common western description of karma is: “what goes around comes around…” – like a boomerang –  or “cause and effect…”   Karmas can intensify – and accumulate energy – like any negative experience.

Karmas are often a primary – and mostly hidden – source of physical symptoms in our lives.

In Yuen Method®, karma is just another energetic weakness
to identify, strengthen and delete
on the spot



With all karmas, there is a victim (or victims) and a perpetrator.   A karma can be minor (lie, irritate someone, mislead them) or more severe (cause death, suffering).    There is no judgment of intention with a karma.  An unintentional karmic act committed is still a karma.

With Yuen Method®, we can resolve karmas easily by quickly identifying them with energetic testing.   And, of course,  just as important, we can identify when karma isn’t the major effect or influence.

When dealing with karma, there is no need to meet the person(s);  we can resolve karma through any time period or any layers of ancestors / descendants, or collective or cultural influences – in just seconds – and also check (the energy) that it is fully resolved.

The persons involved in the karmic act – whether victim(s) or perpetrator(s)don’t need to be alive / incarnate – to clear their karmas – this is key.   

Identifying and resolving karma with Yuen Method®
is as natural a thing as taking your next breath


Resolving karma in Yuen Method® is simple.

There is no need for props, complex or hard-to-pronounce terminology, reciting verses, studying/reading of ancient texts, visiting with some guru … or change in your belief system (if you have one).    We just identify the karma(s) and resolve them – on-the-spot – and improve the situation immediately.

Karmic effects in our everyday lives

In our own experiences (now or past), our actions can create karmas or karmic energies.   Also, karmic effects can arise from our relatives (ancestors, descendants, spouses, siblings, in-laws) to us – whether these people are still alive – or not.   We can even sense effects of someone else’s karma from the environment (a particular room of a house, a city or town, etc)

Karmic energy:

  • can come from many sources – our own, ancestors, descendants, collective (cultural, family, town)
  • of the victims and perpetrators is palpable
  • can affect our lives at many levels, not just spiritual or mental, but also physical
  • won’t dissipate organically without taking some action
  • often intensifies over time when it seems like the karma may never get resolved.
    This is why we want to identify and resolve all the karmas (ours or others) that affect us from our own lifetime or from all previous times.

Does “Good” Karma or Karmic Credit exist?

“Creating good karma” or “good karma” are phrases used to describe behavior that is judged beneficial to others. Many believe doing good deeds creates some kind of karmic credit (vs karmic debt).    This may seem logical, and it’s a nice sentiment for how we should treat others…

But, energetically, there is no such thing as karmic credit.

Unfortunately, there is no notion of energetic currency in the universe where (general) karmic credits cancel out past (specific) karmic debts.   We cannot lessen, eliminate or “cancel out” a specific karma by performing a larger number of unspecific good deeds we believe or judge to be “good”.

However, benefiting others is a good thing in and of itself  – and indirectly, while helping others, we’re not creating any new karma to resolve.

If we steal Jim’s money, we don’t resolve that karma
by giving money away to 100 or 10,000 others
that weren’t the victims of the original theft
(though the 10,000 people might be grateful!)

The different types of karmas

Many systems discuss karma in the context of ancient beliefs, writings and terms from hundreds or thousands of years ago.

Yuen Method® redefines how we deal with karmas and karmic energy in a simple and direct way, grouping types of karma  based on the actual karmic acts and relating the victims and perpetrators.    That’s really all that’s needed.

The 3 different types of karmas:  (let’s keep it simple with one perpetrator (John), one victim (Mike))

  1. direct – John directly with Mike
  2. partial indirect – only one of you is directly involved (John & Mike’s ancestor – Mike is involved as a victim through ancestral chain)
  3. (totally) indirectneither of you is directly involved (John’s ancestor with Mike’s ancestor, descendant, sibling, etc)

There is also the less common notion of “karma of karma” which means we caused or influenced someone else to commit a karmic act.    In karmic terms, we do not sidestep a karma by proxy (someone else does it on our behalf).  We are still responsible – even if we unconsciously have influenced someone.

Influencing others (intentionally / directly or not)
to commit a karmic act is called “karma of karma”

Identifying the general type of karma using energetic testing is how we begin to resolve it.

How to resolve karmas

By using energetic testing, energetic weaknesses that surface indicate the type of karma and who the karmic attachment comes from.    By identifying the type (direct, indirect, partial indirect), and with whom, we can strengthen the energy of the situation, resolve the karma and dissipate the karmic energy so the person feels a shift right away.

resolving karma this way means there is no need to:

  • meet or be near a person to resolve a karma with them or anyone in their present or past bloodline or family
  • (continue to) “pay the price” owed for the karmic debt
  • use the notion of equal suffering to resolve the debt

We resolve the karma energetically with no judgmentconditions, blame or grudges held or need for this debt to continue to exist.     It’s as if – the karmic act – never happened.

This on-the-spot resolving of karma – upsets some who have themselves (or ancestor) grudge / blame energies – or believe in  “equal suffering” or revenge for a karmic act.

