Got Intuition? – Just Stop Thinking

Intuition and Thinking

Our insight – which is the triad of <feeling – perception – intuition> leads us to the right answers for a particular situation – when we feel for the answer(s).

Our logical, conscious thinking doesn’t find answers – it can only posit the question, and continues to ask questions.

Google has a cache of many trillions of tidbits of information – and maybe one applies to your situation – most likely none do.

So much for sifting through the sand for the one nugget of truth …

Finding an answer logically is like
finding a needle in the haystack
.. with your eyes closed

Those trillion wrong answers just make a situation even more hopeless.    Some experts may proclaim “this is the right answer!(called consensus or more accurately herd “science”) – and it may be right – for one or two people for every 10,000.     Talk about blind luck.

Where are the Experts?

The “Lots of Facts / No Results” Dilemma

Most people we label as experts are drawn to consensus by training and education.  Intelligent / educated people would argue they don’t use consensus as a measure of truth; but of course, they do – every day.   Even so, do those “truths” lead to any immediate results, or just interesting “expert” academic discussion?

Educated? Guesses
No thanks, I’d rather have a “jumbo shrimp”

It sounds better when a phrase is prefixed with “educated”.   But, by using only our thinking, our “educated guess” becomes just a blind, baseless assumption in most cases – with no direct experience of an immediate result.

Simply said, if a consensus of opinion or belief – was true in your situation … the answer(s) would change you – on-the-spot.

Most often, no change is observed based on expert assumptions/opinions, yet many still hold to consensus as the best route to truth.

And, worse, the collective energy of those people believing in the untruths of consensus weaken everyone else.   So, often, we first need to disconnect from – and delete the effects of  – the collective influences – just to get clear answers.

Intuition and Logic

Logic has its place.   But, to get accurate answers, intuition needs to be strong and even – 50/50 with your (mental) logic. 

There are some who are mostly logical (analytic) or mostly intuitive.   There’s nothing wrong with logic – but it’s best to have a balance and evenness between logic and intuition so there are no conflict in either direction.

We want our wellness to be the product of having no energetic weaknesses that indirectly or directly affect our well-being.

Common Energetic Blocks to Intuition

  1. Thinking Is King
    Many logical people believe thinking is the same perceiving.   They have to think about something first, before they perceive it – and that’s their energetic block.  Thinking doesn’t lead to perception, it blocks and sabotages or distorts our intuition & perception and mostly leads to more thinking.
  2. The Academic Experience
    A typical academic energetic block is when someone has to hear it from others and see if there is consensus (herd) – all before something can change or occur.
  3. The Learning Experience – the Need to Understand First
    Conventional learning uses the order of:   thinking /learning => understanding.  The energetic block becomes; only when things are understood can we then (have an) experience of something new or different.

    The “understanding first” mentality means there is always some struggle with new experiences.   Yuen Method teaches us we all can experience immediate change – without any struggle.

Conventional Learning
Read => Think  => Believe => Internalize => Understand => Experience
– need to go through 5 steps to experience

 How intuition and Yuen Method work

Feel => Experience …   => . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .What is there to understand?

The Intuitive Advantage

Intuition leads us to exact answers that apply directly to the situation at hand.   This means we don’t parrot “educated guesses” from “experts”, use (statistical) consensus, “rules of thumb” or answers from books, Google.

We accept – and are neutral with – simply starting from scratch every time – from a position of neutrality – assuming  – and knowing – nothing.

Our neutrality and intuition draw the right answers to us – when we use an open-ended question like: “where is it (the weakness)  coming from?

Then, simply connect with the intuitive answers – in the moment.     No thinking required.

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The Treatment Effect

Beliefs and Effects

“I don’t notice any difference.”

Some have high resistance to sensing any immediate energetic shifts due to something called the “treatment effect.”

This effect is related to the energy of false logic or the internalized belief that repetition is required – for something to change.

The energy of this belief (ours and collective resonance) can strongly distort our perception.

Some harbor unconscious beliefs regarding “treat(ment)” or “treat(ing)” related to repetition or slowness:

  • Repetition.   A “Course of treat(ment)”  – and the word “course” itself connects with:
    • learning is repetitive, so improvement requires repetition
    • learning (for some) wasn’t that much fun (weakness).
    • lessons – requirement / completion of a number of tasks (3, 5, 100) before “done” (ready for change)
  • Slow.  Good things (like improvement) only happen slowly – so the anchor is; slowness is to be preferred (to get better).   By being averse to speed, we accept – and are anchored to – treat(ment) (i.e. improvement) – takes a long time …
    Our energy doesn’t support – i.e. we’re energetically weak to – first-time, immediate, or SPEED.  

The Energies Outside Us – Collective Influences

We can resonate with similar energy from others – so-called “collective influences” – reinforcing our (apparent) “stuck” state a thousand or million times.

For those in connecting improvement with treat(ment) – the energy doesn’t connect strongly – or at all – with immediate results or even positive anticipations, expectations or outcomes.  It’s as if we’re waiting to reach a certain, artificial threshold (2nd, 3rd try, etc) before improvement can be accepted – or allowed to be noticed.

Our perception block origin can come from the notion of dependency – of “needing help” (to improve) such as:

  • Intervention.   Treat(ment), first and foremost – requires help or intervention someone else. We “give up” and agree to the (repetitive) – and wait-and-see process  (i.e. improvement is never one-shot or immediate)

The “Aspirin Effect” / “Wears Off” Trigger

Even if we get by the perception blocks, once we shift, there is a follow-on weakness/phenomenon called the “aspirin effect”.

The aspirin effect weakness is similar to treat(ment) weakness; nothing is immediate or one-shot and on-the-spot.  And for those with the aspirin effect weakness – there is no strong energetic connection to lasting or permanent change.

This weakness means there is always some temporary improvement … just before things settle or revert back to the way they were.

If we as practitioners or our clients are energetically weak to the “aspirin effect”, our energy supports the “wears off” effect happening in a very short time...

The Paradox of Time

For those with this “aspirin effect” weakness, their energy supports both:

  • it takes a LONG TIME for things to improve
  • somehow, it only takes a SHORT TIME for any improvement to wear off

The Swallow / Pill Effect

If any of our treat(ment) involves swallowing, and we have some energetic weakness to the actual action or some related metaphor (e.g. “hard to swallow“) – we can trigger yet another effect called the “Pill Effect“.

An anticipation weakness can create the “wear off” or “pill effect”…   to remind us, we need to continually swallow something – most likely something we don’t to swallow (the uncomfortable truth).

We want to remove the cumulative effect of these influences (medical, pills, swallowing things, etc).

We also want to be neutral and strong – either way – so, if we do have to “take” or swallow something, we’re neutral to the best outcome.

Our Anticipations And Expectations

Calling something a treat(ment), therapy or session might trigger previous expectation, anticipation of negative or no outcomes such as:

  • the aspirin effect (wears off)
  • “tough pill to swallow” – experiences of swallowing things in your life (suppressing things)
  • shot triggers times you were punished (for laziness) – (need a ) “shot in the arm”.
  • weakness to go away/come back attracts this treatment effect (have to keep coming back).
  • chronic or treatment triggers something that’s “endless” or “continuous”
  • energy (individual and/or collective) only allows noticing incremental improvement, so person can – unconsciously – reject “treatment” as the solution

The wear-off effect of “good things come to an end” or “good things don’t last” is a resistance to positive changes occurring in the future and – especially – changes that last.

When we energetically clear and get neutral to all these “effects” mentioned, often a huge energy shift is acknowledged (or realization/perception of an energy shift that had already taken place).

By getting neutral to all treat(ment) effects discussed – we open ourselves up to perceiving real, beneficial change.

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The Answers in Our Energy


“You see,
it’s so simple – you missed it”
– Dr. Kam Yuen
Founder of Yuen Method®

Looking At Energy – For Answers

Many of us want to find the answers to alleviate symptoms, aches and pains in ourselves or in others we care about.

Often, our search can lead us to surprising answers as to the reasons, causes or sources related to what is presented (“my back hurts”).

Typically, the right answer(s) – and the story – is unique to the person.

While conventional methods or physical manipulation often gives relief, we also want to look at other related elements – so the problem does not recur.    And, what we find is;  most physical symptoms also involve a residual energetic component that needs to be addressed.

And, in many cases, this energetic component is the more primary cause of the discomfort.

What is an “energetic component”? 

There are various ways to check energyintuitively – to detect and measure the significance of these energetic effects on the physical.

Dr. Kam Yuen – founder of Yuen Method® – decades ago – revealed the most accurate, unique and non-contact method of measuring our subtle energy and how the energetic weaknesses we find could point us directly to answers.

We need no “enlightened” gurus,  special tools or gadgets to measure energy this way.   We all have this ability innately within us.

And, the answers we find energetically – quite often – do not agree with our logical story, conditioned thinking or conventional knowledge.

A Weakened Energy Field – Creates Symptoms

It’s so simple.

Only things that deplete or weaken our energy field – direct us to the answer(s) to our symptoms…   That means, if the (“picking up the chair…” ) story we think was the cause of – “my back hurts”- doesn’t present a weakness in our energy – it’s not the story or issue to focus on!

