Meet Stephen Dupre, a YUEN Method® Certified Instructor – Certified by YUEN Method® founder Dr. Kam Yuen. Stephen is also the founder of The Power of Neutrality® – a supportive, complementary energy clearing technique to YUEN Method®. stepheninstructor-web2Certified Yuen Method Master









Stephen was born and raised in Massachusetts and is a University of Massachusetts – Amherst graduate with a BS in Computer Systems Engineering and by day works for a well-known software company.

Always interested in wellness,  he studied areas as varied as frequency devices & electro medicine, nutrition, energy work modalities and eastern energetic methods beyond normal martial arts. Stephen’s journey into optimum wellness and energetic methods eventually led him to the YUEN Method®

The YUEN Method® put all the pieces together.  YUEN Method®  is simple, extremely fast, comprehensive and gets more consistent results than any other he’s experienced or witnessed.

Stephen hosted a monthly event inviting practitioners in many current energetic modalities.   This event at times drew 35-50 people that were able to “sample” all these other modalities and also YUEN Method®

What is YUEN Method® Energetics?

Dr. Kam Yuen – a Grandmaster of Tai Chi Praying Mantis Kung-Fu and a Doctor of Chiropractic – was the martial arts technical director of the original 1970’s Kung-Fu TV series with David Carradine.

The YUEN Method® is the culmination of Dr. Yuen’s 40+ years of experience teaching martial arts to students and working with individuals and their symptoms and ailments.   And it evolves still.

The YUEN Method® teaches us that the symptoms we sense are often manifestations of our life issues or inner conflicts of body/mind/spirit. The body is like a high-tech bio-computer and either on or off (strong or weak) to any given issue.   When we intuitively pinpoint the symptom root cause or primary weakness, the energy shifts and the symptom often disappears – on the spot.

The YUEN Method® is intuitively simple, fast and does not require physical contact or proximity to the person(s) being consulted.   

Private Consultations

Experience the Yuen Method – firsthand.    Private consultations can be enlightening, when we find new insights into your situation.

Stephen offers 30 and 60 minute phone or Skype consultations for YUEN Method® or The Power of Neutrality®.

In person consults can be arranged locally if desired on a case-by-case basis.   (Note:  in-person or phone/Skype sessions have the same effect).

Visit our Schedule Coaching/Consultation page or use our Contact Us page for general questions or for more information.