We have to remember, resolving the karma is more important than rationalizing some excuse (grudge) to hold on to it.
It’s this “need to hold on” energy – that either energizes/creates/attracts/perpetuates the manifestations of – mostly negative – events &  physical symptoms in our lives .. to continually remind us/our true self – “you need to resolve these/this karma(s)”.

When we energetically check and still sense a need for grudges, blame or conditions – we resolve/dissipate those energies as well – so the person(s) let go of these energies.   Then, both the victim(s) and perpetrator(s) can move on.

Resolving karmas in the normal course of life

“You have to deal with your karma.
But how do you deal with it?
Well, you have to recognize it,
or at least acknowledge that there’s such a thing as karma
and that you could actually resolve it.
The whole lesson in life is to have the insight to resolve karma.
And, if we can’t resolve that, then what’s the sense of being here?”
– Dr. Kam Yuen, D.C.

The Yuen Method® provides a more concise and simple way to identify and resolve karmas.  Karmas – especially current day ones – occasionally do get resolved in the normal course of our lives, but it’s hit-or-miss or not complete.    Without using energetic testing and Yuen Method®, most current day or past karmas (ours or inherited) would at best get resolved by accident,  not by design or through awareness or conscious process.

Karmas and Beliefs / Belief Systems

Belief in karma or karmic debt is not required to resolve the karma or curses (i.e. inherited karma or negative experiences to resolve).

Some key points about belief systems related to karma:

  • Some alternative and other energetic modalities don’t consider karma as possible root causes of pain or life issues
  • Most energetic methods have no way to connect to the right answer needed to resolve karma.
    (type of karma, which direction, from whom … to whom) 
  • Most energetic methods don’t measure whether the karmic energy is
    • primary (i.e. significant – directly related to a pain/sensation) or
    • insignificant (minimal mental or physical effect).
  • Some believe karma can’t be resolved without re-incarnation and/or meeting up with the other person physically.
  • Some cultures and religious teachings believe karma exists, but a person can’t inherit karma (or curse) from an ancestor or anyone else

With Yuen Method®, we’re neutral and not limited by any belief system.   By using our insight, we reveal the karmic acts as they are – and resolve them – in all directions – and with all participants – quickly, and immediately change the energy of the situation.

When the karma is resolved, the energetic shift can be felt – on-the-spot.    For more information, see Karma – Part 2 – Outside Influences

Final Thoughts

To learn more about karmic influences on our daily lives and how to identify and resolve them using Yuen Method®,  schedule a consultation.

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The Session: Money / Abundance


In Yuen Method®, when we look at someone’s story – say,  a financial / money struggle, we find finances

… is almost never the primary (#1) issue or energetic weakness

(even if someone is penniless)

And, of course, the “real” story – is usually one specific to the individual.

So, a generalized “finances tips: Step 1-2-3” cookie-cutter article never makes sense – because …



The person’s energy usually points us away from their presented story – and, in another direction – to start.

Finances – eventually – may come up as a primary weakness (after we clear away other more significant effects).

When it does, here is a non-exhaustive list of categories that could come up as finances-related weaknesses:
(there is no judgment in the list of negative/positive; and the energy of these experiences could be our own or from other places – e.g. our ancestors, etc)

Money Coming to Us

  • Not earned – win (lottery), reward, find, beg for/donated, inherited, given, charity
  • marry in to money
  • gambling (take money from other people)
  • stolen, pickpocket
  • extort, embezzle, bribe

Ways we earn money

  • job/salary/work (exchange time/skill for money)
  • dividends, interest
  • per diem/hour
  • appreciation
  • selling something

Ways we can handle money

  • count it (teller experience)
  • create/making/print (legitimate) or print it (counterfeit), launder it
  • keep track of it
  • collect/transport
  • divide up/distribute/exchange

Getting money in other ways

  • find or dig up (treasure hunt)
  • sell things – conversion / exchange (goods to money, services to money)
  • trading –  i.e. services for paper exchange is considered trading.

Getting “Paid” money

  • Pay Up Front
  • Pay After Service Rendered
  • Have an allowance or trust

Money moving away from us

  • lose
  • bills, payments
  • give away, charity, obligations
  • Subscription, mortgage – pay in installments


A Session – on Money/Abundance

Where do we start?
Let’s begin with a concrete example of a challenge with money/finances (and/or abundance) … that doesn’t start with finances, but can end up there.

A seemingly loosely non-finance related core or primary issue  –  can lead to a large energetic shift – or change – in the Yuen Method® leading life supports (i.e. fitness, relationships, money/finance, career, time, health).

Let’s examine a session – where a person begins stating a concern like:

“I worry and struggle with / about my money/abundance.”

So, we begin with a stated bother… and see where it leads.


Interviewer:   So, what bothers you about money or abundance?
Person:   It’s the biggest challenge for me, so far, nothing I’ve strengthened has helped.

   OK, let’s see where the energy leads us…   (intuit – to find an energetic weakness)…
… what I get is:   there’s no direct weaknesses to money or abundance – per-se .. 