When a story or assumption doesn’t weaken or affect our energy, and is not the real cause, we call this being energetically strong to it.

So, energetically strong means => move on (immediately) from our story – and look somewhere else!!

Change The Story – Change The Outcome

Why is knowing the energetic state so important?

Because, the story we first present is often not the real or right story or cause.   So, by checking the energy, we can quickly change our focus – “it’s not that(it’s strong – no weakness).  This simple realization/shift opens us up to new insights – “what else could it be?”  – to change the outcome.

when nothing changes
we need to find a new story
(and don’t forget to throw away the old one)

In this new “wellness on-the-spot” world, we quickly and intuitively look only at the energy – and not the (presented) story.

And, if we’re neutral, and open, our insight and intuition will be drawn to – and will attract  to us – the real answer(s) for our issue(s) or situation…

Follow the Weakness – Get Results

So, the best and fastest way to wellness “on-the-spot”, is to – feel for – and follow – what’s energetically weak –  “the weakness” – what really affects us in our energy – and throw away everything else.

The answer – our unique story – is all we need to shift…

. . . and, the right answer is enough

The right answersthe real story – is enfolded in our energy.    And, it’s commonly the simple, overlooked answer – found by following and finding what truthfully weakens our energy – that gets results.

It’s not complicated.    It takes only a second.

So, can you spare a moment – to change?

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Yuen Method – Where do I Start?

Where Do I Start?Beginnings – What does strong and weak mean?

So, you’ve heard about Yuen Method® and strong and weak and watched some videos or maybe purchased the Delete Pain and Stress book, now what?   You need to experience more immediately (notice I didn’t say “learn” – a slow process)

Feeling for strong and weak energy – a.k.a. energetic testing – are principles of Yuen Method®.

Yuen Method® style energetic testing is a proven way – to get accurate answers in a split second – based on results.

Using energetic testing to feel for strong/weak is light-years ahead of outdated and glacially-slow methods such as pulse, arm or muscle testing.   Energetic testing is a key and important aspect of doing this work, and is often not explained fully.

Read my  “What is Strong/Weak Energy?” and “Energetic Testing” articles and experience it in a fun and playful way,
then move onto the next section

Beginnings – Get neutral first

Another principle of Yuen Method® is a state called neutrality.   We devote an entire web site to neutrality – called “The Power of Neutrality®” – but you can learn the beginnings of how and why to get neutral here.

Neutrality is often assumed to be equivalent to the “non’s”
non-(attachment, judgment, duality)
but it isn’t.   Really.

When we’re neutral, we open our experience to all other possibilities and outcomes, instead of our current story or non-changing state.

So, to begin:

  • get to neutral by reading the following (the words in bold after the numbers, not the details):
  • focus on the midline / spinal core of your body for 1 second (like a flash photo, on, then off)
  1. Strengthen knowing
    Strengthen to neutral for <not knowing anything,  knowing everything> as even – and delete any blocks to “knowing”.  When we have no energetic weaknesses to knowing, there are no blocks to getting answers.   If knowing bothers us, we’re not neutral and there will be uncertain or unsure energy in our answers of strong / weak – and inhibit our feeling.  (See “When Knowing is Painful” on neutrality website)
  2. Strengthen anticipation
    Strengthen to neutral for  <positive outcome, negative outcome> as even – and delete any blocks to evenness.
    (See Anticipation Hesitation on neutrality website)
  3. Strengthen the experience
    Strengthen to neutral for <words / descriptions / thoughts / experiences / new> …. and delete blocks or related effects to the old story.   See “My Pain comes from Where?”.
  4. Strengthen all (N) aspects of perception – ( unnamed ) – to notice changes
  5. Strengthen other related aspects that block shifts
    Be neutral to perceiving changes in the future and to continue to perceive the changes
    (whatever they are) with no energetic blocks of:

    1. Aspirin effect (“wear off” / “doesn’t last” effect or need to swallow something to get better)
    2. T-r-e-a-t(ment) effect (neutral to <repeating/not repeating> and <waiting/not waiting>)
      The “T” word is all about waiting (to get better), needing someone else to get better.
    3. Disappear effect (neutral to sudden loss or unexpected changes.  Neutral to both)
    4. Sentiments or remorse effect (neutral to losing, moving on (from your story))
    5. Complete deletion – without sentiments, or the need of reminders, remnants
      (program no “undelete” in your biocomputer trash can – no “restore” button)
    6. Speed – energetic support for speed in noticing changes; shifting into the future
      (past -> future – skip the present, present=>stuck).    See “Are you Addicted to Slowness?”
    7. No struggle – no need to struggle or suffer to get better.
    8. Testingthe experience in <learning, teaching, as a student, school experiences, the school itself, classmates>
      .. of being tested or testing others.
    9. Ready – Be <ready – willing – able – deserving – committed> to shift without
      holding back, sentiments, regrets or self-sabotage to block changes.
      … or of needing to be “healed” by someone else.  See “The H.(ealer) Belief
    10. Accept/Acknowledge/Recognize – we can get answers this way without blocks and drop our (old) story that doesn’t serve us.
    11. Effortlessness – this new way of looking at information and getting the right answers.   It doesn’t take effort or belief or intention.   It’s part of our innate human potential to be able do this.

Beginnings – Find the weakness

Let’s begin with taking a particular thing in your life that bothers you – and find an (energetic) weakness.
(in Yuen Method®, we also call this “follow the weakness”)

  1. State the problem in one/two words – (like “stress”)
  2. Energetically check strong/weak of #1
    (most likely that won’t be it – it will test “strong” = not the issue)
  3. Start Again; is it coming from:
    (whichever is weaker in the pairs below, write down what “tests” weak)

    1. Physical/Non-Physical
    2. Inside / Outside (of you or person)
    3. Body / Mind / Spirit (the 3 parts of who you are)
    4. Some other thing / story –  move on from the old story!
      If the energy is strong = no effect – that’s not what it is!
  4. Restate what you now know.
    (e.g.  let’s say if non-physical tests weaker than physical;  if outside you tests weaker than inside)

The new starting point is:
The issue is non-physical and is coming from outside of you
this is all we know at the moment – a good start

From what we now know, we can begin to read the real story in our energy instead of the old story we currently have from our logic or mind/thinking.   We speed up our ability to improve on-the-spot when we accept, acknowledge and recognize our old story is not the answer.

Beginnings – Neutral to outcome

In Yuen Method®, we don’t focus on any desired outcome or the symptom or story our logical mind thinks it is;  we strengthen every energetic weakness we find with our intuition – and simply notice what happens in the next moment.

Are you noticing a shift?

After we find a weakness and strengthen it, ask yourself
(or the other person);

“What are you noticing now?   Is it the same as before, or different?

If it’s “same”, identify and delete energetic blocks to shifting

We may have energetic blocks to perceiving changes that have already taken place.  These blocks can come from everywhere and everything.   Below, we list some of the most common places.

Test each (in bold)  for weakness and strengthen when you or someone else isn’t noticing a change.

  1. Pentagon effect – <ancestors – descendants – personalities – spirit attachments – collective>
  2. Karma<direct – indirect – partial indirect>
  3. Coping  <suppress – deny – lie – shutdown – forget – numbing>
  4. Empathy or Concern Effect for others
    Strengthen to neutral – for:

    1. <being first/not being first> and <being last / not being last>
      “OK to be (improve) first.” (and not be a martyr);  “OK to leave the group behind”
      It’s a nice sentiment, but we can’t help others by taking on their pain (to have even suffering with them) or by holding onto our (pains) longer (to prove our worthiness by our suffering or staying within a group).   
  5. Having Answers
    Strengthen to neutral – for:

    1. <having answers / not having answers>
    2. Strong to having no “blanks” or “gaps” (to filling in missing answers)
    3. <having questions/not having questions>
      (always questioning your answers vs just experiencing in the moment)
  6. Having nothing or having everything
    Strengthen to neutral – for:

    1. Having (zero) symptoms (nothing)
    2. Having greater than 100% improvement (everything (and more)).
      We can achieve 2 million percent improvement; strengthen your energy to reach higher.

More to come

These are just some of the simple principles of the Yuen Method®.   Stay tuned for future insights for developing your intuition and clearing away energetic blocks to achieving the wellness you’re striving for.

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Clearing Perception Blocks


This article describes the basic elements of perception – and what to look for and strengthen – when a client or person doesn’t perceive a shift.   Dr. Yuen’s definition of perception in Yuen Method® is “fast feeling” of strong/weak energy – and one element of the INSIGHT TRIAD of <perception – intuition – feeling>.

Perception – in the more general sense – also refers to – perceiving – and being consciously aware of –  when our energy  changes or shifts.    This awareness comes from having all elements of the AWARENESS TRIAD is <non-conscious – conscious – subconscious> – strong to go with our strong perception.

Additional Resources

How to use this information

This article is divided into 2 main sections.

  1. section 1 describes all the elements of perception at a high level.
  2. section 2 has examples/more detail for each element in (1)

Beginnings – When We (or Clients) don’t perceive energy shifts

After strengthening an energetic weakness (or weaknesses) , some clients perceive an immediate shift; others have energetic weaknesses to one or more facets of perception that must be detected and addressed/cleared before they too can perceive a change or shift.