… but the notion – or thought of – “finances” weakens your energy, but not in the “money/finances” sense ..

Finances for you … is like (intuit…) … “keeping track of things” … weakness.   Huh, that’s a new one!

Your energy says is not your own “keeping track ..” – but other people expect you to keep track of things – for them –  so they don’t have to –  and that kind of bothers you…

So, the idea of money/abundance is close to finances – it’s in the ballpark …
… but it’s really just a trigger to “keeping track of” experiences ..  that have not been resolved – first.   So, you make an unconscious, self-sabotaging choice to have “fewer” of things (money, other things) – so you have less to “keep track of”

Person:  That’s interesting.   It may be the reason why I couldn’t hold on to a lot of money and know only a few people.

  (intuit) And, remember, it’s not really your experiences, but some (intuit …) – descendants – energy.. coming to you … that they want you to resolve for them …  It’s negative – not so much the experiences – themselves – but the consequences of when they didn’t “keep track of” things … kind of a prison or incarceration or “trapped” type of experience … 

One other very important thing:  The descendants keep “ratcheting up” the message/signal, so you – feel the pressure – and un-consciously limit yourself – more and more.    And that’s important – you’re not CONSCIOUS of making these “limiting” choices .

In a way, you think this is a quirk in your personality – your “way”- to be …  but it’s not.    You’re unconsciously complying … to have the fewest of  things to “track” (abundance, finances, friends) – and it’s like saying – to the descendants
“is it enough?“… and the descendants say “no, you missed it”.

So, let’s clear this whole keeping track of … from your descendants … – not so much from this lifetime, but other lifetimes – and that “tether” to you…  and – make sure they get the message.

… Ok, now it’s strong – and strong for them that they “got the message” – the energy is gone, dissipated – that’s done.

So, now, if “keeping track of” is resolved, doesn’t bother you mentally – or energetically – and you’re neutral – and have no aversion to having a lot of “something (aka abundance of  friends, money, energy, etc) – you’ll be in a better place …

What does that seem like to you now?

Person That’s very remote (descendants) – I’m surprised something like this can influence one’s current life greatly.
Interviewer:  Yes, it can.   Remember, we’ve probably strengthened & resolved– a least a little bit – all the “this lifetime” stories – by thinking, recalling & re-experiencing them as memories.   And, in the abstract, when descendants comes up – in many cases –  the largest influence can be from some other  ( not current ) lifetime – so even more remote – and hidden.

As time goes on, and we keep “missing” the real story – as we said before, these descendants can ratchet up the signal
… when we don’t get the message.

Person  I felt a shift, less tension in my head, less anxiety.
Interviewer:  That’s good.   Remember, too, we’re not judging any answer.   These things can happen in our lifetime – or some other –  or the energy could come from another time / place / persons.    Just be neutral – whatever is found.    It’s just another weakness / story to strengthen and delete the effects of 

As Dr. Yuen would say (paraphrase):

“we don’t know it’s true or not true,
but if it comes up (as a weakness), we have to deal with it”
-Dr. Kam Yuen

Whew!   Now, Money / Finances Comes Up

Interviewer:  (continuing): 
So, once we cleared the other things, now money comes up
(This is often the case, money doesn’t show up first, but eventually, it can show up later on – it could be 5th or 3rd or 2nd in this case)

So, let’s look at money.   The many ways we can have or acquire money…
<always – never – a little – a lot – fast – slow> <== good hexagon for clearing a lot of things, addictions, etc.

So, (intuit) …
… there’s something coming up about – reaching out to someone – or someone reaching out to you
… that’s one way to “get” money..

… but, when looking at your energy – of you thinking of accepting .. e.g. money (earned, etc) –  from someone else –  for some people, there can be a weakening effect from unresolved begging experiences

In your specific case, that’s not it – accepting .. is more triggering experiences of ancestors stealing money …
… so, karmic experiences – this time from ancestors, not your experiences … 
… and that makes “accepting” – especially money – difficult … because, to you, accepting is like stealing
… accepting is always “tainted” so to speak – from the energy coming from your ancestors to you.

(we’ve talked about karmic effects  in other articles.  There are 2 articles (Part 1 & Part 2) about karma (Resolving Karma – Part 1 & Karma  Outside Influences – Part 2) but, basically, when spirits are in between lives, they actually can’t resolve their own karmas in non-physical form; that’s why we (living) often get their energy, or they direct our actions – through an ancestral chain – as “pawns” to resolve their karmas).


So, let’s visit acceptance – since it comes up …
… It’s interesting, a lot of people talk about self-acceptance as #1 (i.e. “new age” speak)
… but self-acceptance is not an issue – not a weakness – for most people
… the energy tells us – it’s more often about accepting (of things, money) from others – or being accepted BY OTHERS – that needs to be strengthened/resolved.

Let’s clear down through that layer …

OK, what does that seem like now, same or different?

Person:   Well, it seems like the same.
Interviewer:  Same.. (intuit…) hmmm.   Let’s clear one other thing first;  and I won’t mention what it is ... how about now?