Trust the energetic test – if the energy tests strong for what we just did – and don’t assume something was “missed” or we failed in some way – just because the person doesn’t perceive an immediate shift.    

No perceived change/shift just means before going further, we take a short detour to address perception and awareness, until the person notices or acknowledges at least some (or a complete) shift.

For perception to be 100%, 100% of the time, the person must be neutral and energetically strong with (aka “have energetic support for”) all the elements of perception.

Beginnings – Checking Perception

When someone says “it’s the same” or “no change“, and we know and can sense the energy has shifted and been strengthened (strong), we need to look at perception.

It’s not complicated;  we just use one word – “perception (strong or weak?)

Quickly test;  Is it from inside or outside the person?   Which is weaker?
Often, the energetic block may come from outside the person – even from you –  we make no assumptions . . .

If we feel energetic weakness in “perception” (i.e. the word perception “goes weak” as we think/say it), then we follow that weakness and look at elements of perception that are blocking the person.

With elements of perception or anything else in Yuen Method®, we stay GENERAL at first and only get SPECIFIC when the general strengthening doesn’t clear a symptom or state.

So, to start GENERAL – say or think the following:

  • Strengthen  “all facets of perception that are weak” generally – without naming themto 100% with infinite potential, and anything blocking this – delete down to 0/minus infinity

Now, check again with the person (or with yourself)… “is it the same or different?”
If there is no significant shift, we may need to get more specific using the elements of perception list below.

Beginnings – The Many Facets of Perception

Below is a list of perception elements Dr. Yuen has mentioned over the years.  Dr. Yuen has often said (paraphrase) “there’s a lot to getting perception right”.   Perception blocks can be related to individual or combinations of the following elements:

1.  MISINTERPRETATION (very common in first-time clients)

  1. Strengthen any weaknesses or struggle in the “opposing opposites” (misinterpretation) octagon for perceiving what is:
          <the same/not the same, different/not different, changing/not changing, perceiving/not perceiving>
  2. Strengthen neutrality in perceiving the changes and being neutral to => (having) perception/no perception


Added 12/2015.

a. Strengthen any weaknesses or struggle and get neutral with:
< rejecting / not rejecting –  comparing / not comparing –  accepting /not accepting >

3.  TIME ELEMENT (common block)

  1. Strengthen any weakness in time factors
           (NEVER, eons, centuries, decades, years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes…..this moment)

    If “time” tests weak, go through the time list and ask the opened ended question “what element?  days, weeks, months, etc”

(common – judgment factors –  related to judgment, criticism or blame).

  1. Strengthen neutrality to others’ perception (influence)
  2. Strengthen previous perception (weaker & incomplete => strong & complete)
  3. Strengthen neutrality to how others perceive each other
  4. Strengthen neutrality to how we perceive ourselves
  5. Strengthen neutrality to how we perceive others
  6. Strengthen ancestors/collective limitations on our perception/intuition (“you can’t do this”)
  7. Strengthen neutrality to how other’s perceive us (not neutral can attract, perpetuate problem)
  8. Strengthen energetic support to keep & perceive the shifts <100%, 100% of the time, and infinite time>

5.  CONSCIOUS AWARENESS OF SHIFT (other opposites neutrality blocks)

  1. Strengthen & clear weakness to “holding on” to symptom
    (i.e. neutral to: go away, disappear, improve, get better, losing, normal, stable, over, forever, etc)


  1. Improvement triggers intensified symptoms. (can include other “opposites”)

When symptoms intensify, we must still stay neutral and not panic.   Check & strengthen reverse perception quickly and any time elements  (See #3 Time Elements) down to ‘this moment’ 

The simplest explanation of this is “the person has blocks (feels bad, doesn’t feel deserving) about getting better”.


Self-sabotage can weaken the person energy/neutrality to perceiving changes.

Self-sabotage is the shortened PENTAGON of: (NOT) <ready – willing – able – deserving – committed>




Energetic weakness to 0 or 100%; the person stays in that (grading) range instead of infinite potential (>100%) or deleting to 0/minus infinity (clearing).


Some have energetic weakness in combining or mixing up thinking with perception and other elements.    In these cases, we need to identify and separate the elements that are combining or mixing – so a clear, separate and strong perception (of an answer or change) can occur.


Some with perfectionist tendencies might shift generally, but not perceive change due to “the need to be specific” about the reasons/causes/sources of their life problems.


Mind/Spirit memories are imprinted into physical area – and this affects perception of change


Having the need for internal pre-conditions may block or distort perception;

  • story or excuse:  satisfy an internal story or pattern (usually related to idiom(s):   “gotta get my ducks in a row”)
  • academic:  waiting for understanding, teacher, consensus (approval)
  • environment:   needs quiet, solitude, free of distractions
  • many others



Misinterpretation Octagon – a.k.a “Opposing Opposites”

<Same/not the same – different/not different – changing/not changing –  perception/no perception>

It could be spiritual experiences (ours or ancestors or collective, etc) that block the person perceiving the shift.   This could have a high cumulative effect against perceiving a shift that has already taken place.

Judgment: (Different) Being different (stick out)… might be punished/killed for it.
Beliefs: (Change) “Change is difficult”, “Change is dangerous”, “Change is bad”, “Changing the past to improve the future isn’t possible”,  “can’t change the future”
Safety/Concern: (Not the same) Not the same (“routine”) is uncomfortable, frightening, seems unsafe.
Awareness:     (Having) Perception strong and knowing you have it.

These MISINTERPRETATION – or “opposing opposites” elements are neutralities or things to get neutral to.  Some people are energetically weak to just one side – or for some – both sides – of these neutrality extremes.

Visit companion site
for more information about getting neutral in your daily life

Perception/No perception – Neutrality to perceiving the change

Perceive or noticing a change should not trigger <judgment, critique, rigid thinking> or any negative aspect, experience or thoughts that could weaken us.

Typical phrases of feedback:
“it’s a little better”, “I’m not sure”, “I can’t tell”
certainty:   “(I) don’t know” (may be weak to “know”).    Related somewhat to “(1) Opposing Opposites”

What to strengthen or clear to neutral

  1. judgment/criticism aspects (theirs, yours or from others).
  2. knowing (the truth)
  3. certainty (of cumulative past negative experiences).

These 3 (and others) can be a tremendous energetic weaknesses to perceiving shifts.


We need to be energetically strong & neutral with comparing; and rejecting (the non-answers or things that are strong) and accepting (the weakness) – what’s left – as the answer.   This is subtle element of perception called discernment

< rejecting / not rejecting –  comparing / not comparing –  accepting /not accepting >

If rejecting or accepting bothers us, we will be blocked at comparinga basic element required to find a weakness.   Comparing precedes the accepting (of the answer) and rejecting (of anything not the answer).   

These 3 pairs of opposites – the hexagon of discernment – can block answers from coming to us – even if we have no energetic weakness to misinterpretation, etc.


Time Factor “Now!”

“Subconscious mind programming for time expectations is often far more negative than that of the conscious mind….. energetically bring the subconscious belief … down to right now, this minute. The conscious and subconscious minds are now congruent and working as a team.” (2002 article by Dr. Kam Yuen)

The block could be a specific belief “healing takes time” (2 weeks, 2 months) or simply the concept of “immediate” or “fast” triggers “sloppy” or “rushing” (negative) experiences or beliefs that create a limitation/block.

Numerically profile (if needed to be specific) to determine weakness. “this person will notice the shift in days,  months, years (weak);  how many (1,2,3,4 – weak) – 4 years”) – strengthen.


There are many ways our own judgment or the influence from the judgment of others – can distort our own perception.   Practitioners can also influence clients in this way – if we’re not neutral to the elements listed below.

a)  Others’ perception influence
We may be psychically influenced by others’ interpretation over our own and that can energetically weaken perception.

b)  Our previous (weaker) ability to perceive (i.e. have strong intuition)
Being “great” at something suddenly – where no or little skill existed before – can weaken. For example, this could trigger “success” weakness or attracting people (weak) you don’t want to attract. (Hundreds of clients, etc)

c) how others’ perceive each other
When there is judgment and it weakens clients. The client might be blocked because they don’t want to improve (martyr complex, etc) when others haven’t yet (“I want to be last”, “don’t want to be better than someone else”)

d) how we perceive ourselves
The person may have experiences that something negative happened related to change or being different.   Needing to stubbornly hang on to an old story or sentiment, imprint or image of ourselves can be a huge energetic block.

e) how we perceive others 
The client or the practitioner might harbor judgment or beliefs that block perception (can happen when you work with someone close – like family members, spouse).

f) ancestors/collective influences limitations effect on us
Ancestors or collective influences limiting our perception “you can’t do this because we couldn’t!” Strengthen ancestor or collective influences, then delete effects to 0/minus infinity.

g) how others perceive us
If we change and lose our acne (for instance), others might say “hey, you’re beautiful” and that might weaken us (trigger) because we feel we might be enslaved… (ex: may trigger “being enslaved” spiritual experiences in past lives). That’s a block to resolution..

h) 100% perception/awareness, 100% of the time
People shift back because their energy they might be 100% supporting the shift, but only 2% of the time.