 Now, I feel a difference.
Interviewer:   What came up is a shade of one of the items from the “Clearing Perception Blocks” article…
I forget which number it is  … but it lists elements that block shifts for some people…
… like the need tohear it, see it, read it

In your specific situation, I sensed a new block that I’ll now add to the list.

You had a need to “DIY” or “(I) need to do everything myself (please)!”.    For others, some other perception block could block them from noticing a change;   The accepting (help, earnings, friendship, etc) from others” was a real bother for you ..  another ‘accept/reject’ layer… it was another reminder of the “taint of accepting things” we already resolved for you …

So, let’s get you neutral to – accept/not accept (help) – reject/not reject ..   For you, “accept” and “not reject” goes weak.. “not reject” goes weaker.    Let’s clear away that next.

Yes, I am like that… I’d rather do things myself
Interviewer:   One more comes up… time … but not in normal sense.

It’s time – but not quite.  People taking your time – even if they pay you well – it’s like you’re TRADING … in this case it’s trading … your time for something (money) and you don’t like trading.

Do you have an experience like that?

Person:    Yes, I don’t like trading, or Yankee Swaps, because someone is always getting the better of me.
Interviewer:    Well, there’s some truth to that.

Your ancestors wildly cheated others trading with them (almost stealing) like the “buy Manhattan for a bag of beads” experience.   Very uneven experience.

How is it affecting you?  What I get is:
Every “pay you” experience – triggers –
 that “cheating tradereffect & energy – like you’re cheating someone every time you get paid… and projecting out that energy … repels people from wanting your services.

Your ancestors – are asking you (for help);  they want that karmic event resolved, so we’re doing that for them right now.

Your ancestors gave you that thought & energy so you could have/attract/experience “bad trading experiences” yourself  – in your own life .. and you think it’s about you, your experiences, but it’s the ancestors creating those experiences for you – to remind you of their karma they want resolved.

How’s that seem to you?   When you think of trading….

Person:  I felt a big shift on that one.   Now, trading doesn’t matter.
Interviewer:   So, now trading won’t bother you.  You can still stay away from Yankee Swaps if you choose, but in your business, you can accept money without triggering that trading weakness we’ve deleted… and your potential clients no longer sense “I don’t like trading” energy from you – projected out – so now you have a better future in getting paid.


When we use our intuition and feeling to find and clear away the real issues blocking our finances and abundance, and let loose of our story, huge shifts can occur.

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Answers You Seek? Strong or Weak -Yoda

Hmmm …aaaanswers you seek?   Just strong or weak” …

It sure sounds like something Yoda would say to Luke Skywalker.  And, of course there’s truth to it… it’s Yoda after all..

We want to raise the bar for all of humanity.  When every human being has insight, then the whole human race will change. This is the real technology – not the science that people talk about that really isn’t science because it has no results.  

– Dr. Kam Yuen, D.C.

With insight, any energetic or spiritual practice is enhanced 1000x or more – to get answers, quickly .. but some won’t even try intuitive – energetic testing – of strong/weak to enhance their results.

With YUEN Method, we keep things simple.

There are no answers “hidden” in complexity – for us to discover.  This process substitutes simplicity – and eliminates complexity.   Still, some, maybe most – would rather stubbornly embrace complexity and never get an answer to resolve even one problem.     Well, that’s their choice.

Neutrality is a big part of what we do – to increase our insight(ful) muscles – and is described at length on a separate sister website “The Power Of Neutrality“.

“Just DELETE the stupid thing”

We’re indoctrinated in Western cultures to think – actually – to over-think, over-analyze, over-conceptualize – take our time –  when we’re confused, without answers – and don’t know what’s going on.   Then we make snap judgments on scant information using our logic – just to grasp onto ANY ANSWER (right or wrong or pre-recorded from our unconscious or from so-called “experts”).   Our grasping is a kind of intellectual kenophobiaif you will… when it’s more productive … to wait (only a second) for a real insight from our intuitive mind.

And, thinking – more – doesn’t lead to resolution; matter of fact, merely using our logical thinking – without intuition – never resolved anything.

If we use our intuition/ insight – and feel for a weakness – the real answer(s) – of what’s really affecting us in our energy  –  we can lasso it, delete it – and the cumulative effects  – in an instant.

Wrong Answers are not benign

One of the more controversial concepts Dr. YUEN posits (as a basic principle) is: wrong answersare not benign.   They actually harm us.  How?

Resonance & cumulative effects (or accumulative effects) grow with each wrong answer(s) – making the problem harder to resolve.    That’s why random Google searcheswell wishers advice, even experts opinions – that don’t have precise and precisely-correct answers, just add to the weight and depth to resolving any problem.

How do we know we missed it?  If the answer were correct, we should feel an immediate shift – on-the-spot.

YUEN practitioners often take extra moments to get “immediate results”.

We most often intuit and clear:

  • “wrong answers” effects – back through time
  • cumulative effects of the past (ours, others influencing us)
  • psychic energy and misinterpretation from ourselves (but also the collective, our family, experts  – in the order of maximal effect to lesser effects)

Ward Cunningham’s law applies here.   The way to get the right answer to a question (on the internet ) is not to pose the question, but to pose the wrong answer.  e.g. “my back pain is comes from my back”.    

When others try to help (without using their intuition), the answers they suggest are – mostly – wrong answers – because they don’t change us.  If their answers were correct, something would change – immediately.

When YUEN practitioners hear or read wrong answers, we know in 1 millisecond “that answer ‘tests‘ strong (i.e. is already strong), so it’s not a correct answer, throw it out, move on.”

Throw Out The Garbage

Sentimentality and imprints (our programming – for shorthand) in our energy – can complicate our ability to throw things out.    When we harbor these wasteful, poverty-striken energies from our past (or ancestors), it becomes a powerful anchor – resisting – any change – to our ability to identify and accept the correct answer(s) so we can delete the effects completely.

We often look at the personal profile of the individual
(to see what element(s) of “holding on” are keeping them from shifting – or perceiving a shift that’s already taken place)

  • sentiments are “holding on” concepts of what:
    “might have been”, “could have been” …
  • imprints are like our Operating System pre-programming of what we:
    1) can do/can’t do  2) should do/shouldn’t do  3) must do/mustn’t do
  • memories – painful, recycled, etc (strong anchors to shifting)
  • roles – defines behavior, expectations based on social norms … spouse, father, blue collar, mother
  • identities – “sameness” – “athlete”, “nerd” “responsible”, “I’m the clumsy one in the family”

Hardwired for neutrality?

Chinese – and I’d say most people of asian ancestry – as myself – are (more) wired for neutrality.   The collective is more a part of their life – they’re (more) neutral to collective energy, so they don’t hold on to the collective psychic energy as we do in the west.   And it’s the connecting/resonating with psychic energy – of others – that can significantly affect us in the now

Insights = Results

When we begin using our insight and intuition – a this simple way – (strong/weak) .. we can get answers that can improve our lives and the lives of others around us – on-the-spot.

With YUEN Method, we keep things simple. Just strong and weak.   The force is just that simple.

Immediate Results, No Excuses.

Time tested, Yoda approved.

See Also

YUEN Method® for Dummies

Sheldon Cooper

I’m NOT a dummy

Hangin’ with Sheldon

I remember my first YUEN Method® class many years ago in Toronto – and also attending Dr. Kam’s usual “night before” free seminar preview of the training.

The audience of maybe 80-100 varied in age from what I could tell.

One lanky, bearded guy in the audience caught my attention    He looked well educated, maybe 35yrs old.   By his dress, I was fairly certain he was an engin-nerd type.

 (strangely, your humble author and even Dr. YUEN have backgrounds that includes being an engin-nerd)



Let’s call this person I observed – Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon was clearly skeptical.   Why?    Well, Sheldon thinks he understands quantum physics – how things really work.  He holds the common materialist view most highly educated people hold – without actually admitting they have that (a) “belief” system.

Perhaps someone familiar with YUEN Method® told Sheldon about Dr. Kam – and he came to the free, night-before presentation to get material to debunk the Method to his “believer” friend.

After Dr. Kams’ demonstration / presentation, I sat near Sheldon in the small hotel lobby –  looking at my notes – and overheard him on his cell phone.

(short snippet) “His (YUEN’s) diagnosis don’t make any sense … He’s not really DOING anything”…

Sheldon had dogmatically rejected what others experienced – and even what he saw with his own eyes.  Perhaps what Sheldon saw didn’t fit into a neat mathematical model or box – or reaffirm some “settled science” in this beliefs or of other physicists in his narrow “echo chamber” academic circles.

Skepticism … Hurts (really)

Sheldon was a textbook skeptic … and partly a cynic.

Sheldon would probably consider himself extremely open – when it comes to questioning everyone else’s beliefs – and especially others’ experiences… but he holds his own belief system sacred and unchanging (as correct).    He simply won’t question his own dogmatic beliefs – or even admit he also has them
… long enough to posit “
how is that/this physically possible?”.

As I can feel his energy now – from that time long ago – he saw our Dr. Kam – a man with mastery of this SIMPLE method (strong/weak) as some kind of charlatan –  a side-show snake-oil salesman.

Sheldon was only there to debunk – to confirm his own beliefs – and gather fuel to free others’ woo-woo minds from the “scam”.    He could brag to his Ph.D colleagues “I went to another fortune teller last night, what a phony”.   The herd wins again.

Continuing, Ahem ..Education

Like so many highly educated people, Sheldon was looking for something MORE COMPLICATED than what he could understand – as a measure of truth, usefulness or value.

When the concept was SIMPLE (and worked), his openness – what little he had – evaporated – in his uneasiness of being confused by what he saw.   Educated people often won’t explore anything that confuses them.    And, instead of introspection / questioning his own beliefs/education (“hmm… this isn’t what we are taught”), it triggered zealot mode in him – defending his education, “settled” science – more-or-less.. vs having a direct, and measurable experience (he didn’t go on stage to experience it)

The energetic weakness that applies here would be “the learning anchor” or “the academic mindset” (both “holding on” effects).

i.e. “Don’t stray from the herd (be safe)” beliefs – even if the herd is WRONG.