Make sure they’re strong to to the triad of <100%, 100% of the time & infinite time> (related to item “10”) – “infinite time” (a new concept in 2014) as part of the time awareness.

Blocks that came up in one group:

a) Ancestors – “future always uncertain” thought/experience. (uncertainly then, but that’s not the case now)
b) Prophets – Put limitation on everyone except themselves. “only I can have insight” – have to listen to them.
c) From inside us. “100% is all there is” (no notion of infinite potential or 100%/100% of the time).
d) “Miracle” (i.e. once in a while) effect.
e) From outside us. Gender inequality – block caused by unevenness and intuition of women vs logic in men.


A person could have a “Holding on”, ”Go Away” or “disappear” weakness

“There are some good things in your life, if they disappear, it would bother you. That’s why it’s hard for you to change for the better… You’re struggling with “things go away” in your life. That’s why you have a hard time – even BAD things don’t go away.  Because your non-conscious self cannot judge what is good or bad, so across-the- board, it won’t let anything go away
– Dr. Kam Yuen (2010 Science & Consciousness DVD)

We must be NEUTRAL to anything going away or disappearing – even the so-called “good” things.    This is a very typical energetic block.    Some are weak to losing (things, people) – so they hold on.   Having a “losing” weakness becomes a block to losing their symptoms.

Losing can also trigger sentimental sadness and grief of losing (people, everything, etc).

If losing comes up weak, sentimental sadness/grief might be weak and need to be deleted from their mind, spirit, body to perceive a shift. There are many shades of “holding on”. LISTEN TO A PERSON’S WORDS carefully when they give you feedback for the neutralities to clear for “holding on”.

“it hasn’t gone away” or “I’ve had this forever” or  “didn’t see an improvement”

Common “holding on” neutralities
(go away, disappear, improve, get better, losing, normal, stable, over, forever, having, lacking, stuck, etc)

Get Neutral/clear to neutral to the extremes of the opposing elements:

  • go away forever/ never go away
  • improve/never improve
  • get worse/not get worse
  • disappear/not disappear
  • remember/never remember
  • forget/never forget
  • reminder/no reminder, etc., etc

Also the person could have “no improvement” experiences/thinking of theirs or others (or ancestors, etc) of:

  • no improvement (“things never get better” or “things only get worse”)
  • improvement didn’t last long. (“good things don’t last”.. i.e. when’s that shoe gonna drop?)
  • improved, then got MUCH worse (“bad things always happen after good things”, “my luck will run out”)

DELETE all those “no improvement” experiences (and from cumulative effect of theirs, ancestors or others) and negative (or positive) expectation or anticipation (in the future).  This isn’t a neutrality, it’s a deletion.


“Reverse perception” is what occurs when someone’s symptoms suddenly intensify after an energetic strengthening.   The concept is; “when things get better, it triggers the opposite – symptoms get worse”. Another way of saying it is “the person feels bad about getting better”.

Unlike other perception facets, the person is aware something is changing with reverse perception, but the reaction (trigger) makes it worse by triggering the opposite. “Opposites” as a general weakness can intensify symptoms.


The person must be <ready, willing, able, deserving, committed> to getting better and perceiving the change.   Judgment often comes up when elements of self-sabotage are weak (i.e. “I’m not ready to get better”, ” I don’t deserve to get better”)

Historically, the self-sabotage pentagon used to go hand-in-hand with the “time” element (#2). There were additional elements
(see it, believe it, expect it, imagine it, imagination to reality, etc) found in the older Yuen Method® flowcharts.


Incomplete Perception.

Strengthen “INSUFFICIENT HEXAGON” in a general sense

A person might want to hold on to a little bit (as a memory because they have a remember or reminder energetic weakness).   One or more of these words could show energetic weakness.   As always, strengthen the “INSUFFICIENT PENTAGON” – generally – (i.e at the general level) first and see if there is a shift before getting specific.


A person can oscillate somewhere between 0 and 100% because:

a) painful to get to – or below 0 (0 bank account (debt), 0 possessions, 0=I’m nothing, poverty-stricken mentality, etc.)
b) >100% weakness:

(1) Belief: 100% means better than anyone => may weaken us
(2) Beliefs about > 100%
(3) maintain 100% is not possible
(4) Belief:  100% is all there is – can’t get higher  – i.e. poverty stricken mentality (same for “0”)

Range effects can also trigger collective, personal or ancestor/descendant learning experience weakness related to grading
a) getting bad grades (improvement will always range in middle between 0-100)
b) giving bad grades (as a teacher)


Many highly logical thinkers can’t perceive anything until they think about it first.

So, they think, think, think about something – and wait / wonder when they’re going to perceive anything.    The think first, then perceive” belief can become a huge energetic block to perceiving any shift.

Many “thinkers” can’t shut off or let go of their thinking – ever – to intuitively feel for strong/weak – or notice something has shifted.

Also, logic / intuition needs to be even – at 50/50 ratio.    Many thinkers have this ratio closer to 100%/0%.

a)  First, strengthen logic/intuition to be 50/50.

b)  Second,  check and strengthen the separation of:

  1. Perception from thinking
  2. Emotions from thinking
  3. Emotions from  feeling    (we don’t “feel” sad, feel or feeling is just strong or weak, sad is an emotion)
  4. Sensations from thinking
  5. Reactions from thinking

A good – let’s call it the “SEPARATION HEXAGON” for clearing / separation of these elements is:  (any pair, combination of 2,3,4,5 could weaken)

<emotions – thinking – feeling – sensations – reactions – perception>

Why do we need to separate thinking?
For some, thinking, emotions or even sensations can get mixed up – and combined with – perception – distorting our or others’ perception.

We want all these elements separate, so a person can get a clear feeling (of strong/weak) and perception – without their thinking distorting / influencing / blocking it.

c)  Lastly, delete all previous experiences (past) where thinking combined with or was mixed up with any combination of the elements above, so this won’t happen again in the future.

Often, we misinterpret or misidentify an emotion with feeling (of strong/weak) or a emotion with thinking.

This is yet another block to perception, caused primarily by our assumptions,  judgment or beliefs when we overuse  or over-emphasize our thinking over our intuition to get an answer.


When there is a need to specify things –  to get specific – this tendency or need can block perception of change.

GENERAL DELETION – or deletion in the general sense – did shift the person, but the need to be specific becomes another energetic block – another layer to get neutral to and clear away.

So, for those with (get) SPECIFIC weakness,  we  STRENGTHEN:

  1. Neutrality of being GENERAL/NOT GENERAL   SPECIFIC/NOT SPECIFIC to 100% with infinite potential
  2. Profile (if needed) the number of SPECIFIC things to delete;  and delete 1 to N (specifically) down to zero/minus infinity.
  3. Delete any previous < thoughts, memories or experiences> of needing to be SPECIFIC… so it doesn’t persist as an energetic block into the future.

Then, ask if the person (or gauge yourself) whether something has shifted.

Ideally, we want the person to – in the future – accept GENERAL strengthening so things can be perceived faster.


Our mental / thinking and spiritual imprints of experiences from the past – can sabotage – and make us misinterpret – the energetic shift that has occurred.  The mind wants to be the boss.  It can influence us such that the shift isn’t perceived:

  • “We can’t be different than 5 seconds ago”  (nothing can change that fast!)

We delete these imprints and residuals related to speed and past thinking and experiences – down to the quantum level and in the spaces – so it doesn’t carry forward into our future.


Often, we have mental stories (idioms) or patterns that cause us to “wait and see”  (focus on the “wait”) – before we can (allow) / perceive a change.

For more information on Yuen Method and Neutrality

Other Resources

The Power of Numerical Profiling

numeric-profilingBeginnings – Profiling Using Energetic Testing

Yuen Method® uses feeling and the comparison of strong or weak to get answers with energetic testing.  Our real answers are identified when we find energetic weaknesses.   And, energetic testing is really the Swiss Army knife for using energetic information in the most useful way.

This new way of checking the energy of a situation identifies real answers 1000x faster and more accurately than other methods including using our unreliable or conditioned thinking.

Numerical profiling is just a game of numbers – and it’s not about being perfect
so relax

The Power of Numerical Profiling

The comparison of strong/weak feeling is the most basic way to profile and can be used universally for checking the energy of any situation.   An area of Yuen Method® – not discussed in depth – are the different ways to profile – and “follow the weakness”.

Numerical profiling is another complementary and powerful way to gauge and lasso what affects us, and delete it.    Finding an energetic weakness using energetic testing is the basic measuring tool, but numerical profiling extends this to get even more precise answers.

This article covers real-world examples and the most common – and not so common – ways profiling can assist us in this work.

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Beginnings – Start with Neutrality first

Some may have energetic blocks to profiling.   What could energetically weaken our ability to accurately profile?    Energetic weaknesses to:

  1. judgmentcomparison, criticism, choosing, or specific numbers.
  2. the <words, descriptions or experiences> related to (1)
  3. our (and collective) thought that it could work this easily or effortlessly

Let’s first make sure we’re neutral with (1) (2) and (3)  – and delete the effects – generally… then, we can begin.

How to Use Profiling

Read through the profiling examples below and get the basic concepts “in your field”.    Then, just use these techniques in the moment with your insights and allow yourself to be surprised by what happens next.