“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.”
— Nikola Tesla

Sheldons’ familiar story repeats –  especially with other modalities in the energy work or body work fields.     If the modality they’re familiar with is COMPLICATED and SLOW, and took much time / effort to LEARN – they can’t let go – and accept the simplicity or immediacy of YUEN Method®.

And, it’s their loss.

It’s best not to debate – or grieve for – or spend 1 second trying to convince the Sheldon Coopers – or give them more attention than they deserve.   As free people, we all make our own choices.  There are ~7.2 Billion people on planet earth – and only so many hours in a day to spread the simple truths we uncover in what we call YUEN Method®.

Sheldon:  “My back hurts – it must be coming from my back”..
Me: Yeah, I’d go with that Sheldon, I’m sure there’s a pill for that.   (Eventually, you’ll come around)

Authors Note:  None of us – as closet “Sheldons” – came to shift our beliefs overnight.  We had to be shown, over and over – throwing away what we thought we knew – before our own (new) experiences & realizations & insights –  forced a hard reset.

Our Dr. Kam freely offers (paraphrase) “hey, I thought this (conventional) way before too, but now I know the truth”.
.. and now, so do you.. if you choose.

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The Session: Follow .. the Metaphor?

Follow .. The Metaphor?

In YUEN Method®, we often uncover surprising truths about the root causes of a complaint.

It sounds almost too simplistic, but the metaphors we use  – or that unconsciously “pop out” in our speech patterns – often reveal unexpected, surprising and sometimes humorous truths – and can lead to significant energy shifts.

Truthchanges the situation  – on the spot.   

Many metaphors create an energetic weakness (placeholder) for what YUEN Method® calls “cumulative effect” in a physical space or area of the body.   Metaphors also attract energies from others through resonance – the collective – (i.e. collective influence) giving us a double-whammy effect –  amplifying our symptom state.

Metaphorically Speaking, You’re the Pain in My Butt

In our “advanced” western societies –  as so-called educated people – we are culturally conditioned to look for – and accept or acknowledge – the complicated or serious answer(s) as “truth” (or closest to truth).    We often accept what we read from “experts” or “majority” beliefs without question.  e.g “back pain comes from my back”

As we enter adulthood, we turn to our logic – and lose our intuitive insight and sense of wonder/surprise, and often discount, ignore or reject – before even considering – a simple/easy/common or even juvenile answer – that may contain our truth – and resolve our problem…

And, herein lies the origin of a favorite Dr. Yuen quote “It’s so simple, you missed it.

Back to kindergarten basics

To get real insights & results, we need to use our intuition – not logic – and shift into a more neutral – and frankly – kindergarten mentality – to get answers.

This is a Yuen-ism that has truth to it.

That Crazy Practitioner!
The more successful YUEN Method® (or any modality) practitioners have a healthy (or warped) sense of humor, and are as playful as a 4-year old child, not self-conscious or afraid to be wrong/embarrassed by an answer they gain from intuition & insight.   Openness and neutrality in our intuition are key ingredients that draw answers towards us; and there should be no struggle or resistance in receiving these answers.    See The Answers in Our Energy

Demand Immediate Results
When we have no results – when nothing has changed – it’s important we acknowledge this – and prepare to move on from our “story” – immediately.   Our old story has no answers or resolution for us.

Being stubborn with our <beliefs, assumptions or expectations> (or those of other “experts”) – we perhaps believe if we simply wait loooooooong enough, eventually these assumptions will become truth, and we (or our “expert”) will be proven right.

Good luck with that.

The widely-held unconscious beliefs
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait” or
“Healing Takes Time”
blocks our openness to experience “Immediate Results”

Internalizing the above quotes “Good Things… “, etc.  programs a kind of stubbornness in us – to any change or improvement.   Improvement requires change from our current state, yes?   “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”… mentality just energizes our stuck state.

Being defiant – and stubbornly holding on to the wrong answers (no results) – and waiting – isn’t some kind of virtue;  this behavior just energizes and attracts other stubborn things in our lives – that don’t move – and don’t go away – like symptoms…   Get neutral with stubborn.  (i.e. be open to change )

Seriously … wrong
It bears repeating;  there simply is too much seriousness in our dialog about health.

We don’t have health issues, we have life issues we need to resolve … causing our symptoms.
— LeRoy Malouf

Health is just one of 6 – major and equal – elements of our lives (and we should not make health #1 !! ):
The common YUEN Method® “life” elements list are:  <FitnessRelationshipsMoney/FinanceCareer/PurposeTime/Less AgingHealth>

Also, anytime we have too much seriousness, we lose our openness, neutrality, we make assumptions – so struggle and failure are not far behind.

Conventional methods and we (and often our clients) – through repetition of thinking/talking/worrying about the situation – have already strengthened all the serious assumptions and stories, and still have no answers, no change, NO RESULTS.

The Session

Let’s look at a simple example from a session:

  • back-breaking / pain in the butt


Client:   “Have this pain & soreness in my back for a very long time.”
Practitioner:   “Let’s see where that’s coming from (intuit) …

When I check your energy  there … well, there’s no weakness in energy there – so, it’s not coming from your back

Let’s pause for a moment.
For those new to YUEN Method® and this type of intuitive answer,

this “shifting out of the story” is the major insight we offer to clients
in one second.
Get out of your story

Let’s see – (intuit) – ah … how do I phrase this?  Do you like watching lazy people?   Or, if you worked with or saw someone that was really lazy, would that bother you?

Client:  That’s my pet peeve, if I watch someone idle or being lazy, it drives me nuts.  I like to stay busy.
Practitioner:   So, it bothers you – and you have that experience, yes?  I just want to establish a baseline.
Client:  Yes.

Practitioner:  So, if you could, I would say (intuit) …  you’d put them to work at some difficult job as punishment – like a coal mine or something.    Punishment for idleness, yes?

I’m kidding with you here a little to make a point, but you get the idea, yes?

Client:  Ha, Yes… I probably would …
Practitioner:   Hmmm, (intuit) – for many people, they don’t connect with a direct experience like that, but you do…
So, these people you want to punish for idleness – in general – are strangers, let’s say, not your ancestors, etc.

OK, let’s make that adjustment – what are you noticing,  now?

Client:  It’s about the same.
Practitioner:   There has been a change, I can sense a difference in your energy from before.

So, when you say “it’s the same”… let’s say  … you’re a little stubborn about things staying the same.   I’m getting that from your energy…

So, your perception is off – not complete, so you struggling with perceiving the shift…

Let’s look at – and clear – the most significant elements of your perception that block you, so you’ll notice.   (intuit)…

Let’s say “time” comes up #1 – it’s like (intuit) … 6 months to notice a change … “healing takes time” .. etc. .. that’s where the energy “goes weak” for you…
… and then, #2 is like (intuit) … judgment …   other’s judging you ;  your energy says you don’t like it when other people notice you’ve changed.   And that energetic block  –  actually you’re blocking yourself – keeps you from noticing changes.

pain in the butt

Let’s remove both of those perception blocks.    It’s kind of a defiant type of – “pain in the butt” experience .. in your direct experiences/spirit.     Have you ever had that experience – that you were a “pain in the butt” … about something trivial?

Client:  HA HA!     Yes, I can related to that.. I can sometimes be anal, a pain…

Practitioner:    And you seem to like it… being a “bump on the ass of progress” (– LeRoy Malouf)
Client:  That’s a funny expression.

Practitioner:  Well, “if the shoe fits…” only kidding…    Anyway, now, bend back and forth – how does your back seem now?

Client:  Wow, that’s interesting – I feel a difference.

Practitioner:   I haven’t given you all the key details ahead of time, because many times skeptical people say “I heard something you (practitioner) said and the “wishful thinking” is what made it better

But, here, I’m telling you now – what I found – AFTER you noticed improvement.

OK, basically, you had a lot of karmic experiences of breaking someone else’s back(s).. so-to-speak – working someone else hard – “causing pain to others”.    (intuit) I get this energy is from the now, and some other lifetimes – and those karmic “tethers” – from those victims – held very strong onto your back area to remind you.

We clear the energy of the karmic experiences by connecting with the victims and their energy and clearing them – to you… resolving the karma in one second…

And, as we always say,  “we don’t know if it’s true or not, but we sense it in your energy, and the proof of truth – is the results”

Either you felt a difference or you didn’t.

Revisiting “Lazy”
Practitioner: OK, now, let’s go back, and imagine you see someone lazy or idle, do you feel the same or different as before?
Client:  It seems blank now, I don’t care.

Practitioner:    You’re more ok and neutral with it now, right?    It’s much less significant an issue for you… and that’s what we want.   We want fewer things that bother us, create these blocks that give us symptoms.

Not that you’re more neutral, we can say that part of your personality of needing to be busy, not liking lazy people – a lot of it wasn’t coming directly from you, though you thought it was part of your personality…. Your whole life just changed in a moment, now you’re a different person.

Client:  That’s pretty crazy that something from the past could affect us so directly – yet invisibly – making us behave – or believe – a specific way.
Practitioner:   This happens all the time when we clear root causes…  It’s a huge shift for you..

You can goof off all you want now, right?  (laughs)…   You don’t have to be a serious busy-body anymore…  You can stop being hard on yourself when you’re not keeping busy all the time.. now that you’re more neutral with it.

Client:    Yes, I guess so, I never thought of that.   Boy, neutrality feels weird…

Practitioner:    OK, (intuit) I’ve got one more that comes up …  if someone lies to you, would that bother you?
Client:   Yes, it would – that bothers me a lot.

Practitioner:    Well, a lie is similar to a “wrong answer”, yes?
Like … when someone tells you your back pain comes from the back.