Basic Profiling

Comparing – Profiling Using Numbers

Basic Profiling

Comparing two things is the most basic way we use energetic testing ;  this or that, this or “something else”, physical/non physical, inside/outside the person – are common comparisons.

1)   Comparing 2 things

A common concept that comes up in this work is success or failure.

1st example:  A simple compare about which of 2 things is weaker.

Client:  “It bothers me that I fail at a lot of things.”
Coach:   “So, failing bothers you – consciously … but there’s no energetic weakness to failing, so that’s not what it is.  When we intuitively check your energy, it seems like it’s really success that weakens you, so let’s strengthen success for you, so the energy is even and neutral with all possibilities – including failure.   What are you noticing now?”

Compare:   In this case, success (an opposite) compares as weaker than failure; or failure is not weak at all and we go to the opposite.  Though not always this clear cut, (something else could be weaker), it’s a good place to start.

2nd example:   Roll back the clock.    We can energetically check/profile 10 minutes ago  and now – to gauge improvement or just get information.

Client:  (Helen) “It seems clearer now – better.”
Coach:  “Helen, let’s look at the next item on your list – “being clumsy – all your life“.    Let’s see what that’s about.  What I get is more like a karma of causing others to fail...  We’ll, somehow that work we did with John’s karma strengthened/cleared clumsy for you and 1-2-3 others on this group call.   If we look back 10 minutes ago, your energy went weak to that karma we mentioned, but now –  it’s strong.    Thanks John.”

Compare:   Turning back the clock is a powerful profiling tool.  When we realize that time isn’t in the equation, we can be more neutral and have no bothers or  thought of missing something.    The thought of “missing something” is a common energetic and conventional learning block to experiencing immediate insight or change.

2)   Comparing based on a list

Often, we’re feeling for a primary element in a list that weakens our energy most.   The list we profile with could be comprised of elements like a,b,c, d, e.   Or perhaps we use the hexagon list of LEADING LIFE SUPPORTS:  (fitness, relationships, money, career/purpose, time/aging, health).   We don’t always have to know what’s in a list…to use it or get a useful answer.

Client:  “I have a relationship problem.”
Coach:  “
Well, when we feel into that, it looks like career/purpose comes up as a first/primary (energetic) weakness.  And it’s really other’s successful career /  purpose that weakens you more than your own.”

Compare:   Relationship doesn’t “come up” as weakest in LEADING LIFE SUPPORTS; now, we can choose to intuit -or- go through the “Hexagon of Leading Life Supports” list one-by-one – with the underlying open-ended question being – “indicate / show me the weakest one”.

The underlying question is always the comparison statement
“which one is the weakest?”  

After we find the primary or weakest effect, we can go deeper and say “which is the 2nd (next) weakest?  And 3rd, and so on.

Comparing – Profiling Using Numbers

When we profile with numbers, we’re always trying to gauge; how much weaker is one than another?
In the next set of examples in this section, we explore different ways to measure this.

Numerical profiling is another powerful way to follow the weakness and compare which is the weaker (or more significant) effect

3)   Numeric Profiling – by order significance

In this example, we use an “order” (1st, 2nd, 3rd) significance to determine the highest to lowest effect from a list.

Client:  “I just “lock up” when someone criticizes me.”
Coach:  “It seems like false tools hexagon comes up, but what you describe – it’s more like shutting yourself down ; but “shut down” isn’t #1.   Shut down is like … number 4 – (4th effect) on the list of false tools that weaken you.    So, put another way – 3 things are weaker (ahead of, have higher effect) than “shut down”…

What comes up first is lie to yourself then suppress, then numbing, then shut down.   Shut down is fourth in order of weakness…”

The false tools or coping mechanisms hexagon is the list of:

[  (1) suppress (2) denial (3) lie to yourself  (4) numb  (5) forget  (6) shut down  ]

We use the 6 elements in the “false tools” list – not specifically – but abstractly as a list of 6…  First, we quickly compare “shut down” or “other” … “other” was weaker in the compare… so we know shut down is not the #1 or primary effect.

But, the energy indicates the person is not completely off-base with “shut down” – it’s a LITTLE weak.   So, we can gauge for the person where “shut down” – as one of the 6 coping mechanisms … lies – in the list of things affecting the person…

So we pose the question (could be silently to ourselves):

“Where is “shut down” in the list of “false tools” effects (highest to lowest) for this person?”
… and numerically profile by counting…  1st,2nd,3rd,4th (4th “goes” weak) – it’s the 4th effect.

Now, we pose another question:  “which false tool is the primary (#1 or 1st) effect?”

We can again either intuit a weakness or go back to the “false tools” hexagon as an abstract list…

1st, 2nd, 3rd (weak).

Coach:  “The 3rd element of the list – “lie to yourself” is the first/primary effect.    Another way to profile would be to go element-by-element;
suppress, denial, lie to yourself (weak)…”

Then, we can ask “what’s the 2nd weakest?“, “what’s the 3rd weakest?” – and come up with the top 3 – in order of weakest (and most) influences or effect.

4)  Numeric Profiling  – by counting up to a number 

Numerical profiling – as a basic tool – uses counting and our intuition – and feeling of strong and weak – to gauge the energetic weight of something.  Here are some examples.

1st example:  In this hypothetical example, a person presents a bother about physical toxicity.

Client:   “I think I have mercury toxicity.”
Coach:   “Well, let’s see.   Mercury toxicity, ok, yes, – it comes up … (intuit) 37th.   That means there are 36 other toxicities ahead of mercury with more effect, and the top 5 are (intuit) internal toxicity of your (intuit) own cell waste, dead cells, minerals, etc.”

Compare:   This is just basic numeric profiling…  We say something like:   “Mercury toxicity effect is:    1,5,10,20,30,40 (weak)somewhere between 30-40… 37th (weak)…”

2nd example:  We are presented with more of a non-physical bother.

Client:   “I have a relationship issue.”
Coach:  “Well, relationships is a little weak, but it’s not #1.
As a matter of fact, there are 1,2,3,4,5(weak) things weaker than relationships before relationships comes up as a life issue.”

Compare:   We first check relationship, it’s a LITTLE weak.   Then relationship and “something else”. .. something else is weaker than relationship(s).  Then we profile where relationships lies in the list… and it’s the 5th effect.

3rd example:   We create a lasso for deletion more directly using an actual number and a (triad) shape.   Also, we have a group of people, so we want to do a more general group clearing/strengthening for a particular issue.

Client:   “I’m a worrywart – I worry a lot.”
Coach:  “So, you have a lot of little things that bother, concern, upset you.   Since we have a group here, let’s look at the whole group.   Let’s see how many LIFE PROBLEMS (i.e. issues, triggers, choices) this would be for “worry”… 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, 200,000 (weak).

200,000 LIFE PROBLEMS.    And it’s affecting all of you – collectively  – millions, billions, trillions, almost infinitely (weak).

Let’s delete that near infinite effect down to 0, then to minus infinity.”

Compare:   With this example, we use several techniques.    We found a weakness (not quite worry, but concern, bother, and so on) – decided to check an entire group to profile the actual number of LIFE PROBLEMS (200,000), and another group profile for the cumulative effect (almost infinite) and cleared and strengthened both.

5) Using percentages (10,20,30%)

Commonly, we use percentages to gauge effects (90/10, 80/20, 60/40) when things aren’t that clear cut.  Percentages also remind us to visit other significant effects from highest to lowest.

1st example:   We start with just comparing 2 things (in the simplest case like #1).  Then, we add percentage a profiling compare between the two things as another gauge of of how much weaker one thing is than the other.

Client:   “I am a perfectionist and very hard on myself.”
“Well, that’s some of it, but the energy from outside of you is (intuit) 500% more than inside of you.    When you think about yourself, or think you’re judging yourself (internal), it just triggers the opposite – all your previous cumulative & collective family experiences of fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers criticizing you.”

Compare:   In this case, inside and outside are two things in a simple compare – and we also use numerical profiling.  The person is convinced their bother is due to self-doubt, or self-judgment or self-criticism, but the thought just triggers the opposite (criticism from outside) – something not even considered.   Now, we can just lasso and delete it.

2nd example:  We can profile with percentages based on some basic checks of physical/non-physical,  from inside/outside the person, etc.

Client:  “My back’s been hurting for a week since I picked up that TV.”
Coach:  “Well, when I put a thought in that area – there’s no weakness, so that’s not where it’s coming from.    Physical/non-physical…    Looks like non-physical comes up weaker.   Let’s see how much it is… 10,20,30… 75% (weak) non-physical… so let’s go there first, then visit the 25% physical after…”

Compare:   At times, a comparison or ratio may not be so lopsided as 95%/5% – but more like 75%/25% or 60%/40%.    This means for some people to sense a significant shift, we may have to visit first the 75% non-physical and then the 25% physical roots (in our example) or the other way around if physical comes up primary.

Most likely the physical issues or symptoms were caused by the accumulation and perpetuation of non-physical weaknesses to that area over time.

We first remove the 75% non-physical “tether” into a weakened back area.   Next, we clear the 25% physical.  Remember, those non-physical weaknesses also cause  physical stagnation, congestion, irritation, weakened lymphatic, and little or no waste product removal or regeneration in that area.