Let’s delete that – and the cumulative effect of:

  1. all the wrong answers you’ve experienced – back through time.   Now, you have a “clean slate” so-to-speak.
  2. and resonating with others who got wrong answers (collective influence from outside)

Wrong answers – from others and your beliefs – leaves you waiting in a “stuck” (no change) state over and over…   Now, change can be quicker and more natural for you …

… and one wrong answer … can’t trigger all those others – because we’ve deleted them.

Let’s also get you neutral to wrong answers too – for the future too – so nothing blocks you for discerning what is true or not true.

<right / not right, wrong / not wrong – neutral>

Also, the “from others” – outside you – collective influences resonance  – was like (intuit) 4x more than your own beliefs/influences… so that’s a good clearing for you…

Ok, how’s that seem?

Client:  Wow, that was a huge weight, I just took at deep breath.


Being bothered by something isn’t productive – and can give us symptoms.

Some people use bothers to SUPPLY the energy to DO something… and mis-label it motivation energy.    It’s better to be neutral and have no bothers.   Then, if we choose to do something, it’s from a neutral place of infinite, equal choices – with no “energetic” charge .. or bother energy.

Bothers can cause us to:

  • resonate with a common metaphor – and draw huge negative energy from the “collective human” experiences, or karmic experiences – toward us
  • project out / inherit energy (ancestors, physical area) to energize and manifest specific repeated experiences to remind us

Symptoms are our early-warning system;  by using Yuen Method’s “follow the weakness” – we are directed to the answer.     Just don’t fall into the trap of only looking for the “serious” path to the answer.

Follow the metaphors too; be open, childlike and neutral – and look – where it makes no logical sense…
… for the answers you seek.

The Romper Room awaits.

See Also

Is Our Something – About Nothing?

One of the many speed-bumps for new people in Yuen Method®
… is understanding the importance of neutrality to zero in its many forms.

Terms like “zero/minus-infinity” and “poverty stricken mentality” are mentioned often as what to strengthen and get neutral to.

So, what does it mean to be “strong to” (neutral to) something we likely don’t want – like having nothing or poverty stricken?   How can that be desired?

Well, it’s not that the notion – or experience of – poverty stricken is desired …
… but it IS a neutrality extreme – and one possible experience of many – to get/be neutral to
… the other end of that extreme is infinity – or infinite abundance.

Opposites and Triggers

Let’s take a concrete example when a client brings a complaint about a “nothing” problem (no income, etc)

“not having /lacking”

When we test for (a) weakness using Energetic Testing, if poverty – or the idea of not having things (nothing) –  seems to “go weak”, it may not be what we first think.

In the life problems triad of <issues – triggers – choices>, we may assume it’s always an issue.

By focussing on everything as an issue,
we get/strengthen the wrong answer – and nothing changes

Just as likely, the weakness could be:

  • a trigger – to the opposite – abundance – and that extreme is what needs to be strengthened or
  • a choice (subconscious or non-conscious) – to avoid something worse
    (e.g. another weakness that creates a huge reaction we want to avoid or a karmic effect, etc)

In this case, if we intuit trigger “goes weak”, and the weakness is a trigger to the opposite (weak), don’t worry.   The opposite(s) – is just another weakness to strengthen and delete (the triggers & effects of).   When we numerically profile, we can find the effects could be infinite.

So, let’s say this example could be a “zero trigger => to opposite => abundance weakness”

Triggers, as we’ve written about many times before – are by definition a misdirection.

the zero weakness

Let’s look at variations of what poverty / zero could mean:

  • nothing, none (lacking, having “zero” of something/including symptoms)
  • less (than what you want)
  • less than (what other people have)
  • poverty (less, nothing) triggers the opposite, when you had everything
  • unevenness of the two extremes.
  • poverty is a penance (choice or karmic curse) for prior deeds (e.g. stealing)
  • late to the party – “out of stock”, “gone”, “missing”

Experience(s) of “zero” weakness may be:

  • in your spirit or in your ancestors (descendants, etc) 
    (i.e. ancestor physical experiences – that became spiritual when they passed)
  • in the (physical) environment where you live or
  • projected by someone else into the situation (external and/or collective influences weak)
  • something else entirely

let’s also not forget
the “grading” weakness

The less-common opposite of zero – the “grading” weakness (to 100%) can also have an influence on manifestation
(can’t get more than 100% (better)).

This grading/”Range Effect” is the 9th perception block in the Clearing Perception Blocks article.


If “zero” is a weakness (as either an issue, trigger or choice), it’s tempting to do the by-rote and “blow past” (the Yuen Method®) … delete … to zero/minus infinity … with a strengthening/deletion.   In my experience, about 1/4 (25%) of first timers have some issue with zero – or getting closer to zero… so no strengthening they do “sticks”…    We call that the “zero weakness/ zero bounce” effect.

Zero as we know, has significance in our lives – and the lives of others – so it can also have influences  (collective and our own) on weaknesses we have.

In Yuen Method®, “nothing” is a something we often need to intuit as a weakness, clear its many facets – and get neutral to.

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