How do we clear physical?    We find energetic weaknesses for the 25% left – most likely more than one thing.  Let’s say in this case:

  1. non-physical sensationsprofile – 1,2,3 (weak) and delete cumulative effects
  2. physical waste (irritation, waste, dead cells, lactic acid, minerals, excess water) – remove it
  3. lymphatic system – strengthen all lymphatic elements in the area and also the CNS to the lymphatic
  4. CNS to or from the physical area back to CNS, etc.,   First test both directions to see if one or both is weak.
    If a direction is weak, it means the two-way communication is broken.   This needs strengthening and reprogramming to rewire two-way communication (so, brain /CNS can manage it).

The larger non-physical clearing isn’t always enough.   Some clients won’t perceive any significant shift until the PHYSICAL elements – including referred weaknesses – and non-physical sensations – are removed and strengthened.   Profiling “what percentage is left?” may indicate some amount- 5-25% physical – that we need to take care of.

6)  Numeric Profiling –  by multiples (2x, 3x)

Let’s revisit our familiar example;  success/failure.

Client:   “It bothers me that I struggle and fail a lot.”
Coach:  “Failure.   Well, it’s an effect, but what weakens you is actually the opposite –  
success.    And, from your energy, success is – 1,2,3,4 (weak)4 times (4x) weaker – than failure.    Put another way, a success weakens your energy 4x (times) more than a failure.    Your energy is strong and neutral with failure, so it keeps manifesting and attracting it.   Let’s neutralize it so both are even with each other.”

Compare:   In some cases, there may be no energetic weakness to the person’s initial complaint or bother.  For this hypothetical person, energetically – both success and failure – are weak….   But, success “tests” weaker of the two… but how much weaker?   We profile by multiples and get an answer we can use in our lasso to delete the (more primary) effect.    There may be secondary effects (or primary) from ancestors or karma – this is just an example.

the primary weakness isn’t always 99% non-physical, 1% physical
and not always coming from us
make no assumptions and profile

7)  Profiling powers of infinity

Sometimes, the energetic weakness cumulative effect is beyond infinite (infinity).    So, when we profile to clear the effect, we need to know how far beyond infinity we have to lasso for deletion.

Is the effect infinity to the power of 2,3,4?      When we test infinity and beyond infinity … and there is still something weaker, that’s when we can count 2,3,4 and find a weakness to, say ∞², ³, ⁴ (weak) – “Infinity to the power of 4” – and [DELETE] the cumulative effect.

8)   Profiling – anonymously (or blindly)

A useful and playful way we can use numerical profiling is with a list that is:

  1. not front of us...  like the list of 18 sensations we may not have memorized
  2. in abstract – the client read their laundry list of 10 things, but you didn’t take notes – or remember the 10 things

Client:   “My job is my main concern.   Then, there is the relationship with my mother.  I’ve been having recurring headaches just at night. (more)….”  (much time passes)
Coach:  “Looks like 1,2,3 (weak) – #3 comes up the weakest… to work with first.    What was #3 in your list again?”

Client:  “It was my recurring headaches at night.”
  “OK, yes.. thank you… well, when we feel into that – it’s not about headaches, somewhat about recurring, but not really; it’s more when things are consistent, it bothers you…  So, it makes it hard for you to have consistency in your life.. ; it’s not so much a trigger – but you have experiences that – consistency weakens your energy so much that you choose inconsistency – just to avoid the weakness -and to stay where your energy is strong (inconsistent).   

Your recurring headache is a reminder of your “consistent” (energetic) weakness..

You also have about 1,2,3… 4(weak) sensations related to recurring things – that weaken your energy.    Let’s just take anything associated with those 4 sensations – and we won’t even name them, and delete the effects…    What are you noticing?

Compare:    Several things to note here.    We used:

  1. “anonymous” numeric comparison – with a list of client’s N issues we didn’t remember – to find the weakest one.
  2. intuitively checking a neutrality issue to repeating; but it really became another closely related issue – consistency.
  3. anonymously intuit / “profile by counting” – from the sensations list (of 18) – 4 elements that were weak –  and we strengthened  the 4 without naming them

We can do the same anonymous profiling using pages of shapes (is it on page 1, page 2 (weak)..) or in 5 pages of shapes – intuit the one weakest and strengthen it and delete the effects in a general way.

Remember, we want to use profiling to strengthen or delete in the most general way,
and only get specific when something won’t clear generally

9)   Profiling – using an unknown “N”

We can profile with an unknown number “N” used as a bookmark, a value and a lasso.   “N” could represent:

  • the number of LIFE PROBLEMS (issues, triggers, choices) we strengthen & delete
  • the number of referred weaknesses
  • the cumulative effect we want to delete

Client: “There is still a physical issue – I still have some pain and sensations there…”
Coach: “Yes, there are some weaknesses there..   It’s getting late.    Let’s just lasso up whatever is going on there and put an “N” on it ; including any associations or combinations of things that are weak… strengthen, and delete them and delete the cumulative effects.   What are you noticing?

Compare:   Using a variable like “N” seems like a vague, imprecise way to get an answer.   But, in any profiling, if we want to get specific – in a general way – we can use “N” and let the energy (or the universe) fill in the number “N” for what to strengthen and delete.   “N” – whatever it is – becomes our very precise lasso, because “N” is the number.

10)   Profiling – using prior work

This is another take on the unknowns similar to (9).    We energetically check and discover some work done earlier (or with someone else) applies in this situation.   So, what do we do?   We use it.

Client:  “I’m having trouble with my eyesight and hearing.”
Coach:  “Dr. Yuen did some neutrality work related to that on last night’s call.    Seems about 10,20,30,45% (weak) applies to your current situation.   Let’s just [Apply] all those elements in the 45% to you right now.    What are you noticing?”

Compare:  Here is a very unique way to apply previous work to the current situation if there is enough commonality and effect when we profile. The call could have been in a foreign language, you can still “tap in” and use it.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to use energetic testing (of strong/weak).   Numeric profiling techniques improve our accuracy and results using the Yuen Method® or with any other modality.    The possibilities are endless and always useful.

Have fun with numerical profiling –  make it a game and don’t be too serious about it – and you’ll get better results.

Being off by 5 percent or a few positions in a list – doesn’t matter – or shouldn’t – be neutral with that.   When we realize that profiling is possible with a placeholder like “N” – not knowing what “N” is,  and still get results, how serious can you be?

For more information on Yuen Method and Neutrality

Other Resources

Energetic Testing


Energetic testing is an accurate way to isolate what is really going on in the moment regarding the root causes of our symptoms or reactions.  It is especially useful in neutrality work or in combination with other energy work.

Energy States and Effects

When we discuss neutrality, we mean the energetic state of neutrality which is a strong and even energy state.   When some issue, trigger or event/situation – or even information –  weakens or lowers our overall energy state, we lose some of that neutral energy – and therefore our overall wellbeing.  And, in this busy, modern world, sometimes we’re aware of this shift from neutral, sometimes not.

Energy is either strong or weak

There are really only 2 (binary) energy states – 1 or 0.  We’re either neutral (strong/full), or not (weak) to any particular situation, experience or event.

This simple strong/weak method of energetic testing was first revealed by Dr. Kam Yuen, founder of Yuen Method®, and is the best, most precise and reliable way to check energy and avoid making assumptions.    Dr. Yuen’s results-based method and the simplicity in treating humans as intelligent “bio-computers” (either strong or weak to any issue) is the basis of this work. 

Conventional western methods – and even most all alternative methods  – still don’t have a good understanding of this simple energetic technique.   (reading energy in ourselves or others “at-any-distance”, etc., without contact or conversation).    They may catch up some day.  In the meantime, see how easy it is for yourself.

Neutrality is simple

All of us are already neutral to dozens and dozens of things.    We may not know this intuitively, we just know “I don’t usually react in this situation“, be it someone honking a car horn, waiting in a long line, etc.

To get to the neutral state, we simply need to:

  1. Sense when we are not in a neutral energy state
  2. Identify what the real cause is
  3. Strengthen our energy back into the neutral energy state

There is no judgment, assumptions or analysis in getting back to neutral.   We simply strengthen to neutral what we find that weakens us, so the energy across all possibilities is even.   No need for research papers, double blind studies, discussion or debate.  The energy shifts – done.

Sensing energetic weakness or dip in neutral energy

Most of us can sense when our energy “dips” if we silence our thinking long enough (i.e.  STOP THINKING) to take awareness of what is happening in our energy field or our body.

Checking strong/weak energy states

Energetic testing of strong/weak is the simplest and most revolutionary way to determine what really affects us.    When you learn to process information in this way, it literally changes the way you perceive the world around you.     And everyone can do it.

Here are the simple steps:

1)  Find your “spot”

Think about a time when someone came into the room you didn’t like and you had a reaction to it.   Where did you sense an energy change in your body?   In your throat, chest, belly, forehead?

OK, wherever it is, that’s your “spot” – where you feel this energy dip (or weakness).  It doesn’t have to be a large dip, it can be subtle.

2) Test something to feel that weak energy state again


a) Say “my name is Brontosaurus”

Feel the energy of your “spot” when you focus on the word “Brontosaurus” FOR ONE SECOND.   Is it a full/strong/neutral feeling or weak (dip in energy)?

b) Think about walking backwards.

Feel the energy of your “spot”.    Strong or weak?

Note that when you feel for a weakened energy, it is not a TRUE/FALSE check, it is a NEUTRAL(strong)/WEAK energy check.

That’s really all there is to energetic testing.

Sorry, no 10 step program.  No years of study with a guru.  No secret to the secret.   That’s it.      Thank you Dr. Kam Yuen for revealing energetic testing decades ago.

When the energy feels strong

The examples above might not work for you if you’re already neutral to

  • people you don’t like coming into a room or
  • being named “Brontosaurus” or
  • walking backwards

Nothing’s wrong.  You feel fullness and strength simply because you’re already neutral to those things. That’s a good thing.     Just find something else to test with – make it a game. Eventually, your stronger intuition connects the answers to you, so you don’t have to mentally search for things to test.

The need for speed

Speed is important.   Let’s say we’re looking at something with the shoulder.   The idea is; when you posit the thought or word “shoulder” (or whatever), get your mind out of the situation IMMEDIATELY, so you can just feel strong/weak in your “spot” in ONE SECOND.    We want to be neutral – with NO expectation, anticipating of a particular outcome or “hanging on” (for seconds) or hesitating – waiting to feel the energy dip.

Just accept the energy of the answer (full/dip or strong/weak) in a neutral way – in one second – and MOVE ON – quickly.

Energetic Testing vs Muscle Testing

For best results and accuracy, use your own energy or “spot” for testing strong/weak. Many practitioners use muscle testing to check for strong / weak.    They could use their own fingers (called finger test) or an arm test when with a client.

While muscle testing methods are useful for demonstration, we suggest you not grow dependent on them. Accurate muscle testing relies on the client being neutral to being questioned ( interrogation )needing permission or even being touched – all issues brought up with muscle testing.

If the client’s energy is weak to any of these elements (and a few more not mentioned), their body (muscle test) will respond with the opposite (wrong) answer to strong/weak.   In this non-neutral state, most likely the final outcome will be “no change”.  

We recommend energetic testing without using physical touch (muscle testing)
as the most accurate way to get answers.

It’s no surprise that the neutrality of the practitioner can also affect answers, either directly in themselves or through projection into the client.

For example, if a practitioner isn’t neutral to testing or touching others, they may get inaccurate results with muscle testing.   These states can be changed by getting neutral to these situations.

Final Thoughts

The goal of energetic testing is to find the area on your body where you can sense the strong/weak energy states, be aware of your “spot”, and feel the energy.   When you can sense and discern the difference between the strong/weak energy states, you now possess a useful tool that can be used for anything  to figure out what’s really going on.

There is no assumption or judgment in energetic testing of strong / weak.    If whatever you’re thinking about doesn’t  “feel” energetically weak – (doesn’t weaken your energy), then whatever you thought isn’t the problem.   Move on.   Only energetic weaknesses affect us.

Congratulations.   Using energetic testing puts you on the path to knowing more about your own energy and neutrality than anyone else could ever teach you.

For more information on Yuen Method and Neutrality

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Get Neutral – 7 Common Practitioner Blocks

NOTE:   This article was copied from our sister site “The Power of Neutrality®“.   So much  of what determines our success with Yuen Method® is our neutrality.

Neutrality and The Alternative, Wellness or Energy Work Practitioner

Are you a successful wellness or energy work practitioner?

Some practitioners – after taking training in a certain modality  (alternative, integrative, complimentary and energy work) – have concerns about using their techniques on others outside the comfort of the training class.

Even some experienced practitioners struggle with inconsistent results in certain situations or with certain people.

So, when practitioners don’t get the results they desire, what are the real reason(s)?

What REALLY bothers practitioners
about their inconsistent results
is never what they describe.
That’s why they stay stuck

By checking the energy in the situation, and not making any assumptions or guesses, we can determine the real issue(s) that (energetically) block  consistent results.   From my experience, the most common practitioner complaint areas are the following:

  1. Fear of harming someone (make it worse)
  2. Inconsistent results
  3. Not enough clients
  4. Can’t work with my family/friends
  5. Clients complain about rates
  6. Worry – can’t make enough money
  7. I question/don’t trust my answers

Every individual has their own story.   But, taken as a group of practitioners that we’re referring to, we can energetically check, aggregate and profile what is going on from a neutrality and energy standpoint.

When we’re only looking at the energy of the situation –  only things that weaken our energy field (i.e. energetic weaknesses) – affect us – and indicate the answer(s).

If what we say/think is the issue doesn’t weaken our energy, we ignore/skip it and move on – it’s not the answer.

Let’s examine each complaint

1.  Fear of harming someone

Let’s check the energy of the situation.

The Surprise:   In many cases, the practitioner energy is neutral to the client getting worse after a session.   (Neutral just means – energetically – it’s not the issue or weakness, not that the practitioner doesn’t care or they are OK with a bad outcome).

For the benefit of the client, it’s important the practitioner is (energetically) neutral to the worse scenario.

The Real Bother:   The opposite.    The energetic weakness is the practitioner being extremely good at what they do or that everyone they work with gets benefit.   Being good triggers experiences where this meant being famous – and energetically there is resistance because they had negative experiences of losing their privacy.

So, we need to strengthen to neutral for being the best at what you do, so it’s even – energetically – with the worst scenario.

The practitioner is already neutral to what they judge the “worst” scenario (i.e. their stated complaint – “Fear of harming someone”).

The energetic weakness / block is not being neutral to the best scenario; of being wildly good or successful – and that weakness affects the outcome with their clients.

Get neutral to:   Wildly competent & successful – affecting your privacy

2.  Inconsistent results

This is another way of saying clients don’t get beneficial results every time.     Inconsistency is what the practitioners say bothers them, but what does their energy say?

The Surprise:  Practitioners are often already energetically neutral with getting no results or up and down results.
The Real Bother:   Consistent anything weakens their energy.   The practitioner complaint is about inconsistency, but their energetic weakness is consistency.

The practitioner has experiences in the past when things were consistent, they didn’t remain consistent, so it led to crippling disappointment and/or discouragement.   So, to avoid (eventual) disappointment, rather than have consistency, the practitioner  unconsciously chooses inconsistency and projects  inconsistent” energy into the situation, so their clients don’t manifest/keep/maintain the results.

The weakness can cause the practitioner to resonate with – and therefore attract – certain clients with the same weakness (consistency) as a reminder that consistency needs to be resolved.

We need to strengthen to neutral the practitioner’s energetic weakness for consistency and remove any anticipation (positive or negative) energy about outcomes or disappointment.

Get neutral to:   Consistency  

3.  Not enough clients

Everyone wants to be successful with getting clients, right?     Well, in this case, that’s not what the practitioner’s energy is telling us.

The Surprise:    The practitioner is already neutral (or strong energetically) to having very few or no clients at all.
The Real Bother(s):  The practitioner’s energetic weakness is to having too many clients and secondly the unevenness of the client/practitioner they project out.

This is somewhat related to (1).    Here’s what comes up:

a)  The practitioner is “bothered” energetically and has an energetic weakness for people taking up his/her time (i.e. too many clients).   The practitioner projects out that energy “don’t take up my time“, and others sense this energy – so these practitioners get few or no clients.

b)  The need for evenness (no hierarchy) between practitioner and client.   Conventional healthcare has this hierarchy and if we internalize this idea that we’re better than someone or we know something our clients don’t, we’re buying into a false belief or need to have hierarchy.

After all, every answer comes from the client’s energy, not the practitioner.

Beneficial results are more likely when practitioner and client are even – approaching the situation from a state of neutrality, (innocent) discovery – of emptiness and knowing nothing – as a starting point.

Also, we have to strengthen to neutral the idea of being so successful, having so many clients that you have to turn hundreds away and move away to a secret location because they’re showing up at your door day and night.   Silly, right?    Get neutral to being EXTREMELY successful.

Get neutral to:   Too many (clients) – i.e. Success

4.    Can’t work with my family/friends

Some new practitioners (and even some experienced) claim they can’t work with their own family.   Either they don’t get results, or they’re uncomfortable or both.

The Surprise:    Often, the practitioner’s own uneven energy toward their family is what manifests and maintains this situation, not the family members.
The Real Bother(s):   Internalized “can’t” energy from all the families you’ve experienced.  We protect children with “can’t” and “don’t” a lot.

Secondly, often our family is special to us compared with others.    This special treatment or distinction between a family member versus other clients creates an unevenness in your neutrality that affects results.   Your mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, cousin or friend should be even – “energetically” – like a stranger to you.

For some, there are cultural, religious or other influences that are secondary.      We deal with these other influences when they surface as  primary energy blocks to change.

Get neutral to:   Evenness 


5.  Clients complain about rates

Some practitioners say they have clients that either complain about rates or don’t want to pay them for their time.

Let’s look at the energy.

The Surprise:   The practitioner can project out this energy – attracting this behavior.
The Real Bother(s):   The practitioners aren’t neutral to the bothers listed below:  (none of these would come up using logic).

NOTE: Since this was a sample, other group energy would reflect a different list or the list would be in a different order.

Here are the top 5 to get neutral to:

a) earning –  the concept of “earning” weakens our energy.    And not respect or trust (as one might conventionally expect), but other earning in general – not just by money.    (like the energy/concept of “earning your keep” where maybe your labor was exchanged for room-and-board, like an indentured servant experience) 

b) begging – simply putting out our hand (to get paid) triggers begging experiences that have not been resolved.   Your own begging experiences but more when someone begged you for something, you declined.    This is a powerful energetic block to getting paid and must be deleted.

c) criticism – in a way, our own previous judgment & criticism can attract this.  Since there is also a (combined) weakness with getting paid, we can attract people that specifically  – criticize (our techniques, hours of operation, decor) – to force renegotiation on price to hit both (criticize & price) combined weaknesses.

d) paying full price – if the practitioner has a bother/energetic block about 100% in general, then “paying 100%  becomes an issue (bargain hunter), and the energy can project out –  resonate with and attract people with similar beliefs/behavior.

We want our energy to support 100% (the concept too, not just pay) and beyond 100%.

So, be/get neutral to the concept of 100% or greater;   i.e. you can pay 100% or more and be neutral with it; get (you or your clients) more than 100% “better”, etc.

e) medicine man (or woman)/shaman experience – we may harbor a belief and connect with experiences of being altruistic (noble) or having a skill  (like a medicine man with an associated/accepted vow of poverty) – where assisting others is more important than being paid.

6.   Worry “can’t make enough money”

Some mention financial fears as the reason they hold back from learning a modality or becoming a practitioner.

The Surprise:   There is zero financial fear weakness related to learning or being a practitioner.
The Real Bother(s):  The answer of #2.   Consistency (more broadly based experiences) is the real bother.

The person has experiences or thoughts about miracles (once in a while, rare experiences) triggered by this consistency weakness.   In their energy, the thought of consistency just brings up all their times when things weren’t consistent (miracles certainly aren’t consistent)

Get neutral to:   Consistency

7.   I question/don’t trust my answers

Practitioners can block answers by “the need to question” or the academic mindset.    Sometimes, the core issues are many and layered.   Here are the top blocks:

  • discernment (comparing) – the person actually gets answers, but doesn’t accept the answers.  So they claim ‘I question the answers‘  but the weakness could be < comparing / accepting / rejecting > the discernment triad.
    From “Clearing Perception Blocks – Discernment

    If rejecting or accepting bothers us, we will be blocked at comparing – a basic element required to find a weakness.   Comparing precedes the accepting (of the answer) and rejecting (of anything not the answer).   

  • “need to become proficient” first, then (I) will trust my answers.   This is the conventional mindset tied to the conventional learning experience – “The Learning Anchor” – that learning something new takes time, struggle to master.Likely there’s no weakness to proficiency.   In some cases, it’s a “(need) confirmation” (or consensus) weakness or “others trusting us weakness – that blocks/keeps us from trusting our own answers.
  • “Do” (or do not) weakness.   The “Yoda” weakness.  Our collective experience is to try (fail) many times before success (try/fail, try/fail, try/fail, then do).We can resonate with collective energy (of others) mental blocks of “success is never on first try .. which is a ridiculous energetic block that needs to be removed.    We want “do” strong and neutral (especially on 1st try), so there is no blocking effect of “do”.

Get neutral to:    Discernment, (need for) Consensus,   Do (try).

8.    Can’t work on myself

(We’ll save this one for another post)


Final Thoughts

Any complementary or wellness practitioner can improve outcomes when they are neutral.     When both the practitioner and the client are in an even and  neutral state, then the energy supports new possibilities and outcomes instead of maintaining or reinforcing the state of “no change”.

So, before switching modality or learning a new technique, consider using energetic testing to discover what’s really going on – and get to neutral first.

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What Are Infinite Effects?

infinite effects
The Energy of Infinite Effects

Many people ask:   “What does it mean for something to have an infinite effect?”

It’s a good question.

“Our Life” is the cosmic sum  (for lack of a better term) of our own energy and energies outside of us.

If we’re not neutral, some of this energetic undercurrent can affect us negatively and become a significant, cumulative effect on the physical, mental and spiritual level – creating the ripples of manifestation in our lives from moment to moment.


We all have a unique energy field that enlivens us.
Perceiving what depletes (weakens) it significantly – is the key
to getting real answers that improve our lives
and the lives of others

Energy is potential – another way of saying possibilities.   When we are neutral, or strengthen areas of our energy that have weaknesses, we add tickets of experiences to the “grab bag” of possibilities that determine what happens – or un-happens – in future moments.

Infinitely Insignificant

It’s all about the energy.    Our energy state drives our manifestations (and cause/effect).

For many, the energetic source or origin of a pain or a mental or physical reaction that creates an infinite effect is often  – paradoxically – from insignificant things.

We (or others) are convinced we know what the problem is, just not how to solve it.

When we’re stuck, often it’s due to a false belief – or imprint – that our life problems are caused by a single, significant issue or experience

Whatever we think our issue is – is likely already resolved.

When Little Things Become our Core Issue

When we feel into it, most often we have an accumulation of a lot of little things – that can’t be identified or neutralized – that are at the root cause of most of our issues or ailments.

For some, there are near countless Life Problems (Yuen Method geometric triad of (Issues, Triggers, Choices) and infinite effects.

When something triggers an infinite effect,
it means we can’t escape it – 24/7/365
there’s nowhere to hide

What Affects or Weakens Our Energy

Mostly, we want to identify significant issues affecting our energy to manifest lasting change.    We do this with energetic testing.

Basically, we want our energy to be:

  • strong (and even) for as many things as possible
  • neutral about things being/staying the same – so they can change..
    Having an “energetic” bother when things stay the same… (or not the same) – actually keeps things from changing 

Common Infinite Effects List

Using energetic testing and profiling, we can gauge / measure things that have significant – or infinite – effects on us.

Here is a common list compiled over the years from Dr. Yuen’s posts and other teachings.

  1. Misdiagnosis.  The energy comes from our ancestors, descendants – from thousands of years.
    We rely on others for (often) wrong answers.   Either we get immediate results – “on the spot” change, or it’s misdiagnosis.
  2. Propaganda.  Energy of persuading us to do what others want – The “propaganda” (message, information) –   e.g.  xyz is bad/good – weakens us more than the actual substance.
  3. Lying.  Experiences when people outright lie to you
    (even when they do it unintentionally – by simply not knowing – or being aware of – the truth).
  4. Betrayal.   Experiences when someone we completely trust betrays that trust.
  5. Love’s weakening effect.  Experience of loving something – even as it bothers the hell out of us – energetically.
  6. Improvement.  When we thought we got better, it got worse instead.
    Neutral to (Improvement, No Improvement) | (Better, Not Better) | (Worse, Not Worse)
    The fear of improving – blocks infinite potential.
  7. Wrong answer.   Sometimes it’s the #1 weakness.  The idea of “treat (ment)” (repeating something –  over and over) – that is based on a wrong answer- makes it worse.  Cumulative weaknesses of this can be very high.    Often, we may need to delete the cumulative effects of wrong answers before a person can perceive changes
  8. Wrong answer.  Another example – choosing to hold on to a problem – already resolved – becomes your issue.
  9. Losing (everything).  Fear of losing EVERYTHING.
    (from childhood – resistance to “letting go” ; for some, this is worse than dying)

Removing The Infinite Effect

Our collective experience may be that “big things” are difficult – and take time – to move or change.  But, with energy, it’s the opposite.  It doesn’t take muscle or years of study or research.  We need just one moment of intuitive and neutral clarity – to remove – what was once an infinite effect on us.

Identifying and deleting even one infinite effect issue in our lives can lead to drastic change.

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The Energy Of Improvement

improvementENERGY.   Yuen Method® is different.

We’re both attentive and intuitive – but our definition of intuitive is not based on any conventional or spirituality-based definition.

We’re simply – neutral – and not distracted by what is physically going on or what someone is saying or telling us…

We intuitively (not logically) look – only – at what the ENERGY is telling us – with no assumptions.

NO ASSUMPTIONS means we are neutral with starting from scratch every time, for every insight or answer.

So – get neutral – and strengthen any (combination) weakness(es) associated with finishing (most likely) – or starting – so answers and insights come – with no energetic blocks.

means we are neutral
with starting from scratch
every time,
for every insight or answer

The starting from scratch/finishing weakness or energetic block could be subtle; One example: the limitation could be the person’s energy is: “I expect to be graded, judged on the correctness of an answer”.. or simply “knowing” could weaken us… so the energy creates hesitation – or blocks answers outright.

Let’s remove those two right now.

IMPROVEMENT.   And, let’s remove the limitation and the fear of improving others…    Some may say “I’m afraid of making it worse“, but, for many, the weakness is just the opposite.. “improving“.

And, the major or primary energetic weakness/effect from this limitation can come from ancestors, siblings, etc., not just our experiences, thoughts or energy.

Others” aren’t the enemy; by improving others, we’re not surrendering or giving them an advantage to defeat us with… like in battle in bygone days.

Let’s remove that somewhat hidden “improvement” block / story / limitation too, so we can open our insight, get answers and improve ourselves and others – every time.

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